Quick Flicks: Fantasia At Cracked Xmas

tasia1.thumbnail Quick Flicks: Fantasia At Cracked Xmas tasia21.thumbnail Quick Flicks: Fantasia At Cracked Xmas

If anybody else came out of their house wearing this little jazzy number I would be forced to toss them in the casket face first but this is Fantasia we are dealing with. At least she is wearing shoes and covering up her stretch marks. Who says progress is a slow process?

Star Tracks: Fantasia

tasia1.thumbnail Star Tracks: Fantasia tasia2.thumbnail Star Tracks: Fantasia tasia3.thumbnail Star Tracks: Fantasia

Tasia Mae [1] kicked it at a party for The Real Housewives of Atlanta earlier this week. She miraculously managed to keep her shoes on this time but couldn’t resist the urge to dance on a table. I’m just glad that she didn’t have a man down, Team Chunk situation from yesterday. Hit up FreddyO for more flicks.

[1] How long is she going to wear those damn braces? I mean really, I’m glad she got them and everything but Solange will be in the Rock N’ Roll Hall of Fame before she gets those shits removed.

I’m Just Saying . . .

tasia1 Im Just Saying . . .

This brings a whole new meaning to the term foot dragger. I love Tasia Mae but how the fuck is we ‘posed to keep peace with her always stomping around on stage like King Koopa without shoes on?

Dusty feet please don’t bother me! The opportunities to refer back to Lil’ Boosie just keep on presenting themselves.

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J. Hud To Sing For Obama

jhud1 J. Hud To Sing For Obama

Jennifer Hudson has revealed she’s “thrilled” Barack Obama has asked her to sing the national anthem at the Democratic National Convention.

Hudson, a native of Obama’s home town of Chicago, was asked to sing “The Star Spangled Banner” at the convention at the request of the Illinois senator, Theola Borden, her publicist at RCA Music Group, said on Tuesday.

A representative from the wig crypt was unavailable to comment.

I don’t have anything against Jennifer but I believe Fantasia would’ve been a better selection. Young Dro could have really set things off by sauntering on stage Bobby Brown style and dabbing the sweat from her brow and snatch area.

In other related news, according to Crunkster CoopISeeYou former rival Hillary Clinton will hit the stage Thursday night in a House of Dereon Couture dress and drop down low and sweep the floor with it to Luda’s ‘Monkey Maker.’ You’ll just have to tune in to see what really happens.

Tell Me How I’m Supposed To Breathe With No Air

drofanny1 Tell Me How Im Supposed To Breathe With No Air

I’m standing in the corner like Angel Pantoja Medina over this one!

Sources tell my cyber homie Necole Bitchie that Tasia Mae and Young Dro have called it quits! The American Idol winner turned Broadway actress turned hot mess allegedly had a DJ at Club72 announce that she was single and looking for a new Dealer.

I hope this was a mix-up and there was somebody else name Fantasia in the building. I was just coming to terms with Young jeezy and Keyshia Cole’s split.

Clifford’s Good Deed [1]

rev yearwood ti Cliffords Good Deed [1]

Convicted felon Clifford has joined forces with the Hip Hop Caucus to launch a new voter registration and Get Out the Vote campaign. I wonder if they have an XL t-shirt with him holding a registration card in one hand and a Mac-11 in the other. Look at me giving away creative ideas.

Via press release:

The campaign slogan, “Respect My Vote!” and t-shirts were unveiled today at a press event in Washington, DC, with DJ Green Lantern, Dawn from Danity Kane, Young Berg, Maino, Wale, Young Steff, Washington Wizard Etan Thomas, Olympic Gold Medalist Anthony Killieberew, Immortal Technique, Pleasure P, World Class Sprinter and Champion Michael Walton, BET Executive Vice President Stephen Hill and many others turning out to support.

Yung Berg and Maino, eh? Call me Dunn Dunn, I’ve done heard it all. If I get a press release about Fantasia holding a book drive I’m canceling this site.

[1] He’s still going to jail though. Sorry Piglet.