Throw That Pussy Back Thursdays: Kandi And Fantasia Pop It For Pimp

Every morning Fantasia hums the melody to “Project Bitch” while sniff testing the panties in her dirty clothes basket before beginning her daily life mission of being every dope boy’s dream girl. Until you can find a man who can give you dick on the regular and a discount on your T-Mobile bill, I need you not to judge the queen, thanks.

This week’s Throwback Thursday selection highlights her friendship with ‘The Real Housewives of Atlanta’ star Kandi Burruss. As you have probably already assumed, the two friends know how to have a good time.

When reports began circulating that Tasia Mae got loose on the devil’s juice at Kandi’s wedding and called Kandi “the realest bitch” and “my motherfucking friend” during her colorful toast at the reception, I gave myself on of those Mo’Nique hugs and smiled to the powers above.

A rep for Kandi commented on the situation saying that she laughed her big ass off at Fantasia’s speech and the two had a blast at the wedding.

Spotted: Fantasia Hits The Scene In New York City

fantasia Spotted: Fantasia Hits The Scene In New York City

 Fantasia looked at her reflection in the mirror and said “I am the hope and the dream of the baby mama” before stepping out to attend the Sports Illustrated & Jaguar Super Saturday event over the weekend.

It would probably be in Aunt Bunny’s best interest to keep her niece away from all T-Mobile stores and their respective managers.

Recently, the ‘After Midnight’ broadway star revealed that she is using the many life lessons she has learned through since winning ‘American Idol’ — including financial woes, an attempted suicide, abortion, and highly publicized affair — to mentor youth on making better decisions.

“We did something in Radio Shack, and I was speaking to a lot of the young people that [came] through the line. I always end up preaching to them,” Fantasia shared during a visit at The Today Show last month. “I know my story and I know how easily you can go down the wrong path of trying to fit or just trying to do things that you know you’re not supposed to do. I always share my story just to say, ‘You know, we fall down, but we get back up.”

Michelle Williams Joins Forces With Fantasia For “If We Had Your Eyes” Remix

michelle williams Michelle Williams Joins Forces With Fantasia For If We Had Your Eyes Remix

Michelle Williams is making moves for Black Jesus from ‘Good Times.’ She sent the praises up at ‘The Michelle Williams Experience’ event on Wednesday (November 6) in Los Angeles.

The God-fearing songstress joined forces with C+D’s second favorite prayer partner (right after Kerney Thomas, of course) Fantasia for the remix of “If We Had Your Eyes.” Take a listen to the track at the jump.

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Chew This Ass: Fantasia Looks Lovely For ‘After Midnight’ Opening Night

view more tasia Chew This Ass: Fantasia Looks Lovely For After Midnight Opening Night

Saints, slip on your holy ghost shouting shoes. Fantasia‘s appearance at the opening night for ‘After Midnight’ is a living testimony that mountains can be moved through God’s grace and a long hot bleach bath. I’m waving my funeral home sponsored church fan.

Tasia Mae better stay away from T-Mobile stores if she plans on looking this good for the long haul. Trust, somebody’s ain’t shit husband (read: Apollo Nidia) is ready to follow her home and plant wet kisses on each one of those prison tattoos of hers. My advice would be to stay away on the Sprint Network until she is ready to go back on pregnancy hiatus. Mess around and get rawed on sight, girl.

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Fantasia Returns To Broadway With ‘After Midnight’

fantasia Fantasia Returns To Broadway With After Midnight

If Fantasia had been knocked up by oh say a pastor instead of a T-Mobile sales associate, this is how I imagine she would look on her wedding day. Add a pair of flower girls sprinkling sunflower seeds down the aisle and we’d really have ourselves a hood Platinum Wedding.

Tasia Mae managed to keep her shoes on and her dress up while performing at the After Midnight Broadway press preview at Brooks Atkinson Theatre on Wednesday (October 16) in New York City.

Broadway Babe

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How Dreadful: Fantasia Surrenders North Carolina Mansion To Bank

fantasia red carpet How Dreadful: Fantasia Surrenders North Carolina Mansion To Bank

This is not what Aunt Bunny fasted and prayed for one bit.

According to court documents, Fantasia signed over her foreclosed North Carolina mansion, notably featured on her reality television series, over to the bank after receiving no offers for its purchase for a year.

PHOTOS: Kelly Rowland And More Join Fantasia At ‘Side Effects Of You’ Listening Party

The 28-year-old put the home on the market for $800,000 last April — a full $300,000 less than the original cost. She transferred the deed over to the bank in February, avoiding the foreclosure process, resulting in the immediate loss of the home.

On a brighter note, her fourth studio album is expected to arrive at the top of the Billboard R&B Albums this week. ‘Side Effects of You’ is projected to arrive with sales at or above 90,000 copies.

Keep your head up, Tasia Mae. You will always have space on Young Dro’s living room floor to set up a pallet.

Fantasia Handprint Ceremony At Planet Hollywood