Big Apple, Bigger Smile: Ciara Out & About In New York City

ciara 11 Big Apple, Bigger Smile: Ciara Out & About In New York City

If you aren’t subscribed to This Is Mack TV on YouTube you’re missing out on essential shade vitamins. Last week, Parody Beyonce chopped Parody Ciara down to size with the insult “You’re the past dating a guy named Future.” This is why the internet was created folks.

In the latest edition of Celebrities Waking And Breathing, Ciara smiles as she leaves NBC Studios in New York City on Wednesday (August 21). Check out an additional snapshot of CiCi moving cool along with flicks of her partying at the launch of bebe’s Fall 2013 campaign.


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Ciara Books A Stage Without The Assistance Of LivingSocial

ciara las vegas Ciara Books A Stage Without The Assistance Of LivingSocial

Just when you think the Body Party for her career has been cancelled indefinitely due to general lack of interest and budget constraints Ciara finds a new way to keep her name in the spin cycle. Like selling her album on Groupon. Genius!

If her size 13.5 Nike Foamposites were strapped to my feet I would’ve selected the life behind door number two, easily. I’d rather drip dry far, far away from the public’s prying eyes and access to high-speed internet but I’m a spitter. Therefore, I am a quitter.

ciara las vegas1 Ciara Books A Stage Without The Assistance Of LivingSocial

Check out more flicks of Ciara rocking the stage at the Palms Hotel and Casino in Sin City on Friday (August 2) below.

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Promo Trail: Ciara Hits 106 & Park In Support Of New Album

ciara 106 Promo Trail: Ciara Hits 106 & Park In Support Of New Album

Say what you want about Ciara but you have to admire the fact that she won’t give up. She’s resilient as shit. The dog fight she has been putting up for the last four years is comparable only to the tacky lace front glue across the forehead of a stripper.

In a strategic move to ensure that her latest album sells an additional seven copies, the singer will appear on 106 & Porch every day this week. Not that you care or watch anyway but it’s cute for her.

On Monday (July 8) she stopped by Bow Wow’s job for a short interview where she chatted about preparing for her performance at the 2013 BET Awards and recording in the studio until she lost what little singing voice she stepped into the booth with. Devastation.

173149528 Promo Trail: Ciara Hits 106 & Park In Support Of New Album

She was later joined by rapper B.O.B. (who nobody seemed to recognize) to perform the “Body Party” remix. Tough room.

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Yes, You Care: Ciara Is Messing With The Church’s Money

future ciara Yes, You Care: Ciara Is Messing With The Churchs Money

If you have ever slammed a car door before yelling “Don’t fuck up my check because you ain’t getting one!” at your significant other because they were late picking you up for work, this post was written specifically with you in mind.

Las Vegas club promoter Cliff Dutton is suing Future for $36,000 because he was a no show for a scheduled appearance at Club Pulse due to his boo Ciara‘s diva demands. Blasphemy!

According to Dutton, after arriving in Sin City Ciara refused to set her pretty little mangled toes in a stretch limo sent by the club, demanding that Greenbriar Mall’s first couple be picked up in a SUV instead. These new bitches swear they’re Norwood Young. More details after the jump!

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Quick Quotes: Ciara Addresses Pseudo-Beef With Rihanna

ciara quick quotes Quick Quotes: Ciara Addresses Pseudo Beef With Rihanna

In a call-in interview with Chicago’s 107.5 FM at the top of this week, Ciara shared her thoughts on Rihanna and bestie Melissa Forde having an invitation-only body party on a bathroom floor at her expense on Instagram.

She also slammed internet urban legend that her album ‘Fantasy Ride’ was given away at KFC with the purchase of a Original Recipe sandwich combo. Gasp! That’s what the focus of this post should really be on, but I digress.

“Well you know, I’m not going at it with anybody. I thought everything was cool because I actually saw Rihanna two years ago at the MET Gala after we had the little small back and forth, and from what I recall everything was cool. So, in my mind I operated from a place of love and pure support. If you would have asked me about her up until this point, I would have nothing but good things to say because I’m sincerely really happy for her. But I didn’t receive what they did from a positive place.”

Ciara also recently chatted it up with Philly’s Hot 107.9  (watch the video) about her non-existant friendship with Rih Rih:

“There is no relationship. Hey man, if something is supposed to happen, it’ll happen. Even when it pertains to her I’ve never had an issue with her so I don’t know what it is. I can’t figure it out and I guess I don’t care to figure it out. But I’ve always came from a place of love and support for her ever since we hung out a little bit or whatever it is. She’s on whatever she’s on and it is what it is.”

Ciara & Future At Haze Nightclub

Ciara & Future: Shopping Date In Los Angeles

Now that Girl Melanie and Derwin have left the sinking ship called ‘The Game’ we can put all our energy into building up Team CiBandz. This is Black Love at its finest. Put them on the cover of Essence immediately.

ciara future1 Ciara & Future: Shopping Date In Los Angeles

Still riding the success of her current single “Body Party” which features the mating call of Future Pendergrass himself, Ciara was photographed wearing the hottest gear from Jimmy Jazz during a shopping trip with her boo thang in Los Angeles on Tuesday (March 26).

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