Freeze Frame: Dirty Money At Diddy’s “Last Train To Paris” Album Release Party

dirty money release Freeze Frame: Dirty Money At Diddys Last Train To Paris Album Release Party

The lovely ladies of Filthy Coupons came camera ready and pre-packaged full of manufactured edge at Diddy’s album release party last night in Atlantic City. Pray for peace inside the wet cardboard box full of puppies at Bad Boy Records.

Quick Flicks: Chris Brown Parties In Atlanta With Diddy & Polow

cbpp1 Quick Flicks: Chris Brown Parties In Atlanta With Diddy & Polow

Although his album won’t be available in stores until next week Polow Da Don [who is currently on The Russell Jones Diet] treated Chris Brown to an album release party at Atlanta hot spot Opera on Thursday night. NeNe, Uncle Curtis, Uncle Boolie, Uncle Bebo, or Kim Zoliack’s wig were all tardy for the party but Diddy, Esther Dean, DJ Clue, and Sammie were seen on the scene.

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Quick Flicks: Stars Hit Up VMA After-Parties

party0 Quick Flicks: Stars Hit Up VMA After Parties

Even after the dreadful hulla-fucking-baloo that took place at the VMAs celebrities and dlisters alike couldn’t be stopped from running the streets of New York City. Rihanna finally popped up, Diddy reportedly got into an altercation, Lil’ Mama still came out, Joe Jackson asked his date from some of that “Becky,” and Jay-Z barely cracked a smile. Where’s Obama? (c) C Murder’s Sister


Nothing Says Love Quite Like A Britney Spears Concert

cassie1 1 Nothing Says Love Quite Like A Britney Spears Concert

After a weekend full of tweets about turkey sandwiches and assorted hoe shit Diddy and Cassie were photographed separately making their way inside Madison Square Garden to attend Britney Spear’s [or Our Lady of Cheetos as MK would proudly proclaim] concert on Tuesday night.

Oh, Kim Porter. I hurt for you. All you ever got was a trip to Planet Groove to watch Total perform “What About Us” from the Soul Food soundtrack. Should’ve cut back on the baby hair when you had the opportunity.

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Diddy Wants His Concubine to Win At All Costs!

cassie 3 Diddy Wants His Concubine to Win At All Costs!

Photos of Cassie sporting a new hairstyle on the set of Dimepiece’s Fall 2009 look book hit Twitter this morning. Rejoice! The campaign will reportedly feature the same name as her upcoming album, Electro Love.

Although her first singles, “Official Girl” and “Must Be Love” didn’t catch on with mainstream audiences [ok, so they both flopped. I was trying to be nice], the push for her next single will be Cassie’s newest chance to get the people interested in her album. Looking at the budget, and the music industries falling profits, Cassie must have Diddy’s nut sack held tight to garner this much promotion. Somewhere, Que is fanning himself and crying so much, his mascara is running. TRAGIC.

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Shady Queens: Sarah Chapman “Parties” With Diddy At ATL’s Velvet Room

sarah diddy Shady Queens: Sarah Chapman Parties With Diddy At ATLs Velvet Room

Sarah Chapman is not happy folks. As you see in the aforementioned picture, homegirl is receiving a pour from “Mr. Take That” himself, Sean Combs and giving a mean side-eye in the process. After being knocked up and having their spawn not publicly acknowledged [well he did take legal responsibility, liven up a bit folks!] I’m sure that the money is being paid for this charade is pretty nice.

But I have to wonder about Sarah and her child Chance, at night, when they see pictures of Diddy with his other girls out and about with Kim “Enabler” Porter. Maybe that’s the basis of the side-eye itself, a passive-aggressive move, that allows her, maybe, just for a quick second, to ask why did I procreate with a mouth-breather who has self-identity issues and doesn’t believe in settling down? Flick via Sandra Rose