Quick Flicks: Kelly Rowland At Los Premios MTV

kizzy1 1 Quick Flicks: Kelly Rowland At Los Premios MTV

Wearing a Sasha Fierce approved catsuit and wig, Kizzy Rowland performed her hit single with David Guetta “When Loves Takes Over” at Los Premios MTV 2009 in Universal City, California on Thursday night. Since I know that she must be going through a lot already with her pappy Mathew Knowles and his paternity drama I will save the shade for another day and family member.

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Crunk Candids: Kelly Rowland Arriving In St. Tropez

kizzy1 Crunk Candids: Kelly Rowland Arriving In St. Tropez

Our favorite [side-eye] DC3 member escaped the wig-crypt while Queen Creole and Ellen Ripley was promoting handbags and shit in the land of the Rising Sun. Kizzy Rowland laughed, posed, and mingled with friends in front of the watchful eye of the paparazzi while vacationing in St. Tropez. She seemed to have good luck as of late, as she has a number one single with David Guetta in the UK and rumored to have begun recording a new album with Euro-pop flavorings. I love to see those who have seen the dark side of life rise up and begin anew. Thumbs up to Kelly!

Quick Flicks: Kizzy Rowland In Miami

88199003.thumbnail Quick Flicks: Kizzy Rowland In Miami

Don’t tell anybody but Kizzy Rowland is baby sitting Trina’s lace front collection while she is down in Miami. The old adage still holds true: once a wig carrier always a wig carrier. In the midst of handling her oh so important responsibilities she found time to hook up with David Guetta and shoot a video for the French DJ’s single “When Love Takes Over.” Check it out under the cut.

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The Queen Has Spoken

khia kizzy.thumbnail The Queen Has Spoken

Ever have one of those mornings when you wake up feeling unfulfilled before you can even hop up out of bed to turn your swag on? Such was my plight today.

I couldn’t figure out what the missing link in my life was until a voice from the heavens spoke out to me in a loud thunderous voice and instructed me to visit Khia’s MySpace blog. I immediately fell down to my knees and rejoiced when the words “Mathew Knowles wit his dick slaying ass” appeared at the top of my screen.

.Mathew…..Mathew….Mathew….. In the case of Kelly Rowland and Mathew Knowles…. Mr. Knowles…… You are the FATHER!!! And Russell Simmons said that!!!! Nowwwwww….. Imma see if some dirt service out the clear blue sky on Russell!!! One time for Kimora….. I see you left that QUEEN and married that KING bare-faced and hair wrapped up like CLEOPATRA!!!! And I looooooooved it!!! All dat fake shit and make-up had to go fucking wit KUNTA….. Welcome home…… My Black Sista!!!! All Hail The Newborn King!!!!!!.

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