Big Momma Thang

82604374 Big Momma Thang

Don’t expect for Voletta Wallace and Lil’ Kim to share tea and crumpets together at high noon any time soon. In a recent interview with Hip-Hop Weekly the proud mom reloads her clip and fires back at Kimberly.

“She felt the character we chose for her was ‘too dark,’ ” Wallace told the publication, regarding Kim’s issues with the film. “Do you know why the character was too dark for her? Because she’s a white woman trapped in a black woman’s body, and you can tell the world I said it, because those are Lil’ Kim’s words. She should be ashamed of herself.”

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Faces From The Milk Carton

don diva 02 wenn2260952.thumbnail Faces From The Milk Carton don diva 04 wenn2260960.thumbnail Faces From The Milk Carton don diva 07 wenn2260959.thumbnail Faces From The Milk Carton

Ladies and gentlemen of the jury, take a nice long gaze at the beautiful Child of God prominently featured in the above line up. Does he look at all familiar to you?

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Freeze Frame: Terri + Mary

terri mary Freeze Frame: Terri + Mary

Mary J. Blige is giving Terri McMillian the same look I gave myself after I finished watching Derek Luke do his best diddy bop for the first time in Notorious. Terri must have asked Willona Woods if she had any single relatives. The Devil is a liar and the truth ain’t in him.

More flicks of the former Mrs. Jonathan Plummer and her stroke mouth after the jump.

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Frequent Flyer Fug [*]

kp1.thumbnail Frequent Flyer Fug [*] kp2.thumbnail Frequent Flyer Fug [*]

I know a million other online gossip rags have already posted these pictures of Mr. Grinch arriving from LAX from her trip in Spain but it wouldn’t be right if I did not acknowledge her. As I’ve said many times before she was on a Creme of Nature perm box, people. That’s as big as they come in certain parts of the South.

KP hopped a plane back to Los Angeles after hearing about one of Diddy’s weekend back door parties that involved plenty of Ciroc and KY Jelly.

[*] I don’t actually think Kimbo is looking all that fugalicious, it just sounded good in me head.

Diddy And Kim Party x Aubrey Tries To Remain Relevant

kim11 Diddy And Kim Party x Aubrey Tries To Remain Relevant

Diddy threw an intimate birthday bash for baby mama extraordinaire Kim Porter in West Hollywood on Monday. Nearly 30 guests gathered at Murano Restaurant & Lounge to celebrate Diddy’s go-to pube inspector’s 38th birthday.

According to a source who attended the private party guests serenaded Kim to Stevie Wonder’s “Happy Birthday” before presenting her with a cake.”

While Diddy stuck to ginger ale at the party, the other guests sipped on a specialty lemon drop martini made with Ciroc vodka created for the occasion. I’m crossing my fingers that he got her knocked up the same night so we can all have something to talk about in the upcoming months. Well? Kim has been keeping a pretty low profile so a pregnancy just may be the boost she needs.

Speaking of toothpick crypt employees, Aubrey O’ Day thought it was necessary to tell that she can’t decide which menu to order off:  vagina or penis.

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Friend or Foe Side-Eye Action

jf1 Friend or Foe Side Eye Action

What’s up Fresh? Today I was going through photos from Jamie’s CD Release party at TAO Vegas for my website Quick’s Catch Up, and I spotted one of the BEST side eyes I have ever seen. As Diddy pours Ciroc into someone’s glass, the fellow at the bottom of the picture is real pissed at the situation. Damn, his side eye hurt my feelings.

- – Quick