Journeys In Crunk: Moet Rose Lounge Presents Nas’ Life Is Good Album Release Party

nas0 Journeys In Crunk: Moet Rose Lounge Presents Nas Life Is Good Album Release Party

Written by Crissle | @Crissles

I showed up at Bagatelle last night to cover Nas‘ album release party for ‘Life Is Good’ on behalf of Crunk + Disorderly prepared for only one thing – unlimited Moët. As an Oklahoma girl who just relocated to New York City six weeks ago, I’ve never been to an industry party and the biggest celebrity I’ve ever been within ten feet of is Toby Keith. So I decided to go with an open mind, a fully charged phone, and a two drink maximum just to keep it classy.

nas1 Journeys In Crunk: Moet Rose Lounge Presents Nas Life Is Good Album Release Party

I arrived exactly at 10:00, made it inside by 10:30, and was half-drunk by 10:45. Girls dressed like Kardashians stood at the entrance, smiling and holding trays of miniature bottles of Moët. Two drink maximum? Whoops. Yes I sure will take one, thank you miss. And yes I sure will take another. Y’all are so sweet.

nas2 Journeys In Crunk: Moet Rose Lounge Presents Nas Life Is Good Album Release Party

Waiters buzzed around the room offering appetizers I’ve never seen before, but since I didn’t want to drink on an empty stomach (and rarely turn down a snack) I ate them anyway.

nas3 Journeys In Crunk: Moet Rose Lounge Presents Nas Life Is Good Album Release Party

Everyone there seemed to know each other but people were surprisingly friendly, breaking into big smiles when I told them I was present on behalf of Crunk + Disorderly. “Really?” said one girl, motioning to her friend. “I love that blog!” I smiled and kept drinking.

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Confirmed: Beyonce And Jay-Z To Attend ’12 BET Awards

beyonce11 Confirmed: Beyonce And Jay Z To Attend 12 BET Awards

Will Blue Ivy Carter make her first red carpet appearance draped in Versace like French Montana at Summer Jam at the ’12 BET Awards? I have already made my blood sacrifice to see that it happens. Now it’s your turn.

It has been confirmed by the Associated Press that both King Bey and husband Jay-Z will attend this year’s BET Awards on Sunday. Now, the follow-up question: Will Beyonce use the awards ceremony to make her first televised performance since giving birth to the Sacred Lamb of Tribeca?

Beyonce’s BET Awards Fashion Moments 

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Check Out What House Mother Kanye Gave Jay-Z For Father’s Day

d gift Check Out What House Mother Kanye Gave Jay Z For Father’s Day

House Mother Kanye couldn’t pass up on the opportunity to give Jay-Z a gift for his first Father’s Day, purchasing his Words With Friends partner-nem a Lions & Sons’ Divora Skull in Yellow Gold with Red Topaz stones worth a whopping $34,000.

The radar detector you copped from the Fingerhut catalog for your pops would never make it inside the queen diva’s online shopping cart. Check out pictures of the gift after the jump.

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Yes, You Care: Jay-Z Is A Really Thoughtful Brother-In-Law

solo1 Yes, You Care: Jay Z Is A Really Thoughtful Brother In Law

Last weekend, Solange celebrated her 26th birthday surrounded by family in London. Happy late ass birthday, gworl.

Reportedly at the stroke of midnight, Jay-Z surprised Basement Baby with an intimate gathering of friends, family and wig splitters after completing his  BBC Radio 1 Hackney Festival set. Stay mad about it.

It’s the Moesha Mitchell braids. Thank you for the ‘Cinderella’ re-runs, EBT Blackbuster Films.

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Rihanna Joins Jay-Z At Radio 1′s Hackney Weekend

rihanna hacknet Rihanna Joins Jay Z At Radio 1s Hackney Weekend

Dressed in all black everything, including a pair of goggle shades that reminds us of a villain in ‘Sailor Moon’, Rihanna joined Jay-Z onstage at BBC Radio 1′s Hackney Weekend in London last night (June 23).

Entering together through a white light positioned at the center of the stage, The Goat Whisperer and Hovito kicked off his career-spanning headlining set with “Run This Town” to deafening screams.

Clearly not the best live vocalist, RiRi delivered the song’s chorus in a raw and rough billy goat grunt that enhanced the thugged out persona she’s been trying to impose on us lately. Contrived or not, her “I don’t give a fuck” demeanor definitely plays a role in why fans love her. Hell, I even stanned out when she threw up the roc.

Check out the performance below along with flicks of Rihanna leaving her London hotel earlier in the day.

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Photo of the Day: From Blue Ivy’s Dorm Room Desk

Planet Hiltron Beyonce Jay Z 900 Photo of the Day: From Blue Ivys Dorm Room Desk

When the Sacred Lamb of Tribeca, government name Blue Ivy Carer, leaves home in order to get her higher learning she’ll always have good ol’ mom and dad in her corner to offer their support and assistance in assembling dorm room furniture from Ikea.

| Thanks Planet Hiltron for sending this over!