Why Not? Beyonce To Drop New Documentary

beyonce atl Why Not? Beyonce To Drop New Documentary

King Bey is determined to show you that stretching her soft pink matter in order to pop out a baby has not slowed her work ethic.

Reportedly, she will soon debut a documentary she produced, directed, edited in Final Cut Pro after borrowing some “inspiration” from YouTube,  worked as a key grip on when Solange called out – well, you know how this works.

She has breastfed in the backseat of that ‘bach, traveled around the world with her man and his bad bitch best friend for their Watch The Throne tour, and shut shit down in Atlantic City. Packaging a gift for the stans? Small thing to a giant.

The feature is being described as “a mix of music and personal study, blending concert footage with confessional interviews.” In other words, an intimate look at the creole dynasty. I hope she included a clip of her getting those box braids put in while smacking on pickle.

Twenty minutes of the documentary has been shopped to distributors and knowing the creole brand will be picked up shortly. Are you ready?

Winning Big At The BET Awards ’12

Beyonce’s 4 Easy Steps To Prevent Music Leaks

beyonce phone1 Beyonce’s 4 Easy Steps To Prevent Music Leaks

Ready for another lesson from the Memoirs of a Creole?

While the Bey Hive awaits the cryptic date of August 19th to shit on Barbz, Katy Kats, Little Monsters, and everything in between, industry insider Conor Maynard has released these four steps to prevent music leaks.

Why are these steps relevant? The Queen uses them. Oh, and feel free to forward these to your fave, especially Ciara.

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For A Moment In Time, There Was No Smothered And Covered Business For Blue Ivy Carter. Today Was A Good Day.

beyonce blue2 For A Moment In Time, There Was No Smothered And Covered Business For Blue Ivy Carter. Today Was A Good Day.

A cherubic little face (and the sweetest chunkest baby arms!) made a guest appearance in public today, garnering tons of attention.

I’m not sure if the creole delegation is pleased with Blue Ivy Carter being photographed on the low during an afternoon outing with her Gerber go-getter. In fact, I am hoping the effects of whatever roots box Memaw Muffaletta decides to ship overnight to the parties responsible doesn’t have any trickle down effects on the rest of us. But it was nice to see her face again.

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Surprise! Mathew Knowles Says There Is New Destiny’s Child Music On The Way, Hopes For A Reunion Tour

mathew knowles Surprise! Mathew Knowles Says There Is New Destinys Child Music On The Way, Hopes For A Reunion Tour

Pin your stocking to the fireplace a little early!

If Mathew Knowles gets his way there will be two new Destiny’s Child albums coming your way this Christmas.

In his interview with Black Voices, Miss Tina’s ex-hubby brags about Music World being one of the top Gospel labels in the nation, what will be on the new Destiny’s Child album, and speaks on his high hopes that DC3 will reunite for a tour.

Let’s hope Michelle has been practicing the choreography during all of these off years.

This year marks the 20th anniversary of Music World. What are your plans to ensure that you’ll be successful for years to come?

We have to be realistic. At Music World we got to shift our direction and certainly stay in music. We’ve grown our Music World Gospel to the fifth largest Gospel label in America. But again, even for the label, we got to partner up. It’s similar to what’s happening in corporate America back in the ’80s. You saw a lot of mergers and acquisitions. We have to be smart in who we can partner with to do it better. We still have our joint venture with Sony and in November we’re putting out two Destiny’s Child catalog records with new material. So we’re going to start doing strategic things like that.

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Mindless Bebe’s Kids Apologize For Lauryn Hill Joke At BET Awards ’12

Image15 Mindless Bebes Kids Apologize For Lauryn Hill Joke At BET Awards 12

Ray Ray and the other junior thin mints of Mindless Behavior called into 106 & Porch on Monday (June 2) to apologize for their joke at the expense of Lauryn Hill‘s current tax woes while co-presenting the award for Best Female R&B Artists with Mike Epps at the BET Awards ’12.

bey awards Mindless Bebes Kids Apologize For Lauryn Hill Joke At BET Awards 12

“You sing bad — like Lauryn Hill’s tax accountant bad,” one of Bebe’s Kids quipped to Mike Epps poking fun at the comedian’s singing.

And then, crickets.

“I want to apologize about the Lauryn Hill joke.  I didn’t mean no harm by it. I hope everyone can forgive me. It was like a big thing on Twitter and everything, so I truly apologize. I respect Lauryn Hill and all of them like that,” said Ray Ray the following day in the group’s phone call to the countdown show.

“All of them like that.” Chile, let me leave that one alone. Here’s my two cents: More than likely someone else — specifically an adult hired by BET to write scripts for presenters – is to blame for that tacky ass joke. But I could be wrong. You know kids are ratchet as shit these days.

Still, I’m assuming their manager gave the joke the greenlight. Too many questions, comments and concerns. All I want to know is this: are we officially hiding behind kids now? I’ve got a lot of mess that I would like to get off my chest if that’s the case.

A source tells TMZ that Beyonce, who ultimately won the award, was pissed over the comments.

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Confirmed: Beyonce And Jay-Z To Attend ’12 BET Awards

beyonce11 Confirmed: Beyonce And Jay Z To Attend 12 BET Awards

Will Blue Ivy Carter make her first red carpet appearance draped in Versace like French Montana at Summer Jam at the ’12 BET Awards? I have already made my blood sacrifice to see that it happens. Now it’s your turn.

It has been confirmed by the Associated Press that both King Bey and husband Jay-Z will attend this year’s BET Awards on Sunday. Now, the follow-up question: Will Beyonce use the awards ceremony to make her first televised performance since giving birth to the Sacred Lamb of Tribeca?

Beyonce’s BET Awards Fashion Moments 

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