Kelly Rowland, Michelle Williams, And More Join Fantasia At ‘Side Effects Of You’ Listening Party

fantasia Kelly Rowland, Michelle Williams, And More Join Fantasia At Side Effects Of You Listening Party

Aunt Bunny is enjoying a piece of fried catfish smothered in hot sauce and mustard on white bread with pride in her eyes at this very moment. Mentally, I am too.

Fantasia kept it chic while attending the private listening session for her new album ‘Side Effects Of You’ at the London Bridge Studios on Tuesday night (April 16) in North Hollywood.

Teeny’s  trusted source for lunch money loans was joined at the event by Kelly Rowland, Michelle Williams, Kenny Latimore, Amber Riley, Faith Evans, Nicci Gilbert, producer Harmony Samuels and more. You see that list of names, Keyshia Cole? It’s called support.

In a recent interview with ‘Access Hollywood’, Tasia Mae opened up about finally finding peace of mind despite the negative backlash she has received over the past few years, including having a baby with a married man and most recently what many perceived as an anti-gay rant on Instagram.

“God put me here for a reason,” she said. “When you look on TV or turn on the radio or all the newspapers and the magazines, it was always something negative, and no matter how many things I did that were positive that never came out, so that was the hardest for me at that time. Now I really don’t care anymore.”

‘Side Effects Of You’ drops which drops April 23! Check out more good times from the event below.

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Fantasia: Barefoot And Beautiful At Jazz In The Gardens

fantasia1 Fantasia: Barefoot And Beautiful At Jazz In The Gardens

It’s not a real party until Fandaygo kicks off her shoes! Fantasia put her ‘Baby Makin’ Hips’ in motion while lighting up the stage at the 8th Annual Jazz In The Gardens in Miami Gardens, Florida on Saturday (March 16).

She was joined at the Michael Baisden-hosted event by Babyface, Charlie Wilson and New Edition.

The 28-year-old entertainer opened up about going through times of struggle for a reason in a recent radio interview. “I always say I feel like I lost all of those things for God to put the right things in my life and I feel like I’m winning again,” Fantasia told Philadelphia radio station WDAS FM. “Finally. And this time I know how to protect it and I know how to take care of it.”

Looking good, Tasia Mae!

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Fantasia Wants An Apology From Jet Magazine, Says America Uses Her As A ‘Crash Dummy’

tasia1 Fantasia Wants An Apology From Jet Magazine, Says America Uses Her As A Crash Dummy

Congratulations! You have reached the final stretch of the day that involves involuntarily shrugging and the “Why you mad tho?” meme.

Instead of being grateful that Jet magazine editors didn’t run off to Getty Images and license a picture of her sweating profusely while performing barefoot in front of a sold-out crowd at Kings Dominion in a two sizes too small outfit that should’ve been left in the back of the closet never to see the light of day again, Fantasia is upset with the publication for using an old photo for their cover.

There’s only one lesson to be learned: When in doubt, go with Charlie Wilson’s clout.

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Fantasia Clarifies Gay Marriage Comment, But What About The Weed Smokers?

tasia Fantasia Clarifies Gay Marriage Comment, But What About The Weed Smokers?

If a person wants to have any semblance of success in Hollywood there are three key points to remember: Do unto others as you would have them do unto you, always pay your taxes and don’t fuck with the gays — ever.

Yesterday, Fantasia drew the ire of the chil’rens after posting a rant referencing gay marriage and marijuana on her Instagram account.

“I rise above it all! The world is gone mad. Kids, the government, the church house … everybody trying!” Tasia Mae wrote. “It’s a lot that going on that the Bible speaks about we should not be doing. Weed legal in some places, gay marriage legal but yet I’m judged! Im not doing nothing for you … my life!”

Quicker than you can say “Teeny go on somewhere with that monkey shit” a statement from Aunt Bunny, urgh, reps was promptly released addressing the situation.

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Inside The 2012 Soul Train Awards: 2 Chainz & Fantasia

fantasia 2chainz Inside The 2012 Soul Train Awards: 2 Chainz & Fantasia

The stars didn’t align for 2 Chainz to sweep Fantasia off her feet inside a Metro PCS store located in College Park, Georgia the first time around but with a little hope and a lot of compliments comparing her body to a new foreign car the two exchanged contact information last night at the 2012 Soul Train Awards. Inside my mind, at least. Eat your heart out, Young Dro!

If you haven’t noticed, Tasia Mae is looking finer than a plate of yams with extra syrup these days.

The singer has been working hard on her figure and it shows. Check out more flicks of Teeny’s co-signer inside!

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Fantasia’s Baby Daddy, Antwaun Cook, May Have A ‘Bad Girl’ On His Team

fantasia milkshake Fantasias Baby Daddy, Antwaun Cook, May Have A Bad Girl On His Team

Last weekend, Fantasia broke down in tears during the middle of a concert in Trinidad.

Well, tell Teeny to grab the Kleenex. If whispers that her still-married baby daddy / boyfriend Antwaun Cook is currently involved with someone else proves to be true, we’re sure she will be filled with more emotions.

The new lady rumored to be in Antwaun’s life is Kendra James, whom reality television fans may remember from the fourth season of Oxygen’s Bad Girls Club.

After Kendra uploaded a picture of her and Antwaun playing it close to her Instagram account she immediately received inquires about if the man was Fanny’s baby daddy, and the picture was later deleted. Smooth Criminal, eh?

That alone speaks more volume than Aunt Bunny’s octave range when she yells across Tasia’s house about one of her chicken wings being missing. Check out the pictures of the rumored couple inside.

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