Eat The Team: Meet The Latest Draft Picks For ‘Basketball Wives L.A.’

brooke1 Eat The Team: Meet The Latest Draft Picks For Basketball Wives L.A.

The upcoming season of ‘Basketball Wives L.A.’ is looking to net higher ratings, so show producers have recruited two more non-wives to sweat their edges out in the club.

Viewers will be introduced to video model Brooke Bailey (pictured above) and Bambi, an aspiring rapper who grew up with fellow cast member Malaysia Pargo. Do you need a cheat sheet for these randoms because Google’s search results aren’t helping you out? Well here you go.

Brooke Bailey has collected several checks by appearing in music videos like Lil’ Wayne’s “Lollipop” and was featured on E!’s reality show ‘Candy Girls’ back in 2009. She also model on ‘Wild N’ Out’ behind Mariah Carey’s ramen noodle cooker Nick Cannon.

Bambi too has provided eye candy and “acted” in several videos before focusing on launching her rapping career. It worked for LisaRaye keep your dreams alive for this girl.

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‘Basketball Wives’ Jennifer Williams Dropped Her Lawsuit Against Nia Crooks

jenn1 Basketball Wives Jennifer Williams Dropped Her Lawsuit Against Nia Crooks

Get those markers and Change of Heart cue cards out!

Former ‘Basketball Wives’ star Jennifer Williams is dropping her lawsuit against Evelyn Lozada’s slap-happy Nia Crooks. You remember, right? Nia and her vintage, couture muppet wig stopped by the racetrack to ask Jennifer a few questions, one being “do I have to slap you for you to wake up?”

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Well, the slap must have worked because after losing her Bentley, missing Evelyn’s wedding to Chad Onomatopoeia, and forgetting to call 1-800-Contacts to renew her Acuvue Hue prescription, Jennifer had finally dropped her case.

Stunts And Shows: The Press Conference Edition | view gallery

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Jackie Christie And Husband Doug Renew Their Wedding Vows At Gay Nightclub

jc1 Jackie Christie And Husband Doug Renew Their Wedding Vows At Gay Nightclub

‘Basketball Wives LA’ star Jackie Christie and retired Los Angeles Clippers player husband Doug showed their support for same-sex marriage rights on their 17th wedding anniversary by renewing their marriage vows at a gay nightclub supported by the NoH8 Campaign.

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On Monday night (July 9), dozens of guests filled the upstairs lounge at West Hollywood club Eleven to witness The Christies give a nod to the fight for marriage equality.

“As life-long supporters of the gay community, Doug and I remain humbled by the overwhelming love, acceptance and friendship they have extended with open arms while treating us like family,” the Advocate reports Three Track Jack saying at the ceremony, according to a statement.

“As we celebrate 17 years of marriage, it weighs heavy on our hearts that the same love shared by many of our friends is considered ‘less than’ and is not widely recognized due to antiquated laws, lack of acceptance, and misperceptions, among other discriminatory factors.”

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Snapshots! Evelyn Lozada And Shaunie O’Neal At The Essence Music Festival

ev shaunie1 Snapshots! Evelyn Lozada And Shaunie ONeal At The Essence Music Festival

It’s back to work for Evelyn Lozada. Still glowing from her July 4th wedding, the ‘Basketball Wives’ star flashed her massive wedding ring while signing copies of her first novel ‘Inner Circle’ at the Essence Music Festival in New Orleans on Sunday (June 8).

Ev’s girl Shaunie O’Neal was also spotted making her rounds at the event. Get a dose of Shaunie’s permanently flared nostrils hotness and a closer look at Ev’s ring inside.

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Yes, You Care: Evelyn Lasagna Says Jennifer Williams Isn’t Invited To Her Wedding This Week

ev jen1 Yes, You Care: Evelyn Lasagna Says Jennifer Williams Isnt Invited To Her Wedding This Week

Remember the make up session between Evelyn Lozada and Jennifer Williams during the ‘Basketball Wives 4’ reunion special that had everybody on set in tears? Not because the it was beautiful or anything but because the smell from that BS moment made everybody’s eyes water up?

Well, let’s hope Jennifer has something worth looking to in future like tickets to the Lil’ Boosie prison release party on pre-order or something because according to a new interview, the ‘Gucci This, Gucci That’ zen meister is still not invited to Ev’s nuptials to Chad Onomatopoeia.

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A Bitchie Night Out With Celebrity Blogger Necole Bitchie

nb1 A Bitchie Night Out With Celebrity Blogger Necole BitchieWhen celebrity blogger Necole Bitchie entered the scene back in 2008  a doubt never crossed my mind concerning her capabilities in harnessing her brand exactly where it currently stands — and far beyond. It was the person behind the keyboard I was more intrigued with learning more about.

I’m a nurturer. If you follow me on Twitter this quality is often times transparent through my random motivational rants. I never want people, especially up-and-coming bloggers, to feel as though I am too ‘big’ to reach out to if they need a push in the right direction.

Throughout my blogging journey I have made mistakes that I often cringe about in private. Your girl has also had multiple servings of humble pie within the last seven years.

I can’t take back my failures but I can honor the commitment I made with myself moving forward to help instead of hurt. For the most part I believe that my reputation for offering guidance to bloggers new in the game proceeds my ratchetness. Not by much though.

It wasn’t hard for Necole and I to become fast friends.

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