Sexual Napalm: Freddie Jackson

freddie Sexual Napalm: Freddie Jackson

Trying to curb an insatiable sexual appetite this evening? Well, snack on this reduced-calorie ass!

Freddie Jackson served a satisfying serving size of face, body, and soul backstage at his Valentine’s Day concert at B.B. King Blues Club & Grill in New York City last week — and the gods were pleased.

A few years ago, Freddie’s dramatic weight loss sparked concerned for his health and had my mama reaching for her Red Blood of Jesus prayer handkerchief.

“Why can’t a Black man just lose weight without having to die of AIDS or having a kidney problem? I don’t have a kidney problem. Freddie Jackson just went on a diet,” the singer told Sister 2 Sister magazine back in 2010. He said he just wanted to slim down in order to avoid ailments like diabetes. “I am healthy. I just went on a diet.”

Let love rule by watching the music video for “You Are My Lady” below. Now, tip me over and pour me out.


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