Quick Flicks: Clive Davis’ Pre-Grammy Gala

84687108.thumbnail Quick Flicks: Clive Davis Pre Grammy Gala 84690024.thumbnail Quick Flicks: Clive Davis Pre Grammy Gala 84688424.thumbnail Quick Flicks: Clive Davis Pre Grammy Gala

Uncle Clive’s pre-award show party is one of the major highlights of the Grammy¬† Awards weekend. Every year celebs gather in fabulous evening attire to pay tribute to the music exec. I would normally take this opportunity to make a ‘massa’ joke but since this is Black History Month I’m going to keep my lips sealed.

Nippy gave party guests a huge surprise when she hit the stage around 12:30 am to perform a medley of her past hits.

Houston, 45, sported big gold hoop earrings and a snug tea-length leopard-print gown as she confidently strutted across the stage in stiletto heels. Though her voice was not the sterling instrument of her prime, she seemed vocally fit, if somewhat buried by the loud band, backup singers and exuberant audience that cheered her return. [source]

84688289.thumbnail Quick Flicks: Clive Davis Pre Grammy Gala 84688264.thumbnail Quick Flicks: Clive Davis Pre Grammy Gala 84687165.thumbnail Quick Flicks: Clive Davis Pre Grammy Gala

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She Will Never Have To Worry About Somebody Copying Her Answers

Tasia Mae is focused, man!

82809305 She Will Never Have To Worry About Somebody Copying Her AnswersThe American Idol star, 24, says she’s ready to hit the books and earn her high school degree after giving up the chance to do so when she dropped out of school about a decade ago in the ninth grade.

“I’ve been talking about it for so long,” Fantasia told me earlier today. “I have a lot of young people who look up to me, like my 15-year-old brother and 7-year-old daughter. “It’s something that I really need to do and that I want to do.”

The singer, who rose to fame and fortune as the winner of Idol’s third season, says she’s back on solid ground after dealing with the possibility of one of her homes being foreclosed and put up for auction.

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Lil’ Mama Bad

1652197025200930604pm.thumbnail Lil Mama Bad 1652193625200930620pm.thumbnail Lil Mama Bad 1652196925200930613pm.thumbnail Lil Mama Bad

Just to let you know, I got my hater blockers on so I can’t see your smart ass comments. Call me Fantasia ’cause I can’t read shit.

If you didn’t know by now I live for Lil’ Mama. The only reason I even bother to watch America’s Best Dance Crew is not for the excruciating amounts of tang that the contestants ooze out [that's a major contributing factor though] but its to see how Niatia would be decked out. She never fails to surprise and this week is no exception!

I’m not sure what type of look she was going for . . . mutant airline stewardess perhaps? Whatever the case is she looking bangin’. If you drink plenty of water, exercise and moisturize your face and neck area every day you too can look this good in your 60′s. Get you a piece whore!

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In Case You Missed It

The human sweatband that is Tasia Mae did a special raw emotion filled performance of “Lady Marmalade” at UNCF’s Tribute to Patti LaBelle. I just knew that she was going to kick off her shoes and start rolling around on the stage like Aunt Patti but she made a liar out of me.

Oh, and expect for Creole Lady Marmalade to be the name of the first fragrance from the House of Dereon.

[Video spotted at Necole Bitchie]

Star Tracks: Ashford & Simpson

84494433.thumbnail Star Tracks: Ashford & Simpson 84494454.thumbnail Star Tracks: Ashford & Simpson 84494439.thumbnail Star Tracks: Ashford & Simpson

Just when I had almost given up on Black Love [I am still recovering from the break-up of Fantasia and Young Dro] here comes Ashford & Simpson in all of their Luster’s Pink Oil Mosturizer grandeur! Glory be to God!

The longtime songwriting duo’s first ever CD / DVD set Ashford & Simpson: The Real Thing is in stores today and features “mesmerizing performances” of all of their classic records. Young Jeezy and Keyshia Cole, this can still be you if you are willing to work it out! Do it for Neffie, do it for love, do it for a check.

84494407.thumbnail Star Tracks: Ashford & Simpson 84494429.thumbnail Star Tracks: Ashford & Simpson

Don’t Sweat The Technique

fanny1.thumbnail Dont Sweat The Technique fanny0.thumbnail Dont Sweat The Technique

Fantasia and her tangy manager sweaty pits made an appearance at the Hip Hop Caucus in DC on Tuesday night. Every time we catch up with Tasia Mae she is usually either sweating profusely or stomping around on stage barefoot, so this little slip up should come as no surprise. However, her SWV inspired finganailz are taking me to another level!