I’m Just Saying . . .

free jay1 Im Just Saying . . .

This reunion probably felt about as awkward as having someone “accidentally” stick their fingers up your ass during sex. No shots at anybody that likes to have the inside of their chocolate starfruit tickled but you know what I am trying to get at. Remember that little rumor about Free giving birth to Jay-Z’s son from a couple of years ago? Yeah, that would have made for a great interview icebreaker.

Day Late, Dollar Short

If you think magical camels didn’t exist, guess again. In a new Rhapsody commercial, Jay-Z recreates all of his solo album covers faster than a speeding creole. The desert-roaming Ungulate appears to be gearing up for a big push for his already leaked Blueprint 3 album. So gather up your pennies and sell your old lace fronts on eBay to purchase his new LP cause maintaining a household that buys tons of lip balm and Zattarian’s by the truckload ain’t cheap.

Star Tracks: Beyonce + Jay-Z At Liberty National Golf Course in Jersey City

jersey Star Tracks: Beyonce + Jay Z At Liberty National Golf Course in Jersey City

Despite being accompanied by security and questionable hair situations [is the "Blueprint fro" making a comeback?], Jay-Z and his prized yaki almost blended seamlessly into the background while attending a golf tournament in Jersey City over the weekend. Activate stealth creole!

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Sneak Peek: “Run This Town” 30 Second Trailer

The 30 second preview of “Run this Town,” the second single from Jay-Z’s upcoming album The Blueprint 3, was released to MTV and its online component MTV.com.

And in it, well, I can’t see shit.

All I see candles and a crowd dressed in all black with mostly shots of Rihanna, with a quick shot of Jay-Z’s lips and Kanye’s profile. The audio itself has The Barbadian chanting over and over with one sentence from Jay-Z. That’s not even her song. Jay and THE DIVA played themselves.

Star Tracks: Beyonce + Jay-Z’s Intimate Dinner

beyz1 Star Tracks: Beyonce + Jay Zs Intimate Dinner

It will take more than a mere earthquake to bring down the House of Sasha Fierce. Soon after arriving from her Japanese excursion, Beyonce met up with Mr. Killer of Autotune [EPIC FAIL] to dine at Nello, an eatery in New York City. The two seemed to enjoy each others company and displayed a real sense of happiness. Whispering, gazing into each others eyes and shit. I love seeing Black Love.

Candids: Beyonce + Jay-Z Dine At Nello