Tweets Is Watching: Chris Brown Threatens Legal Action Over Raz B’s Gay Allegations

razb11 Tweets Is Watching: Chris Brown Threatens Legal Action Over Raz Bs Gay Allegations

Nobody puts baby’s boogina in a corner. Chris Brown is threatening legal action against ex-B2K zestation Raz B for suggesting that he slurps manchowder by the gallons when no one is watching in his new memoir, This Boy’s Life.

“Lying about somebody in a book is called defamation of character. Keep feeding people bullshit and ima end up owning you and that book! RAZ B! God bless … My lawyers are handling it! Lol ima chill!,” tweeted Brown. He later deleted his stance while he assumingly awaits to take legal action.

In his book, Razberries questions the box Breezy checks when it comes to his sexual orientation and also hints that the singer has a substance abuse problem.

“I’ve never had issues with substances; even when I was at my lowest. I always thank God I never had a serious addiction like the Weezy’s [Lil Wayne] and the Breezy’s [Chris Brown].”

He continued: “What type of man hits a woman? A man that does not honor womanhood or the fragility of it. I also read that most men who beat women have latent homosexual tendencies. So there you go.”

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In Other News: Chris Brown And Meek Mill Are Both Pressed

Image235 In Other News: Chris Brown And Meek Mill Are Both Pressed

Subliminal tweets betwixt dicks are all the rage this season.

House of Lemon Pepper Ovahness rapper Meek Mill confirmed rumors that he is 12.8 seconds away from challenging Chris Brown to a duty whine contest on Ustream after writing “You took me off your song because she let me watch da throne #dreamsandnightmares,” alluding to rumors that he was involved at some point with Rihanna.

Not one to have his nose ring came for, Chris quickly quipped back “She’s a dream chaser! There are alot of dreamers so she’ll be running forever!”

Rumor has it that after pictures of Rihanna making it drizzle on a stripper at Meek Mill’s  birthday party surfaced online, Rabid Beaver pulled the plug on a track off his upcoming album featuring the Killadelphia rapper.

FLASHBACK! Chris Brown And Girlfriend Karrueche Tran At Disney World

Meek Mill has since responded to Breezy’s tweet, saying “Dese chicks belong 2 da game….not u! Never get confused and think that’s all u!”

So what did Rihanna think about all this? Nothing. She was too busy partying it up with Drake over the weekend in Miami to comment.

Chris Brown Made Auntie Russell’s Blood Pressure Go Up

rihanna store Chris Brown Made Auntie Russells Blood Pressure Go UpRussell Simmons cares for you.

Russell Simmons defended the honor of Curry Goat’s 11 herbs and spices over the weekend in a blog post eloquently titled ‘Get Off Rihanna’s Dick’ posted to his Global Grind website.

Unless you were busy greasing your gold hair part or watching episodes of ‘Living Single’ on YouTube, Rihanna immediately unfollowed Chris Brown on Twitter last week after he released a freestyle over House Mother Kanye’s “Theraflu” (aka “Way Too Cold”) accusing an unspecified ex-girlfriend of spreading cooch around the industry.

Personally, I thought Rabid Beaver was gnawing at former fling Draya Michelle but I can never keep up with the youth when they are inside of their feelings.

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Chris Brown Launches Art Show And New Toy Range

cb21 Chris Brown Launches Art Show And New Toy Range

Is Chris Brown looking a little on the frail side to you these days? Multiple blog sites seem to think so.

Whatever the case may be, the puppy mill performer looked to be in full health at his art show in the Corey Helford Gallery in Culver City, California yesterday, unveiling a selection of his artwork and new toy line with Dum English.

Breezy was joined at the event by street artist Ron English — who designed his ‘F.A.M.E.’ album cover — and friend Bow Wow.

Rihanna Won’t Apologize For Chris Brown Reconciliation

rihanna elle Rihanna Wont Apologize For Chris Brown Reconciliation

You can finger bang rants as much as you please. Curry Goat nor her rice and peas give a damn what anybody has to say about her musical reunion with ex-boyfriend Chris Brown. Suck her cockiness.

New York Daily News – ”I respect what other people have to say. The bottom line is that everyone thinks differently,” the singer, 24, says in the May issue of Elle of her fans’ reactions to her collaboration with Brown, 22, on two new remixes. The tumultuous twosome has even been rumored to be secretly hooking up.

“It’s very hard for me to accept, but I get it,” she continues. “People end up wasting their time on the blogs or whatever, ranting away, and that’s all right. I don’t hate them for it.”

“It gave me guns. I was like, well, fuck. They know more about me than I want them to know,” she said of the public scrutiny that surrounded her break-up with Chris Breezy.

“It’s embarrassing. But that was my opening. That was my liberation, my moment of bring it. I wanted people to know who I am. Whatever they take that to be, good or bad, I just want them to know the truth.”

“I have more freedom the more people know about me,” she continued. “It’s like, one less skeleton in the closet, one less burden, one less secret; now you know that, so you can say what you want about it. I don’t have anything to hide.”

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Tweets Is Watching: Team Breezy Gives A Round of Applause To Their Leader (NSFW)

cb1 Tweets Is Watching: Team Breezy Gives A Round of Applause To Their Leader (NSFW)

As of this very moment record sales are obsolete. Nothing says fan dedication quite like defacing your ass cheeks with a Sharpie in the name of your favorite entertainer.

Chris Brown cemented his status as the most envied creature in the enchanted forest by proclaiming his royalty yesterday.

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