Guess Who: Drake Hugs It Out With A New Big Booty Friend

Image481 Guess Who: Drake Hugs It Out With A New Big Booty Friend

Now that’s prime booty meat real estate. Once I figure out a way to photoshop my body in person its a wrap on the competition.

Which buxom former ‘Flavor of Love’ alum greeted Drake with open (here’s your chance to be messy) arms at a Detroit area night club following his Club Paradise Tour stop at DTE Energy Center on Wednesday (May 30) in Clarkston, Michigan?

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Video: Pusha T – Exodus 23:1

“Thou shalt not raise a false report: put not thine hand with the wicked to be an unrighteous witness.” Let the church say, Amen.

Pusha T — who enthusiastically draws baths for House Mother Kanye using Perrier bottled water when Teyana Taylor isn’t available to do so — released the visuals to accompany his Drake diss “Exodus 23:1″ on Monday night. Watch it above.

By the way, The-Dream (who sings on the hook of the RicoBeats produced track) is three times the messy cunt. Snaps for you, girlfriend! Terius refuses to let the source of supplementary income for his ex-wives be great. Christina Milian signed with YMCMB earlier this year while Nivea has a son with Lil’ Wayne.

Style Jury: Drake’s Snakeskin Onesie

drake meek Style Jury: Drakes Snakeskin Onesie

Nothing but a sausage party, it ain’t nothing but a muthafuckin’ sausage party.

For his Club Paradise Tour after-party Drake slipped into something more comfortable — a leopard printed onesie. Sound off your verdict on his style and check out more flicks of 2 Chainz, Meek Mill, Wale and more party hard in ATL.

Photos courtesy of Prince Williams

Your Tampon String Is Showing Again, Drake

drake1 Your Tampon String Is Showing Again, DrakeAubrey Graham spits hot fire and ejaculates bacon ranch salad dressing. You don’t ever want to get on his bad side post break-up. Shit can get messy.

Instead of letting his tears dry on their own into his Aaliyah screen printed pillowcase, Drake blasted an ex-booty tag partner during a freestyle for UK DJ Tim Westwood that went a little something like this:

“This is also for the hood stars that I created whose booking rate went up after we dated / Girl, you made it for real / Hosting parties with athletes so another rapper will try to fuck you after / Remember when you was my bitch? / My special friend with benefits / You remember how you got here hope to God you didn’t forget / But the look you’re giving me is telling me you did / The empty stares across the club like you don’t recognize the kid”

yaaaas Your Tampon String Is Showing Again, Drake
Cannuck if you buck.

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Jacking For Posts: 10 Things Drake and Common Might Have Said to Each Other at the NBA All-Star Game

drake common Jacking For Posts: 10 Things Drake and Common Might Have Said to Each Other at the NBA All Star Game

The world may never know what the terms of the peace treaty discussed between Drake and Common during Sunday night’s NBA All Star Game but we can imagine, right?


1. “Call me Drizzy. Should I call you, ‘Commie’?”

2. “Dude, soooo fuckin’ glad we squashed the beef while it’s still sweater season.”

3. “Just for the record, man, I really thought you killed it in Just Wright.”

4. “Yo… I used to hate Y.O.U.”

5. “Disneyworld later, bro? C’mon, don’t get SWEET on me. Ha!”



Video: Waka Flocka Flame Feat. Drake – “Round of Applause”

Hearing Waka Flocka Kel recite “she became a fixture of the underworld” in the opening voiceover made me fall the fuck out. That is all.