Casket Sharp: Your White Cousins At The Costume Institute Gala Edition

86374509.thumbnail Casket Sharp: Your White Cousins At The Costume Institute Gala Edition 16764796kdanick55200983412am.thumbnail Casket Sharp: Your White Cousins At The Costume Institute Gala Edition

As long as it means they are going to end up on a best / worst dressed lists, you can’t tell these hoes nothing. We call it being a whore for propaganda, they call it publicity. Why do you insist on assisting the devil?

This shit right here is why Madonna is having issues adopting little African children. You think you can just roll up to the village and try to put a child on layaway after showing up in public dressed in Solange’s Easter speech outfit? You ain’t Grace Jones, it doesn’t work like that. Take that shit back to the Kabalah Center.  I would have better luck trying to put a Honduran orphan on credit wear a pair of pink jellies and a Platinum Fubu hockey jersey.

I don’t know who the hell Leighton Meister is and I would rather not Google her after this. Good day!

Squint your eyes ever so gently and get you an additional  piece of these god awful get ups after the jump.

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Casket Sharp: Cicely Tyson

nabob 10 wenn2338227.thumbnail Casket Sharp: Cicely Tyson

Why you mad for? Now Miss Jane Pittman, you are far too fly to be showing up to events dressed like Grace Jones. It ain’t that damn cold outside. Poor Jerry Butler can’t even hold it together. You know he updated his Twitter, talking about “she tried to give me the business but I declined, couldn’t get past the chiffon neck brace.”

YouTube Clip of the Day

The playful banter between Grace Jones and Rick James at the 1983 Grammy’s are what award show dreams are made of. I haven’t smiled this hard at a presenting duo since Bobby and Nippy at the ’95 [?] VMA’s.

Grace Under Pressure

grace1.thumbnail Grace Under Pressure grace31.thumbnail Grace Under Pressure grace21.thumbnail Grace Under Pressure

Grace Jones was sighted by the razzi boarding the MV Ghost at the Woolloomooloo Wharf in Sydney, Australia earlier today. The 60 year old original Glowstick Girl raunched up the stage at Enmore Theatre on Sunday night while sporting several Wizard of Oz inspired hats and designs from the She by Sheree collection.

Strangé will always be Strangé. Not that I am trying to imply that her stage show could use some work but ReRe the Body would sell a helluva lot more tickets by just adding a few oddly shaped girdles and nipple covers to her lusty routine.

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Well Alright Then

mobo11 Well Alright Then

Since I don’t have anything nice to say about your cousin and auntie I am going to play nice and run the press release without any interruption:

British Hip Hop star and fashion maven Estelle poses with Grace Jones, undoubtedly after exchanging fashion compliments, at the Mobo Awards which took place earlier this week. Estelle scooped up two awards at the event, Best Song, for American Boy, and Best UK Female.

Cat Scratch Fever

grace2.thumbnail Cat Scratch Fever grace0.thumbnail Cat Scratch Fever

I’m not dealing with Grace Jones and her Catwoman themed get up – - and I usually always rock with Miss Honay! Not today though. I just want her to dive inside the casket face first and stay as quiet as possible.

Just no.

[Thanks Mook]