Style Showdown! ‘Basketball Wives LA’ Malaysia Pargo vs. Imani Showalter

Image153 Style Showdown! Basketball Wives LA Malaysia Pargo vs. Imani Showalter

You see the upgraded bag, shoe and yaki game. Guess who parlayed their VH1 checks and hood fame into successful eBay stores, roadside BBQ stands and independent Body Magic consulting empires with the type of favor from God that Tyler Perry movie scripts are based upon?

‘Basketball Wives LA’ chicas Malaysia Pargo and Imani Showalter hit their cues on the red carpet at the Celebration of Magic Johnson’s involvement with the Los Angeles Dodgers at RnB Live last Wednesday (May 30). Weigh in on who worked it better below in the comments.

Jackie Christie On ‘Basketball Wives LA’ Drama: The He Say, She Say I Don’t Deal With It

Image90 Jackie Christie On Basketball Wives LA Drama: The He Say, She Say I Don’t Deal With It

Jackie Christie, wearing couture from the She By Nobody Fall 2009 collection, joined model Sheneka Adams at the ‘A Night At The Roxbury’ release party for her Show Magazine cover in Los Angeles on Thursday (May 31).

Three Track Jack says that although a few of her ‘Basketball Wives LA’ cast members have a bone (or eighteen) to pick with her over statements she had made in the past, she is looking forward to getting the sophomore season of the successful spin-off underway.

“I’m actually excited! I’m a little apprehensive but excited . . . I believe that we are all grown women and should be able to admit to things that we have said. The he say, she say I don’t deal with it,” Jackie told website Boss Chicks in a recent interview.” If you’re grown say I said it, because I’m going to put it all on the table.”

Watch Mrs. Doug Christie dish relationship tips on balancing a happy home and a busy career after the jump!

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Cute For Them: Karrueche And Draya Add Some Doggystyle To Their Friendship

doggy Cute For Them: Karrueche And Draya Add Some Doggystyle To Their Friendship

Karrueche Tran is more comfortable with her relationship with Chris Brown than you probably are.

Yesterday, she shared a moment from her doggy date  with Breezy’s former girlfriend Draya Michelle before showing off a spread of items from the ‘Basketball Wives LA’ star’s swimsuit line.

When Chris dropped his “Theraflu” freestyle I assumed that he was talking about Draya in addition to Rihanna. Nothing like spending an afternoon watching dogs go tinkle on pee pads to keep the saying “rather pissed off than pissed on” alive.

Check out flicks from earlier this year of Draya keeping her figure in check by undergoing a body wrap procedure after the jump.

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Royce Reed Blogs About Evelyn Lozada Airing Out Former Friend’s Dirty Laundry

royce Royce Reed Blogs About Evelyn Lozada Airing Out Former Friends Dirty Laundry

Airing out the dirty laundry of others isn’t on the list of chores for ‘Basketball Wives’ personality Royce Reed. Now, ironing underoos for that Romeo Miller lookalike boyfriend of hers to wear during his away game trip is different.

The former Orlando Magic dancer called out cast member Evelyn Lozada for putting the business (read: hoe shit) of ex-bestie Jennifer Williams out on front street in a blog post recapping the season finale of the show.

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“I cringed as I watch the scenes between Evelyn and Jenn. In all the interviews I’ve read from both sides I’ve NEVER read about Jenn telling anyone’s secrets. Not Nia’s, not Evelyn’s,” writes Royce.

“Sure, some of her statements can be taken the wrong way, but isn’t that what we signed up for when we decided to do a reality show? To have an opinion? To voice that opinion? I’m confused.”

When We Were Friends: Evelyn And Jennifer

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Quick Quotes: Drunk Ass Tami Talks Hand Control And More With Juicy Magazine

tami roman1 Quick Quotes: Drunk Ass Tami Talks Hand Control And More With Juicy Magazine

When I say damage, you say control!

After crying crocodile tears on ‘The Wendy Williams Show’ this morning, Drunk Ass Tami continues to make media rounds. Not as a Bud Light correspondent, not as a wet n’ wavy connoisseur, but as a beacon of hope for colored girls who have considered offering you the last chicken wrap to make up for their wrong doing.

In an excluse interview with Juicy Magazine Tami talks about her friendship with Royce Reed, Twitter drama, and using your voice instead of your hands.

Since you started the show, you and Royce have been extremely close, but we barely see her this season with the other girls. What is it that makes you and Royce so cool?

Because in all honesty from the minute I met Royce until today she’s been the same person. She was just real with me and I can always respect somebody that just comes 100%. I may not agree with everything you’re saying but if you just give me the real then I can respect that. I could tell her “Okay you know that s**t wasn’t right; I love you but that was some bulls**t.” And she can say the same to me and we can argue and curse each other out and call each other and be like “I love you are you still going to the movies?” (You know what mean?) Its that type of relationship so for me she’s the person that I’m closet too on and off the show.

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Your ‘Role Models’ Didn’t Even Catch The Shade Vibe Magazine Served Them. That’s The Great Part.

shade1 Your Role Models Didnt Even Catch The Shade Vibe Magazine Served Them. Thats The Great Part.

My how I love a quick read!

As observed by Brook Lynn Carter on yesterday, Vibe magazine mocked reality television queens Kandi Buruss, Tamar Braxton, Evelyn Lozada and Chrissy Lampkin on the sly by branding them as ‘Role Models’ for the cover of its annual Sexy Issue.

While many of us enjoyed the complimentary kee kee kee and tipped our hats to the magazine (whether it left a good or bad taste in your mouth, their mission in getting people talking was definitely accomplished), not everybody was laughing. Here’s a snippet from the community conversation on C+D’s Facebook profile:

“Yes. If I had a choice of being a senator or running a failing show store and running across dinner tables barefoot to attack another woman I’m obviously going for the latter. I will NEVER buy an issue of Vibe because of this.” — Marissa

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