And The Hood Gently Weeps: Gunplay Surrenders To Authorities On Armed Robbery Charge

gunplay mugshot And The Hood Gently Weeps: Gunplay Surrenders To Authorities On Armed Robbery Charge

Brace yourself for impact. The winter blues you have been experiencing since Gabourey Sidibe declined your cuffing season advances are about to take a turn for the worse. The trap’s guardian angel, Maybach Music Group rapper Gunplay, proved that he really is about that life by surrendering himself to the Miami-Dade Police Department today on an open arrest warrant for armed robbery with a firearm.

According to the arrest warrant the 33-year-old rapper, whose real name is Richard Morales, and co-defendant Randy Jones robbed a man at a Miami tax business on Friday, April 13. Where is Phaedra Parks or Maxine Shaw, attorney at law?

The warrant filed May 18 states that the partners in crime stole a gold chain and cell phone, with Gunplay striking the victim several times in the head, and later threatening the man with his handgun, causing him to run for his life.

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Gunplay Speaks On BET Hip-Hop Awards Scuffle, More Fight Footage Surfaces

149561605 Gunplay Speaks On BET Hip Hop Awards Scuffle, More Fight Footage Surfaces

Before we get started it should be said that the void left by Trick Daddy after fulfilling his dirty neck destiny has since been filled by Maybach Music Group affiliate rapper Gunplay.

Over the weekend, a fight broke out at the BET Hip-Hop Awards in Atlanta (and nobody was surprised) resulting in Gunplay putting his Ambitionz Az A Ridah on front street! The Legendary House of Lemon Pepper breeds a rare type of co — never mind.

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Quick Quotes: Gunplay, Sanya Richards-Ross And Bobby V.

quick quotes1 Quick Quotes: Gunplay, Sanya Richards Ross And Bobby V.

“Nah, pussy is never out of season, that shit just goes. There’s never a drought, there’s never a decline in sales. It’s just how you gonna get more. Pussy been selling before. That was the first thing that was selling. It was church and pussy. That’s the only thing that was getting money back in the day, and it still is to this day. Church and pussy.”

“So with my escort service, I’m changing the name because of some legal issues, but it’s gonna be called H.U.S.H. — Have U Seen Her. It’s trademarked, I already got that. We starting in January. We launching. It’s based outta L.A. We tryna get the best of the best. Exotic bitches. We have to keep it civilized, so it’ll be H.U.S.H. video vixens and so forth and so forth.”

Gunplay details his business acumen with The BoomBox

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Did Nicki Minaj Really Just Say That? — Plus More Music Notes

nicki salute Did Nicki Minaj Really Just Say That?    Plus More Music Notes

The girls are finger banging to the political heavens after Nicki Minaj said “I’m a republican voting for Mitt Romney / You lazy hoes is fucking up the economy.”

People are saying rapper/part-time unofficial Garnier Nutrisse hair color model needs to be a democrat. But when asked why it’s like that awkward moment after you ask somebody where’s Kat Stacks.

Listen to Nicki’s the full ‘Mercy’ verse from Lil Wayne’s “Dedication 4” mixtape via Rap-Up.

Rap Radar - Missy Elliott promised two new tracks would premiere over the Labor Day weekend. Well, they kind of sort of, almost did.

Nah Right - We usually ask skeet or delete when premiering new videos. But, we already know this one is skeet, skeet, skeet!

Smoking Section - Snort a line and shoot a nine! Download Gunplay’s new mixtape.

HipHop-N-More - Miguel and Usher show us there best Dance Central moves at iTunes Festival. Miguel wins, hands down.

The Lava Lizard - Made In America Festival performances on deck - Drake, Rita Ora, Jill Scott, and more!

People You Should Be Paying Homage To: Gunplay

149561600 People You Should Be Paying Homage To: Gunplay

The phrase “you need people like me” comes to mind when Maybach Music Group’s resident animated rapper Gunplay is the topic of discussion. Sit back and enjoy this chicken noodle soup for the soul in the form of outtake quotes from the man of the hour’s interview with the Miami New Times.

On his wildman persona: It took a while for people to actually catch on. They were like, ‘He’s crazy. He’s gonna self destruct his system. Don’t worry about him. You’re gonna see him on the front page.’ Nah! I’ve been doing this for a long time. That’s what everybody in my Maybach Music family, that’s what they love me for. They love Gunplay, man. When we just started getting on the road, I was the motherfucker going from room to room like, ‘Where da bitches at,’ with my towel on, just finished [having sex] with this ho, telling this ho to chill in the room, cause my dog got another ho waiting for me. But I don’t want to kick this one out ’cause I’m gonna fuck her again later on tonight. So let me just tell my dawg to flee out the room real quick, let me bust her guts. I used to be wild like that, but I started focusing.

On his escort agency, Apples and Onions: I got some real solid hustlers out in Vegas and San Fran, they’re gonna set it off. When you see ‘em, they’re bad, you gon’ want to spend that. Sex has been selling since the beginning of time. It’s never gonna stop. It’s never a drought, it’s never a dull year. The business is a billion dollars a year. You’re not gonna tell me I can’t get at least $15 million out of that $1 billion. It’s impossible.

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