Open Air: Live At The 2009 EBT Awards

bet Open Air: Live At The 2009 EBT Awards

All eyes are on the 2009 BET Awards just not for the fuckery the show usually brings but the show’s dedication to the life and legacy of Michael Jackson. Pull up a folding chair next to your favorite Crunkster in the comment section during the telecast!

Since my shit talking cannot be chopped down to 140 characters I am going to live blog from here tonight. Get you a piece, whore! Check it out under the cut!

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Quick Flicks: Diddy x Kim x Lil’ Mama

diddy kim.thumbnail Quick Flicks: Diddy x Kim x Lil Mama

Just when you thought the week couldn’t get any damn worse Mouf Breever and Mr. Grinch hooked up for a reunion of sorts at the opening night for “The Rock N Roll Of Hip Hop” photo exhibit in Beverly Hills on Friday night.

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In Case You Missed It X From The C+D Vault

cassie 1 In Case You Missed It  X  From The C+D Vault

Cassie was on the receiving end of a wicked tongue lashing from radio personality Charlamagne [former sidekick of Wendy Williams] when she stopped through the shock jock’s morning radio show. The song bird [you know I'm no good] didn’t have much to say when she was put on blast her whore for propaganda ways. Surprise, surprise.

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Little Miss Ventura has never been the type to defend herself much. Who could forget the video featuring Diddy defending her lame performance on 106 & Park where she just blinked and nodded along with what was being said. Oh, you say you did? Well peep the clip after the jump for a refresher course. I should’ve realized they were fucking back then but I was trying to be positive. Stop laughing.

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Caught Out There: Cassie + Diddy’s Club Night

cassie puff.thumbnail Caught Out There: Cassie + Diddys Club Night

Epiphany time! As long as there are whores for propaganda running wild in the streets I will never be out of a job and fuckery will continue to be epicenter of our world.

Cassie is still screwing the boss, much to the chagrin of Kim Porter. Diddy and Madame Glowsticks were photographed [separately] outside of Deluxe night in Beverly Hills club last night. One could argue that being seen out in at the same spot isn’t enough concrete evidence for the fucking claim but, eh, why would you defend either parties to begin with?

Enjoy the low life while you can, Ventura. Once he has sucked your soul dry you will be splitting shifts with Cheri Dennis at Tire Kingdom.

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Day Late, Dollar Short

love Day Late, Dollar Short

After serving 90 days in a Phoenix, Arizona jail DMX did like any other respectable man of the cloth: he had a crack party with Katt Williams and a dog inside of Yung Joc’s penthouse.

Inside Yung Joc’s head. Joc was a little bored [suing Diddy can have that effect on a person] and decided to use his imagination on Twitter yesterday. Makes good sense to me. Muppet Babies are always playing make believe to pass the time! If you thought that Rescue 911 shit was true for a second a coked up dog should attack your ass.

And speaking of canines, in order to keep the lovely Tashera draped in the most delicate of fabrics Earl is hitting the pipe road, Jack. You know The Carter is still calling his name though.

“His touring schedule will be later this fall; however he will be making appearances at certain concerts and special events to let his fans know that the DOG is Back! Dates include: Phoenix (May 14-15), Las Vegas (May 16-17), Los Angeles (May 21-22), Albuquerque (May 23), Denver (May 24), Atlanta (May 29), Houston (May 30) and Dallas (May 31).”

Guys’ Night Out With Jay-Z + Diddy

game 1.thumbnail Guys Night Out With Jay Z + Diddy

Mr. Carter and Mr. Combs watched on as the Houston Rockets defeated the Los Angeles Lakers in Game 1 of the Western Conference Semifinals on Monday night. The two entrepreneur friends also partied in Las Vegas together over the weekend.

game 4.thumbnail Guys Night Out With Jay Z + Diddy

Harpo, who this kid? Baby Daniel is sharpening his shank as we speak.

game 3.thumbnail Guys Night Out With Jay Z + Diddy

game 2.thumbnail Guys Night Out With Jay Z + Diddy