Jaden Smith Rocks Cheetah Print Harem Pants — See More Guys Who Love Animal Prints

js1 Jaden Smith Rocks Cheetah Print Harem Pants    See More Guys Who Love Animal Prints

The category is Jungle Book Banjee Realness. Now, tip the ballroom!

Jaden Smith donned a pair of animal print harem-style pants for his trip to Toys R’ Us with friends on Friday (June 22).  What’s your verdict on his style?

The young actor has a knack for showing off his animalistic side with his wardrobe selections. He donned a memorable pair of leopard print pants to the Grammy Awards last year. Check out more celebrity guys following the trend below.

Watch This: Kim Kardashian Explains Why She ‘Really Relates’ To HMK

Image105 Watch This: Kim Kardashian Explains Why She Really Relates To HMK

Kim Kardashian says her relationship with House Mother Kanye is “comforting” because the pair can relate to each other’s life experiences. And all this time you thought it was the La Mer Creme de La Mer facial treatments.

The reality television queen — whose father Robert Kardashian passed away of cancer back in 2003 — tells Lady O in the second part of the Kardashian family interview airing Sunday on ‘Oprah’s Next Chapter’ that she is able to connect with Kanye on a deeper level because they have both faced the tragedy of losing a parent.

Kanye’s mother, Donda West, died after complications from cosmetic surgery in 2007.

“I can really relate to his mother passing, he can really relate to my father passing. I mean, there’s so many similarities in our life that I feel like I’m at a really happy, good space.”

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Skeet or Delete: Mercy – House Mother Kanye Feat. Big Sean, Pusha T And 2 Chainz

This is why House Mother Kanye doesn’t work the ballroom circuit with his kids unless there is a trip overseas and top billing involved. Press play to gag on his cunt greatness.

Watch This: House Mother Kanye Regulates In Paris

hmk1 Watch This: House Mother Kanye Regulates In Paris

Don’t make me snap my fingers! House Mother Kanye brings all the boys to the yard. And when they get unruly, bitches better beware.

During a recent Watch The Throne tour stop in Paris, HMK halted his performance of “Flashing Lights” to inform one concert goer he did not appreciate  their impromptu addition to his light show.

“You see this guy right here with the green laser, don’t fuck up everybody’s show. It’s not a fucking game.”

“This The Throne, we don’t fuck around like that. You know you’ll get fucked up and kicked out and all that shit. So chill the fuck out.” Tens across the board!

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Canoodling Courtside: Kanye West And Kim Kardashian

kanye kim1 Canoodling Courtside: Kanye West And Kim Kardashian

House Mother Kanye is still heating up his Lean Cuisine meals and allowing his pantyhose to drip dry over at Kim Kardashian‘s place, and vice versa. The couple played it close like butter plays toast while watching the Los Angeles Lakers take on the Denver Nuggets in Game Seven of the Western Conference Quarterfinals on Saturday (May 12). View more flicks from their date night below.

The pair was spotted a day later locking lips on the set of Kim’s photo shoot for Vogue Italia.

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House Mother Kanye Blasts ‘Big Ass Striped Scarves’ During Twitter Fashion Rant

kanye golden House Mother Kanye Blasts Big Ass Striped Scarves During Twitter Fashion Rant

Watch the throne and what the hell you pull out your closet this morning.

House Mother Kanye did you, me and she the ultimate favor by returning to Twitter on Saturday night (May 5) to launch a rant about all the less fashionable hoes he spotted while driving through five blocks of “the city.”

Among the looks HMK Wintour ruled as being fashionable late: “big ass striped scarves,” “off-brand workout sneakers,” “button up shirts with hoodies,” and all khaki everything. Leather kilts over leather jeggings is that thang, though. Relax and take notes:

  • I hate hoodies with sport coats”
  • I hate sport coats with button up shirts, jeans and dress shoes”
  • I hate khaki trench coats with jeans and off brand work out sneakers”
  • I hate khaki cargo shorts”
  • I hate long ass sideburns with the line up RnB beard”

He ended his rant with “Detest… #I’m on my snob.” What’s on your list for Kanye?