Anyway Doe: Kat Stacks Released From Jail, Won’t Be Deported

kat Anyway Doe: Kat Stacks Released From Jail, Wont Be Deported

Remember the first iconic photographs of Nelson Mandela standing tall and proud after more than 25 years of incarceration? The following is nothing of the sort.

Unless you have ever doled out fellatio in a Five Guys Burger and Fries bathroom stall during NBA All-Star Weekend as if it were frozen yogurt samples, of course.

NBC Miami – The young woman with a huge hip hop fan base known as Kat Stacks was given a deportation reprieve Wednesday.

“Oh my God. I am so happy!” yelled Andrea Herrera in a phone call with her mother.

Last year, immigration Judge Jerry Beatmann Sr. told Herrera that she would have to leave the U.S. and be deported to her native Venezuela after she was arrested on a felony charge.

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How Dreadful: Kat Stacks Petitioning The Obama Administration To Prevent Deportation

kat stacks How Dreadful: Kat Stacks Petitioning The Obama Administration To Prevent Deportation

Kat Stacks, real name Andrea Herrera, has been ordered by a judge to return to her native Venezuela. Yes, that species of possum is indeed indigenous to South America.

For about the past two years, the slew faced star of the made on social media cautionary tale of hoe shit gone terribly awry docu-drama has been behind bars in an immigration detention center located in Louisiana. Insert your own Wiz Khalifa laugh clip here, here, and here.

And with an alias like Kat Stacks you already know what time it is.

Kat told XXL last month that an immigration court date had been moved up two days without her notice. She missed the date and a warrant was put out for her deportation.

“I got apprehended at the airport in Nashville and they took me to the cell detention facility in Louisiana,” she says. “They didn’t give me a bond, so I had to fight my case there. The judge didn’t like my Kat Stacks persona. He didn’t like it at all. That’s the reason he told me that I’m not allowed to stay in the country, even though I showed him evidence of underage sex trafficking and domestic violence.”

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You Sent It: Kat Stacks’ Twin

kat twin You Sent It: Kat Stacks Twin

My readers are better than yours.

Hey Crunk, I had to share this info. I knew Kat Stacks resembled someone but I couldn’t figure out who until today. Remember the movie The Dark Crystal from the 80’s? Well I’ll let you see for yourself.

- – Monique

Slow News Day: Kat Stacks Puts Soulja Boy’s Coke Sniffing Ways On Front Street

Control your urge to kick a field goal between Kat Stacks’ breasts for one moment and bare witness to the self-destruction of DeAndre Way. WHERE IS ARAB?!

Kat Stacks Update: CPS Makes A Visit To Kat’s Apartment

kat stacks Kat Stacks Update: CPS Makes A Visit To Kats Apartment

I bet your eyes light up every time I post this same ratchet ass picture.

Just when we all thought that the prime time drama Kat Stacks: Selling Ass For $0.50 Franks & Papayas had been canceled and placed into syndication on BET more dirt about  his messy world of bedlam and bedrocking keeps falling from out of the sky. And don’t try to correct me in the comments section about my use of the word his, I know what I’m doing here.

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YouTube Clip of the Day

The latest episode of Kat Stacks: Selling Ass For $0.50 Franks & Papayas is a doozie.  Joe Budden’s squadron of blood thirsty internet goons assumed control over her Twitter account late last night for shits and giggles. The world may never know just how they did it but the parties responsible deserve a lap dance or two from Tahiry.

Leave it to my virtual twin Kid Fury to come in and serve shade at the perfect time to a diner full of rambunctious patrons. There’s not too many people who can decipher Ronnie Hoe Quotes, so give him a tip in the form of a Youtube Subscription for translating!

Press play and let the games begin.