Buzz Notes: Bobbi Kristina To Appear In Tyler Perry Sitcom

whit bobbik Buzz Notes: Bobbi Kristina To Appear In Tyler Perry SitcomBobbi Kristina has reportedly landed a reoccurring role on the TBS sitcom ‘For Better Or For  Worse.’ The sudden career boost courtesy of family friend Tyler Perry comes at a delicate time in the 19-year-old’s life. Will you be tuning in to support Bobbi Kris?

Sister 2 Sister – Tyler, who spoke at Whitney’s funeral and allowed the Houston family to use his private jet to bring her body back to New Jersey, has offered Bobbi Kristina a recurring role on his successful TBS sitcom “For Better or Worse,” according to Straight From the A.

Bobbi Kristina will be featured in a recurring role as the daughter of one of the stylist’s in the beauty shop owned by TV character Angela (Tasha Smith).

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Star Tracks: Whitney Houston

whit bobbi1 Star Tracks: Whitney Houston

Whitney Houston pre-recorded her performance for Good Morning America yesterday afternoon in Central Park, Her daughter Bobbi Kristina was also there, supporting her mother on stage during the set. And . . . it cracked.

Midway through her set, Whitney voice gave out quicker than Aretha Franklin’s composure at a craft services table. She then proceeded to blame the voice loss on her being interviewed by Oprah some time before the performance. Some of the audience seemed to be disappointed, but nonetheless happy she was there and healthy. I know that Whitney has been through a lot, and who doesn’t like a comeback story, but really? REALLY? Someone should have looked at Whitney when her voice cracked on the GMA stage today and say “Didn’t We Almost Have It All?”

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Quick Flicks: Whitney Houston + Bobbi Kristina In

nippy bobbi k Quick Flicks: Whitney Houston + Bobbi Kristina In

Whitney and her spawn with the crackhead was caught by photogs walking inside Newark International Airport. Smiling, glowing, and embracing each other in front of the cameras, Whitney seemed to be at ease with the attention, as her new album I Look To You is set to be released August 31st.

Although Whitney [circa 2001] would have flipped the fuck out on the cameras, Whitney [circa 2009] looks to have mellowed out and savor the moment. I wonder if cousin Dionne helped her a with a switch to a lesser, more “relaxing” drug . . .

I can totally see Whitney smoking L’s in a lounge chair listening to The Chronic.

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Star Tracks: Whitney Houston + Bobbi Kristina

Star Tracks: Whitney Houston + Bobbi Kristina

90703ne1 houston b gr 07.thumbnail Star Tracks: Whitney Houston + Bobbi Kristina

Nippy was all smiles as she dashed through an airport this weekend with Nympho Babbii [those were the days] in tow. It was only just a few summers ago when she was shopping in the plus size department. Memories!

With all that has been going on its easy to forget that a song from what is being called Whitney’s comeback album last week. “I Didn’t Know My Own Strength” was penned for our lady Nip by hit-maker Diane Warren, who has written for artists such as Toni Braxton, Aaliyah, Monica, Celine Dion, LeAnn Rimes, amongst others.

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