Style Jury: Danity Kane

dk4 zps8aa718ae Style Jury: Danity Kane

Your step daddy isn’t the only one embracing the resurrected denim on denim.

Danity Kane mixed pieces from the Apple Bottoms, JLO By Jennifer Lopez, Baby Phat and Lady Enyce’s Summer 2002 collections for their appearance at the Liquid Pool Lounge at Aria in Las Vegas. What’s your verdict on their looks?

More snapshots of Dawn Richard, Aubrey O’Day and Shannon Bex after the jump.

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On The Scene: Danity Kane Attends The iHeartRadio Music Festival

dk On The Scene: Danity Kane Attends The iHeartRadio Music Festival

Like a good neighbor, State Farm is there — with past night shift workers from the Bad Boy office. Next time send for Cheri Dennis please!

Shannon Bex, Aundrea Fimbres, Aubrey O’Day and Dawn Richard, collectively known as Danity Kane – sans D. Woods who is too booked for the bullshit, hit the iHeartRadio Music Festival scene over the weekend to introduced The Wanted.

Even though they technically didn’t book the stage (everyone can’t be Ciara) the group still managed to sneak in a short version of one of their hit songs. Fasten your seats for this bumpy ride. Or not, your decision.

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A Trip Down Memory Lane With Den Mother Jason From ‘Making The Band 3′

jason crazy ass A Trip Down Memory Lane With Den Mother Jason From Making The Band 3Are you a part of the sector of the population that sincerely gives a shit about Danity Kane reuniting? If so, may I ask why? Just so you know, the rest of us are just waiting around to witness Dawn’s new nose fill the void left by D. Woods (since she is apparently too booked to care).

One thing I am sure we all can agree on is that the true breakout star of the ‘Making The Band 3′ franchise was none other than Den Mother Jason. ”DIVASSSS!” would be his ‘Real Housewives of Atlanta’ opening soundbite if executives wised up and brought him onboard. What more is there left to say?

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Quick Quotes: Chris Rock, D. Woods, La La Anthony and Trinidad James

Untitled 2 Quick Quotes: Chris Rock, D. Woods, La La Anthony and Trinidad James

MTV Awards what a letdown. I can’t believe Lil Kim let Miley Cyrus out ho her in Brooklyn. Sad day.

Chris Rock tweets his disappointment in Kimberly Jones’ decision to relinquish her iconic ho status to the fruit of Billy Ray Cyrus’ loins

Much love to the ladies of DK! They have decided to reunite and I, like our amazing fans, will be cheering them on. For the past couple of years, myself and the other DK members have been working on other projects individually, such as music, film, television, theater and philanthropy and I have recently signed on to several projects that will have me committed for the next year . . . If the opportunity presents itself, I would definitely be open to recording and/or performing with Danity Kane again. I appreciate all the love and support of DK and myself. God bless!

D. Woods, real name Wanita Woodgette, tells Us Weekly that she will not be apart of the Danity Kane reunion

And Then There Were Four

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Yes, You Care: Day26 Announce Break-Up

day261 Yes, You Care: Day26 Announce Break Up

The Bad Boy Records curse continues as Day26 announced the demise of the group earlier today. The R&B group — previously scaled down to a quartet — who formed in 2007 through MTV’s Making the Band, founded themselves in the news just a few days ago when group member Brian Andrews didn’t get the memo he wasn’t in the group anymore.

Damaged Goods: Danity Kane

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Style File: Pre-EBT Awards Tragedies

style file Style File: Pre EBT Awards Tragedies


Hello, world! It’s Kid Fury here, with a heavy heart. The 2009 EBT Awards premiere later tonight, and of course LA is full of enough tragic Negroes to make The Ghost of  Soujourner Truth do a drive-by on somebody. The unknowns have been showing up to these pre-parties looking all kinds of backwards. Who approved the guest list?

Exhibit A: Dawn Richard has succumb to the toxic fumes of Sean Comb’s pubic patch and walked the red carpet with her hair sitting sideways and wings (yes, wings) on her ears! Girl, those things shall not fly you out of Bad Boy’s clutches. You chose the life. Go ahead and write your Danity Kane tell-all that nobody will buy and disappear.

Exhibit B: Jade Cole (of ANTM failure-ville) seems to have finally realized that “smiling with your eyes” will not put a smoked ham on your kitchen table. If she has to hit the scene in fish nets and expose her titty-sides to get these dollars, then that’s her damn business. Tyra ain’t handing out post-reality show life guides.

I’m sorry that I had to share this with you all on a Sunday, but if this is the type of shit BET has planned for an award show dedicated to Michael Jackson, then I won’t be watching. If I see Tiny & Toya during the opening act, I might just throw my TV out the window.