Quick Flicks: Kim Kardashian Grabs Lunch With Blac Chyna

chyna 3 Quick Flicks: Kim Kardashian Grabs Lunch With Blac ChynaThis isn’t the First-Time Moms Club advertised on your church’s bulletin board.

Kim Kardashian and new gal pal Black Chyna were spotted at Stanley’s restaurant in Los Angeles for lunch on Tuesday (September 24). Kourtney Kardashian and longtime boyfriend Scott Disick were also on hand for the outing that was captured by a camera crew.

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Style Jury: Blac Chyna

chyna style Style Jury: Blac Chyna

Eyes up here! Girlfriend to rapper Tyga (and mom to newborn son King Cairo Stevenson) Black Chyna went out for grub at La Piazzi Restaurant in Los Angeles in an attention grabbing pair of kicks yesterday. Are you loving or loathing her lunchtime look?

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Freeze Frame: Tyga And Blac Chyna For Urban Ink Magazine

chyna tyga urban ink Freeze Frame: Tyga And Blac Chyna For Urban Ink Magazine

I checked off an item on my bucket list last June when I acted as a human leaf blower inside of a Los Angeles strip club.

Onstage Blac Chyna moved her body with hypnotic precision as I sweated out my edges (and good girdle) below, stuffing money tossed by towering professional athletes and rappers under the influence into a Victoria’s Secret travel tote that would later prove itself insufficient for the task.

Kneeling in the bevy of ballers I transferred the stream of C.R.E.A.M into a black Hefty bag, clutching on tightly to the top of the low-cut dress I was wearing, narrowly avoiding a wardrobe malfunction of Aretha Franklin proportions. I didn’t know my own strength.

The only thoughts running through my mind in that life defining moment: “I’m going to shrivel up and die if I make it on World Star Hip Hop” and “I wish I had some ass of my own to sell.”

It was worth the flight. 

Blac Chyna rapper beau Tyga pull double duty for the latest issue of Urban Ink magazine available on newsstands today.

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