K. Michelle Brings Her Album To Life With New Musical

k michelle zps372f051d K. Michelle Brings Her Album To Life With New Musical

What happens when you mix an Academy-Award nominated actor who obviously needs to catch up on a few utility bills with 17 bundles of premium Malaysian hair purchased from Aliexpress? A television project that promises to deliver delight to Project Chicks across the globe . . . and booming Instagram enterprise.

Actor and smoldering piece of sexual chocolate Idris Elba will join K. Michelle as she brings her latest album ‘Rebellious Soul’ to the small screen with the premiere of ‘K.Michelle: Rebellious Soul – The Musical’ airing August 19 on VH1.

Per our friends over at Rap-Up, the “Bring That Finger Hut Catalog In Here” singer plays a “stripper that falls in love with the man of her dreams only for heartbreak and drama to later ensue.”

Shit, that just sounds like NBA All-Star Weekend.

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Fix It, Jesus: K. Michelle Tweefs With Perez Hilton Over Iggy Azalea

k michelle perez hilton zpsa8aafebf Fix It, Jesus: K. Michelle Tweefs With Perez Hilton Over Iggy Azalea

With ‘Love and Hip Hop Holy Grail’ cameras no longer documenting her weekly trips to the beauty salon, K. Miscellaneous took to Twitter to spread her moon cricket influenced shade.

Addressing the obvious, the singer wanted to know how rapper Iggy Azealia managed to steal Charli Baltimore rapping voice and turn it into a hit single.

Never missing an opportunity to be messy, celebrity blogger Perez Hilton politely reminded the MD 20/20 sponsored singer that until she knows what the top of the Billboard Hot 100 looks like, maybe she should stay in her lane — and it was nothing but a downward spiral from there. See what happens when you don’t enjoy the weather outside?

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Reality TV Round-Up: K. Michelle Lands New Series, Watch The ‘R&B Divas’ Trailer

k michelle zps91414edb Reality TV Round Up: K. Michelle Lands New Series, Watch The R&B Divas Trailer

‘Rebellious Spanx’ singer K. Michelle has received another blessing from Mona Scott Young in the form of her own reality show series, VH1 announced this week,

The show will follow the Bealls Outlet shopper of the months for seven months running as she strives for success in the music industry as a post-college chicken head. The untitled series will air on the network this summer.

If that’s not your cup of 4Loko, the new trailer for ‘R&B Divas’ promises pre-menopausal drama onset by the reaching the 14:55 mark of fame.

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K. Michelle Wants You To Know That You Can’t Raise A Man In ‘Under The Dryer’ Series

k michelle K. Michelle Wants You To Know That You Cant Raise A Man In Under The Dryer Series

Did you let out a huge sigh of relief this week upon receiving your employee schedule and seeing that you had to work on Valentine’s Day this year? If that was the case, I’m positive K. Michelle and her rebellious hips to waist ratio have a few words of encouragement for you, seeing how she is single again. Catch the Trina homage folks.

In her YouTube series Under The Dryer, the reality star makes a visit to one of the beauty shop not featured on ‘The Real Housewives of Atlanta’ to explore the typical “these dudes be acting up because y’all Instagram models be letting them” dialogue and other unchose baby mama woes with salon patrons.

Spoiler alert! If you are looking for Eve to come out and cuss everybody out about drinking her apple juice then the below clips for you. - @SirRatchettness

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Clicks Around The Web: Kandi Burruss Says She Plans To Re-File ‘Tardy For The Party’ Case In Federal Court

kandi Clicks Around The Web: Kandi Burruss Says She Plans To Re File Tardy For The Party Case In Federal Court

Kandi Burruss says that her legal battle with former friend Kim Zolciak over that flop ass song “Tardy for the Party” isn’t over yet.

“Kim really didn’t win. That was just one level of it,” she explained to Us Weekly. “Now it goes back to other levels of the court and it’s still going on.”

“It’s just the principal of it at this point,” the 37-year-old continued. “It’s not about the money. I’m doing great otherwise. It’s all just silly. It’s not a big deal to me.”

“I’ve got my daughter and my fiance and am working on new music and a Broadway show that I will star in! So it’s all good.”

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K. Michelle Defends Calling Fan “Monkey Looking Girl” On Instagram

k michelle K. Michelle Defends Calling Fan Monkey Looking Girl On Instagram

To hell with decorum. K. Michelle referred to the physical appearance of a fan as “monkey looking” during a recent social media spat after refusing to pose for pictures with several of her supporters.

I’m going to leave that bait right on the table for you to take with you to the comments section.

“My job is not to take pictures but use my voice to teach people to be better then me,” the ‘Rebellious Edges’ singer wrote on her Instagram account.

“If I wanna take one day to be normal with friends I don’t think that makes me a bad person. Sorry I didn’t take a picture for your Instagram, but I’m not sorry about wanting to just spend some me time with my friends.”

She continued: “What people don’t understand is there’s nothing wrong about me wanting to live a normal life. I love music and my fans but that doesn’t make me a save to society and your random picture request. I share my life so you can learn. I don’t owe you anything. You should really get you a life and find you a new weave supplier.”

Following the finger banging incident being picked up by blogs, K. Michelle offered her side of the story.

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