Reality Rewind: Draya Michele And Brooke Bailey Clash Over King Cover

draya brooke1 Reality Rewind: Draya Michele And Brooke Bailey Clash Over King Cover

This week, ‘Basketball Wives LA’ in-house eye candy Draya Michele and Brooke Bailey traded side-eyes and shade as the editor of King magazine congratulated Brooke for making the cover from the photo shoot Draya stormed out on. It’s all positive reactions until someone lightly dusts your ass to give another person a pat on the back.

“Don’t gossip like a bitch. Let her have her moment without mentioning me,” tweeted Draya as the episode aired. “Unprofessional: a speaker phone convo. And mentioning me period. That’s unprofessional.”

After getting wind of Draya’s smack talking tweets Brooke offered her several seats.

“If the phone wasn’t on speaker you loyal viewers wouldn’t hear the convo, duh. I’ve worked hard in this industry since 2006,” tweeted Brooke. “I never got a job because who I was ‘riding.’ Shots fired.”

Watch the drama unfold after the jump.
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Yes, You Care: ‘Basketball Wives’ Threatening To Walk Out Over Salary

shaunie Yes, You Care: Basketball Wives Threatening To Walk Out Over Salary

If the star players for the ‘Basketball Wives’ franchise don’t get their contract dispute settled with network execs soon fans who secretly love to loathe the series (ahem, Star Jones) will be stuck watching reruns.

Sources tell TMZ the Ocean Drive pep squad want major pay raises, claiming the show does quite well for the network. Well, VH1 isn’t here for that.

Before filming started, execs made it clear to Shaunie O’NealEvelyn LozadaTami Roman, and Suzie Ketcham that salary increases would not happen and if any cast member had a problem with that they could be replaced.

With filming for the new season currently underway and a deal still not being reached, word on the curb is that the cast is planning to walk out next week if their demands aren’t met.

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Quick Quotes: Tami Roman Talks ‘Basketball Wives’ And Bullying

tami quotes Quick Quotes: Tami Roman Talks Basketball Wives And Bullying

Tami Roman is no spring chicken in the world of reality television. Here is what the old bird 42-year-old had to share with Too Fab about ‘Basketball Wives,’ reality television and her previous mean girl episode with Kesha Nichols.

On what fans can expect from the upcoming ‘Basketball Wives’ season: “I’m excited about it because the show has the tendency to border on the dramatic aspect of our lives. This particular season we’re getting more into our families, the positive things we’re doing, creating a balance for the show. Last season was particularly hard for me because of the things we went through. It is reality TV and one moment that happens for 15 minutes is stretched out for 4 weeks of our lives.”

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Yes, You Care: Evelyn Lozada To Attend Her First Prom

evelyn1 Yes, You Care: Evelyn Lozada To Attend Her First Prom

What do you do when your reality  television show is cancelled, your husband pops a zit on your face using his forehead and news outlets don’t care to give you a mention anymore? Whore yourself out for attention by booking free gigs via Twitter, that’s what!

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Evelyn Lozada, pictured this past weekend at Faithful Central Bible Church in California, will be attending her first high school prom with one of her fans.


That’s right ladies and zestlemen, Ms. I Just Hit That Bitch With A Bottle is bringing Christian Louboutin paired with a sequin backless gown fever to a high school near you!

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Watch This: Jackie Christie Plots More Fuckery On ‘Basketball Wives LA’

jc1 Watch This: Jackie Christie Plots More Fuckery On Basketball Wives LA

Usually after season one of a reality show the cast comes back for season 2 with a better wig, nip/tuck as needed, and better fashions. Ha. That’s not the case with Jackie Christie.

Locked and loaded with more Fischer Price beef against her ‘Basketball Wives: LA’ cohorts, watch below as Doug Christie endures a candid heart-to-heart with his wife about their daughter suddenly moving to across the nation and last season of the show.

Will Doug keep it real with his wife about her Steebie J-inspired mind games or will he continue to be her yes man?

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Late Pass: Evelyn Lozada Films Second Interview With OWN

ev latepass Late Pass: Evelyn Lozada Films Second Interview With OWN

Now the hood knows who to call when Mary J. Blige is unavailable for a breakthrough!

“You’ve been rewarded for being a thug among women! It’s gonna cost you,” chastised Iyanla Vanzant to ‘Basketball Wives’ star Evelyn Lozada during an intimate reunion inside a New York City hotel last week. “Superstar husband, four new children, spotlight, cameras. Who are you?”

The OWN Network had already planned for Evelyn to open up about  past domestic abuse on ‘Iyanla, Fix My Life’ on the season premiere Saturday, September 15th. But after the recent headbutting incident with Chad Johnson people now have a legit reason to tune in.

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