kc0.thumbnail TYRA MAIL!

I finally watched the hour long season finale of Keyshia Cole: My Family Is Responsible For My Relevancy on Sunday night and it was nothing short of life altering!

When Frankie visited a college to learn more information on becoming a veterinarian and found out that the courses would take longer than she expected she said “fuck effort,” Neffie and her man Soullow got tatted up with each others tragic names before he asked for her dusty hand in marriage in Las Vegas, and Keyshia got her eyebrows plucked to perfection by world renowned tang master Damone Roberts!

Other Frankie highlights include her using Neffie’s infant son to select a mattress for her new bedroom set and the shocking revelation that she has a 5 year old kid roaming the Earth.

Keyshia is the opening acting, Neffie is the headliner, and Frankie is the after-party! It was a certified Man Down – Code 10 Situation at Keyshia’s platinum party at the Velvet Room in ATL. More pictures after the jump.

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Quick Flicks: 2008 Power99 Holla-Day Jam

holla0.thumbnail Quick Flicks: 2008 Power99 Holla Day Jam

Keyshia had a hell of a fashion fumble a couple of weeks back but she has been looking good every since. Although I’m giving that Solange-approved jacket the side-eye of death there is no denying she stepped her stylista game up this year. Andre Leon Talley would be proud! Now if she could only get Neffie’s eyebrows and nape area on board.

She performed at Power 99′s Holla-Day Jam in Camden, New Jersey last night along with Lil’ Wayne, Keri Hilson [she not gon' give up, no she ain't gon' let up] and Travis McCoy of Gym Class Heroes.

holla1 Quick Flicks: 2008 Power99 Holla Day Jam holla5 Quick Flicks: 2008 Power99 Holla Day Jam holla2 Quick Flicks: 2008 Power99 Holla Day Jam holla7 Quick Flicks: 2008 Power99 Holla Day Jam holla4 Quick Flicks: 2008 Power99 Holla Day Jam

From The C+D Vault

If you follow me on Twitter then you may remember me comparing Keyshia Cole’s vocal abilities to American Idol sensation Rhonetta Johnson on last night’s episode of ‘The Way My Family Embarrasses My Black Ass.’ Since then I’ve been stuck in rewind mode and have been watching Netta every hour on the hour. And looking at my watch its about that time.

Frankie Is Too Hot For TV

God bless Necole Bitchie for finding this video. I’m happier than 200 pound plus Oprah at Hometown Buffet. Let the clip ride until the 2:25 mark.

[*ODB voice*] Shame on a nicca  who hasn’t been keeping up with KeyLoLo every week! Last night’s episode of ‘Keyshia Cole: The Way It Is’ was a complete man down – code 10 situation for Jesus! Cameras followed the Cole Familia as they traveled back to their native Oakland to catch up with a couple of characters from their past.

Neffie’s baby daddy [along with like three of his cousins, real talk] came to see his son Jaylin WeLove for the first time and all hell broke loose meanwhile Frankie and the rest of the family paid a trip to see her mother.

Who, by the way, had a lip ring and some damaged bleach blonde hair. The shit was so bad that I wanted her to put on one of Frankie’s beauty supply store clearance bin wigs.

Are you getting all of this? Hopefully so. And that’s not even the entire episode. EBT has finally struck ratings gold baby! I’ve always said that I would  never support such ignorance but what kind of fuckery enthusiast would I be if I didn’t? Kuds to Debra Lee for bringing this screwed up click in my living room every week. I now realize that my kinfolk aren’t half as fucked up as I thought they were.

Style Jury: Keyshia Cole

keyshia.thumbnail Style Jury: Keyshia Cole

I see the devil was busy making his rounds this weekend. I rebuke Keyshia’s wig + outfit in the name of the Father, Son, and Frankie’s dentures! What’s your verdict? View video of the dramatics under the hood.

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YouTube Clip of the Day

Keyshia Cole’s mother Frankie lets her raw emotion come to th surface while dancing with a male friend in today’s clip. Somebody put this woman on Dancing With The Stars next season please! If Kim Kardashian can stink up the joint imagine what Frankie would bring to the table.