Promo Trail: Fantasia Visits 106 & Park

Fantasia, Singing For Real

fantasia singing Fantasia, Singing For Real

If you believe the rumor mill, Fantasia’s married lover may have returned back home to his family but the singer still has a song in her heart – -  “As We Lay.”  With her relationship woes behind her [but with that awful tattoo still engraved on her skin], she gave another gut busting, raw emotion fueled performance in ill fitting clothing in Atlanta this past Saturday. Lady, sing the blues.

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From The C+D Vault: Fantasia Shakes Something For The Camera Phone

T PAIN From The C+D Vault: Fantasia Shakes Something For The Camera Phone

With all the trick shit and general fuckery going on in today’s world, T-Pain walking around with a picture of a nude Cassie on a t-shirt at a movie premiere is hardly news here in Crunkland . . . but replace that broad with Fantasia and we may be working with a little something something!

Long before Cassie and Rihanna sent the fans men in their lives pictures of their tanqueray areas Miss Barrino was popping it for her pimp. While its true that Tasia Mae’s pictures may not be as racy as the others but her tongue action more than makes up for it.

Real girls get down on the floor, on the floor.

Oh, Fantasia

fantasia1 Oh, Fantasia

There’s some things in life that goes without saying and the fact that Fantasia’s feet look like she has been traveling down the long dusty road on the Trail of Tears for 15 years straight is one of them. That being said, let’s enjoy Tasia Mae’s Gremlin stance covered up footsies while we can. Lord only knows when the next time we will be lucky enough to get more than one picture of her wearing shoes.

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Open Air: Happy Late Birthday, Tasia Mae!

Today’s commercial break is brought to you by the letter Q, Southwest Airlines, and the underrated acting abilities of Kadeem Hardison. Damn that boy good.

Between Al Sharpton dancing and shit [copyright Eddie Levert] at the Apollo and Papa Joe plugging his new Gangsta Grillz mixtape I totally neglected the fact that Tasia Mae celebrated her 25th birthday yesterday. Since she is a walking martyr I think we all should take a few moments out of our day to acknowledge her greatness. May the love of Fantasia and Young Dro live in our hearts for forever and a day.

Quick Quotes

mary angie Quick Quotes

Let the record show that K-Ci has absolutely nothing to do with this post. I just do shit like this to infuriate Kendu. He don’t want it with them Hailey Boys. Fantasia is their cousin, enough said.

Mary J. Blige voiced her opinion about her step daughter Briana Latrice sucker punching [literally] rapper Charles Hamilton to Angie Martinez on Hot 97 yesterday.

“I feel really bad, and it doesnt make me proud for me to see her doing things like that. Its just stupidity. It makes no sense. But as a parent, we love them through [it.] I’m not like ‘yeah son, I’m glad my kid is up there.’”

Kendu then chimed in, asking “Why she didn’t put her body into the punch?” Listen to the interview at The House of Info!