Another Day, Another Slay: Fan Tosses Wig At Beyonce During Concert (Video)

459054539 zps3267ecc4 Another Day, Another Slay: Fan Tosses Wig At Beyonce During Concert (Video)

Being in the presence of Creolepatra Jones herself is an out of body experience that I don’t feel that I’m worthy of due to the fact that I almost had a heart attack after running into J-Kwon at the mall last year.

While performing at a recent concert at London’s O2 Arena, a fan showed their unwavering devotion to Beyonce by snatching their own wig and tossing it in her direction as an offering. That’s your Facebook friend, not mine.

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I Feel For You: Did Chaka Khan Serve Beyonce Shade? Weigh In!

chaka khan I Feel For You: Did Chaka Khan Serve Beyonce Shade? Weigh In!

Could Chaka Khan be the next in line to throw rocks in the direction of King Bey’s throne?

Hollywood Tonight caught up with Chaka on the red carpet at the 7th Annual ESSENCE Black Women In Hollywood event and tried to compliment the icon by saying she was “Flawless like the Beyonce song.” First Aretha Franklin let it be known she has had a couple of laughs on the behalf of Tina Knowles’ root box beneficiary now this.

I don’t know about you, but I think a reference from “Go Head” by Gucci Mane would have done the icon more justice. Peep auntie’s reaction below.

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Side Chick Soliloquy: Mathew Knowles’ Baby Mama Speaks Out

baby mama Side Chick Soliloquy: Mathew Knowles Baby Mama Speaks Out

The Baby Mama Chapter of Broke Phi Broke can’t seem to catch a break this quarter.

Mathew Knowles‘ baby mama Alexsandra Wright took a dollar cab down to Inside Edition recently to speak out against Knowles for turning her life into a K. Michelle song. Well, would you look at that. I’m fresh out of sympathy. Try back later this week.

For whatever asinine reason, Alexsandra believed that her pussy stood a chance against the longstanding power of a roots box. She engaged in a 18-month long affair with Mathew while he was still married to Tina Knowles. That was her first fuck up.

Fuck up #2 occured when she laid back and caught Mathew’s baby batter as “Pushin’ Inside of You” by Sons of Funk played in the background. Currently, he owes $32,000 in court ordered child support. In the meanwhile, Wright has been “forced” (catch that quotation marks shade) to get on food stamps to take care of Nixon.

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Queen Creole Fans Urge Her To Skip Kimye’s Wedding By Launching ‘Beyonce Cannot Attend Kim Kardashian’s Wedding’ Petition

beyonce kim Queen Creole Fans Urge Her To Skip Kimyes Wedding By Launching Beyonce Cannot Attend Kim Kardashians Wedding Petition

One would think that with the holiday shopping season pending that the wig crypt would have their employees in check with the threading of lace front wigs and preparation of gourmet roots box complete creole cheddar popcorn and flavorful meats but that couldn’t be any further from the case.

A group of Beyonce‘s stans are riddled with concern that their fave will lose credibility by attending Kanye West and Kim Kardashian‘s wedding ceremony. So much so that a Beyonce Cannot Attend Kim Kardashian’s Wedding petition has been launched urging Empress Yaki to “rain check that train wreck.”

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Clicks Around The Web: Now, About Jay-Z And Beyonce’s Former Bodyguard . . .

clicks2 Clicks Around The Web: Now, About Jay Z And Beyonces Former Bodyguard . . .

Norman “Dutch Giant” Oosterbroek, who was killed by cops in Florida during an alleged break-in, was allegedly fired from his job protecting Jay-Z and Beyonce after they discovered he had hired a prostitute while on duty in Las Vegas.

His life spiraled out of control in the past months after he lost the position. The power couple had also allegedly discovered photographic and video evidence showing the hulking guard using the family’s passports in a lewd act.

Sometimes you feel like a nut but shit. I hope Queen Creole fired up her Macbook to record a reaction video (she documents her every fart, burp and yawn, why not?) because this all is just — sigh. There’s no telling what else dude was up to when nobody was around to monitor his moves. Probably scooped up his skeet with their social security cards too.

Here’s where things get interesting. The story was first uncovered by a major print publication last year which approached the couple for comment. Word is the duo then secured a deal to ensure the story never saw the light of day.

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Throwback Thursday: When Destiny’s Child Told Farrah Franklin To Sail On

sail on Throwback Thursday: When Destinys Child Told Farrah Franklin To Sail On

Did you have a chance to wish Creolepatra Jones a Happy 32nd Birthday? While the act didn’t make it on my to-do list yesterday (and a roots box has yet to show up at my doorstep) I did have time to watch one of my favorite moments in Destiny’s Child history.

Before Michelle Williams fought her way to become the only replacement for LeToya Luckett and LaTavia Roberson only to later fall for Christ on the 106 & Park stage, there was Farrah Franklin. The below set of clips show why her time with the chart-topping girl group was short lived.

Be sure to peep Beyonce’s reaction when Kelly Rowland mentions Jay-Z’s name and the passive aggressive shade following Farrah’s departure. Roll that beautiful bean footage.