Diddy Performs His Mating Ritual Dance In Central Park

park it Diddy Performs His Mating Ritual Dance In Central Park

When a whore for propaganda spots an opportunity to be the center of attention they pounce on it. Diddy followed protocol by jumping on the stage and doing the Gator hitting a few sweet dance moves during Q-Tip’s set at Summer Stage in Central Park on Saturday afternoon before using the event as an impromptu listening session for his upcoming album.

Oh, and Cassie was there too.

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Open Air: Pink Cheri

cheri1 Open Air: Pink Cheri

I just love it when posts piggy back off of each other. God bless The Bocks for sharing and caring! Now lets all synchronize our watches to countdown when Bossip is going to snatch this one up.

Bad Boy Records is quickly becoming the number one destination for all things glowstick carrier related. I’m not sure how old or recent these flicks are because I don’t keep up with Cheri Dennis nor her mustache like that. And neither should you.I’m glad to see her still scratching and surviving though!

Today’s commercial break is being brought to you by Chris Brown’s pow chain, Jamie Foster Brown’s Sacagawea braids and Diddy saying “fuck the recession I’m still investing” while holding all of his artists checks for an extended period of time.

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And Now, A Filler Post

cassie club2 And Now, A Filler Post

Blame my inner whore for propaganda but Cassie’s little buzz cut has grown on me slowly . . . like a fungus. I still don’t know why she is here or what purpose she serves outside of being Diddy’s sexual concubine but I will wait until Kim Porter joins Twitter to find the answer.

Cassandra took a leave of absence from the toothpick crypt to host a party in New York City over the weekend. Cheri Dennis and her mustache were left outside in the cold since they both failed to email their names to be added to the guest list. Nobody told them to show up after midnight anyway. Tough tittay!

The Rumble In Diddy’s Jungle

Not that type of rumble, nasty ass! Sources [and by that I mean Black Rob  who was  also in charge of security detail at the event] tell All Hip Hop that Faith Evans and Lil’ Kim had face-to-face encounter towards the end of Diddy’s White Party on July 4th.

I couldn’t bother myself to edit a picture of the real [oxymoron, much?] Lil’ Kim and Faith Evans together so tah-dah.

kim faith The Rumble In Diddys JungleSources with AllHipHop.com said that Lil Kim took issue with her representation in Notorious, the biopic in which Faith was attached to.

Faith was in attendance with her husband and Lil Kim was with producer Choke No Joke and to some, this augmented the tension.

“It was really heated,” one source said. “It was about to pop off…there was crazy screaming.”

According to sources, Faith was saying, “I love you” to Lil Kim and Kim responded with “God bless you.”

However, later at the event, Kim asked Faith, “How would you say you love me when you trashed me in your book?”

Under anonymity, a source told AllHipHop.com “We know that [Faith saying 'I love you'] is bulls**t. It wasn’t even about the movie. It hurt Kim that she was being fake.”

Actor Dennis Da Menace, who played D-Roc in “Notorious” and Devante Swing of Jodeci fame were able to prevent a potentially violent exchange between Faith’s husband, Todd Russaw, and Choke No Joke.

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Girl, You So Regal

kim porter Girl, You So Regal

Kim Porter showing up to the Malaria No More white party dressed like a high voodoo priestess put the final nail in the Diddy Is Poison coffin. She could’ve went for a more subtle whore for propaganda approach by just hacking up her edges with an eye brow razor but I think we all know how important her baby hair is to her. I’m not sure what country Mouf Breever reps but he’s giving these broads a bad case of the island dick blues. See Lauryn Hill for more details.

Sean “Diddy” Combs, Ashton Kutcher And Malaria No More Host The White Party