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I’m writing you because I’m a fan of Kelly Rowland and since you have posted articles about her, I figured you may be interested in sharing this news with your readers. Kelly has begun doing video blogs on YouTube, and she’ll be doing them daily for the rest of the week. She did two on Monday, and two yesterday. I think it’s great that Kelly is keeping up with her fans like this, and hopefully if you post it on your blog it will be able to reach even more fans.

Thanks for your time,

The "Say Something Nice" Challenge

The “Say Something Nice” Challenge

kr 1 The "Say Something Nice" Challenge kr 2 The "Say Something Nice" Challenge kr 3 The "Say Something Nice" Challenge kr 4 The "Say Something Nice" Challenge

Kelly Rowland appeared at the Virgin Megastore in London yesterday to autograph copies of the new ‘Sims 2: Castaway’ game. Kizzy, Kizzy, Kizzy . . . I mean really. Please say something nice about her career.

Kelly Rowland Cancels Tour Dates

Kelly Rowland Cancels Tour Dates

kizzy1 Kelly Rowland Cancels Tour DatesLadies, wallets, leave ‘em, home.

Word on the curb is that Kizzy Rowland’s upcoming North America tour is in danger of being cancelled due to poor ticket sales. She was previously scheduled to appear in 15 cities, but so far she has cancelled three shows with no ticket refunds.

‘Cause her daddy Mathew Knowles taught her better than that!

Promoters are having difficulties finding smaller venues for Ms. Rowland to perform at. Awww, she should try hitting up a Lions Club or Kid Creole can give out two free tickets with the purchase of a B Phone.

I blame the stans for dropping the ball. Ya’ll talk all that shit but won’t go out and support your folk. You’re going to feel bad when you turn on your televisions and see her selling ass on Take The Cake with Tocarra and Joe Clair.

A Deluxe Wig Crypt In The Sky

A Deluxe Wig Crypt In The Sky

Whenever I give back to the community, CREOLE!

beyakikelly1 A Deluxe Wig Crypt In The SkyBeyoncé and Kelly Rowland were on hand Wednesday for the groundbreaking of the Knowles-Rowland Temenos Place apartments on the corner of Gray and Chenevert.

The project is backed by the Survivor Foundation, which was set up by the Knowles family and Rowland after Katrina in 2005.

Other sponsors include St. John’s United Methodist Church and the city of Houston.

The project is described as a 43 unit single-occupancy transitional housing development designed to provide housing for women and men taking “significant steps in improving their lives after … personal and natural disasters,” the Survivor Foundation reports.

Construction of the apartments is expected to cost $4 million.

Beyoncé, Rowland [1], and Solange, Mathew and Tina Knowles have pledged $1 million to the project. (source)

How G would it be for to call up the maintenance man to have him take a look at your dripping bathroom faucet and Baby Daniel show up? Sounds like a bad 80′s porn.

All jokes aside, it is nice to see the Knowles family and Kelly Rowland team up to make a difference.

[1] I guess Kizzy exceeded her allotted first name mentions in the article.

Kelly Rowland feat. Snoop Dogg – "Ghetto"

Kelly Rowland Feat. Snoop Dogg – “Ghetto”

Kizzy, quit playing.
If you really wanted to sing about ghetto love you would’ve peppered in a line or two about traveling on the highway with a vajayjay full of coke or taking a weapons charge for your man . On second thought I don’t think that Baby Daniel would appreciate you putting his business out there on blast.

Music Mini’s

Music Mini’s

music1 Music Minis

- Keyshia Cole will be joined by Ft. Wayne, Indiana’s Voices of Unity Yough Choir in singing the National Anthem to kick off the 2007 NFL season. Indiana legend John Mellencamp will celebrate his Super Bowl XLI champion Indianapolis Colts with a live performance. I know you are anticipating Keylolo’s ghetto yoddeling.

- In a recent interview with Sister 2 Sister Ne-Yo spoke out about the gay rumors that have been following him throughout his career. “I don’t know. To this day I’m still trying to figure it out. You know what I think it is? It’s because when you see me, when you talk to me, my mannerisms are not-I’m not that,” said the no hands pork chop sandwich eating crooner.

He contiued, “So people see me and they don’t see something that they’re accustomed to and people feel the need to have to categorize stuff. They just can’t let it be ‘I don’t know what that is.’ So they got to do something. He’s not rough, rugged, and raw, so he must be gay.”

- Kelly Rowland spoke to MTV news last week about the video for the second single off Ms. Kelly titled “Ghetto.”

“I’m working with Andrew Gura on this video. It’s very, I’d say … gosh, I’m trying to get the right word out because I don’t want to sound crazy. . .It’s ghetto. It’s really fly. I feel like everybody has some sort of element of ghetto in them. Think about it. Right? Wouldn’t you say so? And everyone knows what the ghetto is,” Kizzy said.