Yes, You Care: Evelyn Lozada To Attend Her First Prom

evelyn1 Yes, You Care: Evelyn Lozada To Attend Her First Prom

What do you do when your reality  television show is cancelled, your husband pops a zit on your face using his forehead and news outlets don’t care to give you a mention anymore? Whore yourself out for attention by booking free gigs via Twitter, that’s what!

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Evelyn Lozada, pictured this past weekend at Faithful Central Bible Church in California, will be attending her first high school prom with one of her fans.


That’s right ladies and zestlemen, Ms. I Just Hit That Bitch With A Bottle is bringing Christian Louboutin paired with a sequin backless gown fever to a high school near you!

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‘Iyanla: Fix My Life’ Episode With Evelyn Lozada Pushes OWN To Record Ratings

coco iyl Iyanla: Fix My Life Episode With Evelyn Lozada Pushes OWN To Record Ratings

In its early stage of development many viewers simply weren’t here for the Oprah Winfrey Network, most likely prompting Oprah to start giving one-on-one interviews with pop culture favorites like The Kardashians, 50 Cent, Rihanna, Jennifer Hudson, and most recently Usher in hopes of drawing viewers to the fledgling network. However, it was the new primetime series ‘Iyanla: Fix My Life’ featuring Evelyn Lozada that drew high ratings and allowed Lady O to reel those coins in.

On camera confrontations from Ev always guaranteed entertainment on ‘Basketball Wives,’ drawing viewers in weekly. It was because of her hot hoodrat temper on the top-rated reality show and wanting to be seen in a positive light that opened the door to receive help from Iyanla Vanzant.

The show aired in two parts. The first installment followed Iyanla as she visited the home of Evelyn and then husband Chad Johnson weeks before their divorce to have an one-on-one with the feisty Boriqua about being accountable for and get control over her actions. Part two focused on the aftermath of Evelyn moving on with her life following  the headbutt heard around the world filling for divorce.

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Chad Johnson Grants Evelyn Lozada Divorce

chad ev1 Chad Johnson Grants Evelyn Lozada Divorce

We’ve come to the end of the road! Chad Johnson admits the relationship between he and Evelyn Lozada is “irretrievably broken” according to TMZ.

Despite having Evelyn’s face tattooed on his leg and performing a list of stunts and shows in the weeks following his arrest to win her back, Chad is finally ready to sign them papers after an initial refusal. Usher would be proud?

Lonely Tweet: Celebrity Edition

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Late Pass: Evelyn Lozada Films Second Interview With OWN

ev latepass Late Pass: Evelyn Lozada Films Second Interview With OWN

Now the hood knows who to call when Mary J. Blige is unavailable for a breakthrough!

“You’ve been rewarded for being a thug among women! It’s gonna cost you,” chastised Iyanla Vanzant to ‘Basketball Wives’ star Evelyn Lozada during an intimate reunion inside a New York City hotel last week. “Superstar husband, four new children, spotlight, cameras. Who are you?”

The OWN Network had already planned for Evelyn to open up about  past domestic abuse on ‘Iyanla, Fix My Life’ on the season premiere Saturday, September 15th. But after the recent headbutting incident with Chad Johnson people now have a legit reason to tune in.

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Girl, Just Stop: Chad Johnson Pulls Another Stunt For Evelyn Lozada’s Love

love chad1 Girl, Just Stop: Chad Johnson Pulls Another Stunt For Evelyn Lozadas Love

A day after going above and beyond the “tattoo my name so I know it’s real” lifestyle by having Evelyn Lozada’s face immortalized in ink on his leg, Chocolate Bunny Lite returned with another stunt yesterday.

Rocking a t-shirt with the phrase “I Just Want To Love You” across the front (Hot Topic teas?), Terrell Owen’s double-ganger continued on the trail to rack up publicity win back his wife’s heart — for all of America to see. Maybe Evelyn will catch all these pleas for attention when she has   finished making her own media rounds, or maybe not?

Jennifer Williams Heads To Lunch With Terrell Owens, ‘Distraught’ Over Evelyn Lozada’s Recent Troubles

jennifer spotted lunch1 Jennifer Williams Heads To Lunch With Terrell Owens, Distraught Over Evelyn Lozadas Recent Troubles

A relaxed Jennifer Williams was photographed heading to Cuvée Restaurant on Robertson Boulevard in Los Angeles on Tuesday (September 4).

The ‘Basketball Wives’ star, who was joined by hired-then-fired NFL player Terrell Owens and a friend, says she was “distraught” to learn that her former best friend turned rival Evelyn Lozada was physically assaulted by husband Chad Johnson.

“I did reach out to her just because when things like that happen, you just put all the other BS to the side. I wouldn’t want to see my worst enemy go through that,”  she says.

“I was very distraught to hear that,” Jennifer expressed in a video interview with website Hip Hollywood “I think everyone knows I was a big advocate against violence, regardless of whether it was domestic violence or whether it was women fighting.”

Make It Rain: Jennifer Williams And Friend Angela Yee Hit Miami’s King Of Diamonds

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