Beyonce & Blue Ivy Board A Yacht In Spain

beyonce blue Beyonce & Blue Ivy Board A Yacht In Spain

Ay Bey Bey! Beyonce was photographed walking across a gangplank in sky-high lace-up heels while carrying her pajama-clad daughter Blue Ivy, 19 months, aboard a luxury yacht in Ibiza, Spain on Monday (September 2). Queen Lobster Bisque, who turns 32 tomorrow, closed the first day of her husband Jay-Z’s Made In America festival in Philadelphia with a 90-minute set on Saturday.

beyonce boat Beyonce & Blue Ivy Board A Yacht In Spain

Solange Smiles Bright At Made In America

solange made Solange Smiles Bright At Made In America

Nepotism is alive and kicking inside the wig crypt. That’s enough to make anybody happy. “It humbles me to see so many of y’all singing the old songs,” Solange told an audience gathered to watch her afternoon set at Made In America on Sunday. “I appreciate you following me through my evolution.”

Solo charmed the crowd throughout her soul set on the Freedom stage, donning a retro dress and afro. She breezed through songs like “Losing You” and “Some Things Just Never Fucking Work” and also performed a cover of of the Dirty Projectors’ Zen signature hit “Stillness Is The Move.”

It’s been an eventful Labor Day weekend for Kid Creole. She rocked an after-party for the festival at the Theater of Living Arts on South Street for corporate sponsor Skype the evening before.

Check out an additional snapshot of Solange talking with big sister Beyonce inside.

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On The Scene: Beyonce Took Full Advantage Of Farrah Franklin’s Worker Discount Yesterday

Our Lord And Gyrator Beysus Christ bounced her ass, blessed an infant and did hoodrat things with her real friends and the ones on payroll at Coney Island in Brooklyn while filming a music video yesterday. Here’s the highlights.

final copy On The Scene: Beyonce Took Full Advantage Of Farrah Franklins Worker Discount Yesterday

01. Quick cameo from model Jessica White | 02. You got life fucked up: Beyonce contemplates assaulting a man on set for breathing the same air as her without prior written consent

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Go-Go-Gadget Yaki Wind Machine! 24 Moments From The Mrs. Carter Show World Tour

beyonce mrs carter Go Go Gadget Yaki Wind Machine! 24 Moments From The Mrs. Carter Show World Tour

I usually saunter up to the main stage in order to allow lessers to take in all of the greatness stuffed inside my Body Magic that night tip drag performers who make my heart smile with their theatrics in single dollar bills, but you’ve caught me on a Monday afternoon — and I’m clean out of cash.

Considering the fact that I usually pay the wig crypt as a collective in dust, a post highlighting Our Lord And Gyrator Beysus Christ shaking her ass at the Barclays Center on Saturday night (August 3) is not only a solid arrangement but also right on target.

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Style File: The Time Beyonce And Jay-Z Wore Coordinating Denim Outfits On TRL

beyonce jay z denim Style File: The Time Beyonce And Jay Z Wore Coordinating Denim Outfits On TRL

Let’s see what we have here. Timberland Manolo Blahnik boots, a denim dress made from assorted pairs of mom jeans, and two drawstring ponytails perpetrating as a full wig topped by a Yankees fitted. Are you still bowing down or nah?

If you scale the wall outside of their luxury apartment (that’s how Mathew Knowles dropped off his wedding invitation earlier this year, but that’s shade for another day) and peek inside of a window you may find Jay-Z celebrating the platinum success of ‘Biblical Magnum Condoms’ with wife Beyonce this week.

But unless there is a Country Crock plastic tub filled with Bey Bey’s famous Hamburger Helper waiting for our arrival who really gives a shit? Let’s travel back to 2002 and revisit their casket sharp appearance for TRL’s Spankin’ New Music Week.

Fun fact: Every article of clothing contained in these pictures can currently be found in the closets of LeToya Jackson and Rihanna.

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Free Advice: Beyonce Needs To Lay It Down On A Pull-Out Sofa Bed And Stay There For A Week

‘I can do all things through yaki that strengthens me’ is a category on C+D, not a lifestyle. When your general health and wellness gives a blood curdling cry of “Retreat! Your track is showing!” from the mountain tops and you choose to ignore it, the end result is all on you boo.

Doctor orders be damned, Beyonce hit the stage a day after having to cancel her Tuesday, May 14, show in Antwerp, Belgium from suffering dehydration and exhaustion. By the grace of Based God it didn’t hit her ass back.

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