Thotful Decisions: Draya Michele Reveals Why She’s Removing Her Breast Implants

draya michele zpsfe9a0a0e Thotful Decisions: Draya Michele Reveals Why Shes Removing Her Breast Implants

‘Basketball Wives LA’ power player Draya Michele is doing her best at making sure her thot tendencies of yesteryear are left in your local recycle bin.

Taking to her Twitter page, Draya revealed that she believes having a flat ass and the chest of a 11-year-old boy whose name isn’t Terrio helps you to not only fit better into dresses made out of imported du-rag material but look classy.

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Tweets Is Watching: Draya Michele Says Good Bye To ‘Basketball Wives LA’

draya michele zps7f749495 Tweets Is Watching: Draya Michele Says Good Bye To Basketball Wives LA

It’s just emotion taking me over.

Draya Michele has planted the long kiss good night on Jackie Christie‘s neck.

According to her social media updates, the reality star has chunked up the deuce to the ‘Basketball Wives LA’ franchise.

“I think this is the last episode I filmed. Safe to stop talking about me now ladies,” she posted to Twitter this week, Rhymes With Snitch reports. “Won’t catch me arguing with the chicks I made semi-famous any longer. They gonna have to carry themselves or fight with each other.”

Time will reveal if the rumors that Draya will star in her own spin-off show focusing on her Fine Ass Girls brand are true.

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For now, let’s indulge in mess. Watch her confront Jackie and her daughter Chani with her boyfriend Orlando Scandrick‘s backing her up below!

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Draya Michele’s Boyfriend Orlando Scandrick Wants Her To Quit ‘Basketball Wives LA’

draya michele orlando scandrick zpsf53f1a9f Draya Micheles Boyfriend Orlando Scandrick Wants Her To Quit Basketball Wives LA

What happens when you visit your Pinterest account immediately after watching Truth Hurt’s “So Addictive” music video? You clear out your schedule and begin taking the necessary steps in planning a Mediterranean themed fish fry!

That is only of course if ‘Brittish’ happens to be the name that appears on your driver’s license. St. Louis stand up! Or in this case, sit the fuck down.

‘Basketball Wives LA’ continued to blow pass it’s predecessor by ramping up the ratchet factor this week. Why act like a lady in the present when you can live in infamy as a hood booger forever? It’s no wonder why the boyfriend of cast member Draya Michele would rather her sit that golden ass comfortably at home than in the hot seat at a bitter bitch roundtable discussion on the rooftop of a luxury hotel.

The Fine Ass Girls clothing designer* recently revealed on the Big Boy’s Neighborhood radio show that her boo Orlando Scandrick, cornerback for the Dallas Cowboys, has had enough of seeing her vagina dragged within an inch of its life weekly.

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Style File: Draya Michele For Rocawear Fall / Holiday 2013

draya m1 Style File: Draya Michele For Rocawear Fall / Holiday 2013

Truth moment: If my breasts weren’t shaped like the teardrops inked on Birdman’s face I would relish the opportunity to slang titty meat each time I stepped out my front door. Years ago, noted poet laureate Gucci Mane wrote a song about how truly humbling it is to touch the lives of these hoes — and I’ve been waiting to experience it all for some time. For now, I live in shame.

View pictures of ‘Basketball Wives LA’ reality star Draya Michele turning up her sex appeal for Rocawear’s Fall/Holiday 2013 Lookbook below. Prepare yourselves to chew this ass as if it were a Kid Cuisine.

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Draya Michele Strips Down For ‘Rolling Out’ Magazine

draya rolling Draya Michele Strips Down For Rolling Out Magazine

‘Basketball Wives LA’ star Draya Michele turns up the heat in this photo from her feature story in Rolling Out’s latest digital issue.

Here’s what the burgeoning business woman had to share with the magazine:

On being misunderstood by other women: “I just think that some women don’t like me because they don’t understand me. They don’t know the history, they don’t know where I come from so there’s a little bit of a misunderstanding. They think that I’m dressing for attention when in reality I’m just a free spirit.”

On surviving the ‘Basketball Wives’ experience: “It’s been a blessing and I’m very pleased with how everything has turned out. I didn’t know that it was going to turn in my favor, so I’m very thankful and very blessed. I just didn’t know with ’Basketball Wives’ if I was going to make it out alive. I didn’t know if I was going to come out of this with a clean face or a clean image. I didn’t know what was going to happen, so it was a gamble. And . . . I won.”

Girl About Town: Draya Michele

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Reality Rewind: Draya Michele And Brooke Bailey Clash Over King Cover

draya brooke1 Reality Rewind: Draya Michele And Brooke Bailey Clash Over King Cover

This week, ‘Basketball Wives LA’ in-house eye candy Draya Michele and Brooke Bailey traded side-eyes and shade as the editor of King magazine congratulated Brooke for making the cover from the photo shoot Draya stormed out on. It’s all positive reactions until someone lightly dusts your ass to give another person a pat on the back.

“Don’t gossip like a bitch. Let her have her moment without mentioning me,” tweeted Draya as the episode aired. “Unprofessional: a speaker phone convo. And mentioning me period. That’s unprofessional.”

After getting wind of Draya’s smack talking tweets Brooke offered her several seats.

“If the phone wasn’t on speaker you loyal viewers wouldn’t hear the convo, duh. I’ve worked hard in this industry since 2006,” tweeted Brooke. “I never got a job because who I was ‘riding.’ Shots fired.”

Watch the drama unfold after the jump.
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