Skeet Or Delete: Chris Brown – “No Niggas In My Section”

cb2 Skeet Or Delete: Chris Brown   No Niggas In My Section

See what happens when you skip out on paying your tithes and offering? Not only did it prevent Bishop Eddie Long from tricking off in God’s name across the globe this summer but Vacation Bible School was cut two weeks early. At least that is how I am going to rationalize Chris Brown previewing bars from his new track “No Niggas In My Section.” Yes, you read that coon tune title correctly. I’m not taking this queen’s bait this morning but you can.

Soon as your done admiring Yellow Cake’s cunt dance formation, check out the clip below. Take all the time you need though.

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In Other News: Chris Brown Says Jackson Family Drama Needs To Stop

cb1 In Other News: Chris Brown Says Jackson Family Drama Needs To Stop

Two things I can’t bring myself to be bothered with if I’m vacationing out of the country: you and what you’re going through.

See pictures of Rihanna parasailing on Google if you wish to know what my general disposition would mirror in a foreign setting.

But when you bring joy to thousands of fellow creatures living in the enchanted forest, your heart is cut from a different cloth. Christopher Maurice Brown took to his Twitter account to chastise the Jackson clan for allowing their family game night drama to unfold in the public, requesting they instead sort out their stunts and shows privately.

“That Jackson family feud shit gotta stop! Stop making y’all business public! Michael was under enough scrutiny,” he finger banged. “Don’t put the kids through the bullshit! Work y’all shit out as a family and stop giving them the pleasure of fuking wit y’all!”

He signed off from his rant with “Love y’all” before awaking from his dream with the realization that he wasn’t on the film set of ‘This Christmas.’

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Yes, You Care: Chris Brown Is A Blonde Again

werk Yes, You Care: Chris Brown Is A Blonde Again

Now wouldn’t this group portrait make for the cunty addition to someone’s high school senior book? Those lips are pursed and moisturized. I invite you to deal.

While Black Twitter rejects the fact that Beyonce rocked blonde braids throughout her time with Destiny’s Child and beyond, Chris Brown quietly renewed his Golden Lords membership just in time for E-40′s “Function” remix video shoot.

More shots from around the set featuring Big Sean, French Montana, Young Jeezy, Problem, Red Cafe and more heartthrobs from Razberries’ Tumblr dreams worthy of a pussy queef inside.

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Tigress Wants Dreidel And Light Ike To Make Music Together

tyga1 Tigress Wants Dreidel And Light Ike To Make Music Together

Your favorite versatile bottoms are in the press again. It seems like these girls always need to be talked about.

Tyga, who found moderate success with his song “Rack City”, spoke candidly about about the beef between Drake and Chris Brown during his much needed interview cause you know he didn’t sell any records interview on ‘Much Music’s New Music Live.’

Date Night: Tyga And Black Chyna

“I don’t think it’s like a real beef, it’s the media and stuff just blowing it up. But at the end of the day, I’m friends with both of them. It’s like high school, you got competition,” explained Tyga.

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How Dreadful: Chris Brown Ordered To Appear In Court Next Month

chris brown1 How Dreadful: Chris Brown Ordered To Appear In Court Next Month
And it’s not even his birthday!

The prosecutor handling Chris Brown’s assault case has “cited a possible discrepancy” in his logged hours of community service. This causing a judge to demand an audit and Breezy himself return to court next month.

During original deliberation, a judge allowed Chris to complete part of his 6-month worth of roadside clean up, graffiti removal and other manual labor tasks in his home state, Virginia.

Now, Deputy District Attorney Mary Murray says she can’t tell which hours were done there and which hours were completed in Los Angeles, if Chris ever did the community service at all.

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Review: Chris Brown’s ‘Fortune’ Hits & Misses

chris2 Review: Chris Browns Fortune Hits & Misses

After teasing fans with free song after free song after free song, Chris Brown‘s fifth studio album, Fortune, is finally in the hands of female hands everywhere! Team Breezy was concerned on how the promotion of this album would go when the 23-year old said he wouldn’t be doing interviews in 2012.

Enter a few lip syncing for his life live performances, remixes with ex-girlfriend Rihanna, a zillion Twitter beefs, a bottle melee with “Ice Age” actor Drake and his name is rolling off the tongues of many again. But are they talking about his new album?

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