Star Tracks: Beyonce + Jay-Z’s Intimate Dinner

beyz1 Star Tracks: Beyonce + Jay Zs Intimate Dinner

It will take more than a mere earthquake to bring down the House of Sasha Fierce. Soon after arriving from her Japanese excursion, Beyonce met up with Mr. Killer of Autotune [EPIC FAIL] to dine at Nello, an eatery in New York City. The two seemed to enjoy each others company and displayed a real sense of happiness. Whispering, gazing into each others eyes and shit. I love seeing Black Love.

Candids: Beyonce + Jay-Z Dine At Nello

Quick Flicks: Jay-Z + Rihanna At Rocawear Party

jay rihanna Quick Flicks: Jay Z + Rihanna At Rocawear Party

While Queen Crawfish and her little sister rocked Japan her husband and his living Cynthia doll made a brief appearance at the Rocawear showroom on Monday night in New York City. As reported last week, Spike Lee will direct a series of commercials celebrating the  clothing company’s 10 year anniversary. Check out more flicks from the event under the hood!

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Lackluster Blockbuster

who Lackluster Blockbuster

My independent research has concluded that 1 out of 3 people at a album release party have slept with Superhead. Good night, Arizona!

While Jay-Z and Timbaland are two marquee names in the world of entertainment the same cannot be said about the guest who attended their joint pre-release party for Blueprint 3 in Los Angeles. No shade to Brandy and her bloody albumen like eyes or Nelly but Ray from Nickelodeon’s The Secret World of Alex Mack . . . I cannot and will not acknowledge.

And don’t get me started on people who wear full denim outfits with embellishments in 2009.

Some of these pictures have watermarks while others don’t. Consider the ones without free draft agents. Fuck effort on the weekend!

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Question of the Day: Touchy Feely

JB Question of the Day: Touchy Feely

People are all up in arms over Jay-Z  walking with his hands in his pants while taking an evening stroll with The Precious Blood of the Lamb but it made me laugh and think that he might have been trying to rub one out on the sly before he fillet mignon that pussy later. Why do you think his hooves were down?

Candids: Beyonce + Jay-Z New York City Stroll