Fashion Flyby: Kelly Rowland’s Comfy Arrival At Heathrow Airport

kelly airport Fashion Flyby: Kelly Rowlands Comfy Arrival At Heathrow Airport

Kelly Rowland arrived stylishly comfortable at Heathrow Airport on Monday (May 28). Despite losing her ‘X Factor’ seat the “Motivation” singer was awarded with TV Personality of the Year honors at the Glamour Awards ceremony held at London’s Berkeley Square.

A source close to the wig crypt shining star tells The Metro that the she wanted to travel back to the UK to accept the award to ensure there was no hostility between her and the public.

“There was never any question that Kelly connected with the public. This award was voted for by the public,” the insider dished.

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Quick Quotes: Kelly Rowland Is Not Here For The Blue Ivy Carter Shade

kelly beyonce1 Quick Quotes: Kelly Rowland Is Not Here For The Blue Ivy Carter Shade

Grammy nominated artist Sisqo (in my house you will respect the Dragon) channeled his frustration at a bitch that didn’t know how to back up with his 2001 single “Can I Live.”

If Kelly Rowland randomly subtweets the song’s chorus of “Can I live? Can I breathe? Inhale, exhale get off of me. Give me privacy!” at some point within the week know that she isn’t speaking for herself but niece Blue Ivy Carter.

Kelandria Knowles tells Showbiz Spy:

“There were all kind of reports. Poor baby Blue can’t come into the world without everyone wanting to know her business. She’s just a baby with her mother and father and all the time they have together with their baby is just between them. It’s not between the rest of the world. So every time there is a question (about them) I don’t want to say anything for their sake.”

Kelly Rowland Goes Shopping For Blue Ivy Carter

I Hope Kelly Rowland Held On To Her Receipts

If reports of Kizzy Rowland behaving badly inside the wig crypt start to roll in here’s a hint at where her frustration stems from. I’m sweating my own edges out.

Necole Bitchie reports:

By now, you’ve probably seen Kelly’s new Big-Sean-assisted “Lay It On Me” video in which she gets freaky with a Slinky and lies across a day bed made of sexy male underwear models. Are we surprised that it’s been blatantly done before? In 2009, British Barbadian singer, Livvi Franc released a video to her song “Now I’m That Bitch,” and it featured three striking similarities: She sings in front of moving fabric, she stands naked between two strips of latex barely covering her goodies and she works it on top of the same man-made day bed as Kelly Rowland. Both women are in control in their videos. Kelly’s just has more sex appeal.

No Shade Today: You. Better. Werk. Kizzy.

Kelly Rowland kept it playful and fun while signing autographs during the second day of auditions for X-Factor UK. The wig crypt finally did her right!

Kelly Rowland Celebrates The Release Of Her New Single “Motivation”

Day Late, Dollar Short: Can Cousin Angie Have This Moment For Life? Thanks.

angie1 1 Day Late, Dollar Short: Can Cousin Angie Have This Moment For Life? Thanks.

I try to abide by the Creole Code of Conduct as much as I possibly since the last thing I need is any bad blood between Mathew Knowles and myself but there will not be a prized yaki sighting today on my watch. I am sure you won’t have any problems finding adequate coverage of your highness here in the negroid blogosphere.

More flicks of Cousin Angie B!, Kizzy, Solange, and Michelle stepping out for Kelly’s 30th birthday in Beverly Hills on Monday after the jump.

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