Thotful Decisions: Draya Michele Reveals Why She’s Removing Her Breast Implants

draya michele zpsfe9a0a0e Thotful Decisions: Draya Michele Reveals Why Shes Removing Her Breast Implants

‘Basketball Wives LA’ power player Draya Michele is doing her best at making sure her thot tendencies of yesteryear are left in your local recycle bin.

Taking to her Twitter page, Draya revealed that she believes having a flat ass and the chest of a 11-year-old boy whose name isn’t Terrio helps you to not only fit better into dresses made out of imported du-rag material but look classy.

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Day Late, Dollar Short: Tami Roman Shows Off Svelte Figure On The Blue Carpet

tami roman zps6bb72c03 Day Late, Dollar Short: Tami Roman Shows Off Svelte Figure On The Blue Carpet

From food stamps to marked down designer dresses, the slow but steady rise of reality television veteran Tami Roman has been entertaining to witness to say the least.

While her ‘Basketball Wivs’ cast mates have relied on having unprotected sex with professional athletes and acting as a plus-one for Nene Leakes at industry events, the mother of two decided to snatch her figure for the gawds. Here she is working the blue carpet at the Los Angeles premiere of ‘Extant’ earlier this month.

Check out a pair of not-so-bad-at-all before shots from of Tami from May 2013 after the jump.

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Draya Michele’s Boyfriend Orlando Scandrick Wants Her To Quit ‘Basketball Wives LA’

draya michele orlando scandrick zpsf53f1a9f Draya Micheles Boyfriend Orlando Scandrick Wants Her To Quit Basketball Wives LA

What happens when you visit your Pinterest account immediately after watching Truth Hurt’s “So Addictive” music video? You clear out your schedule and begin taking the necessary steps in planning a Mediterranean themed fish fry!

That is only of course if ‘Brittish’ happens to be the name that appears on your driver’s license. St. Louis stand up! Or in this case, sit the fuck down.

‘Basketball Wives LA’ continued to blow pass it’s predecessor by ramping up the ratchet factor this week. Why act like a lady in the present when you can live in infamy as a hood booger forever? It’s no wonder why the boyfriend of cast member Draya Michele would rather her sit that golden ass comfortably at home than in the hot seat at a bitter bitch roundtable discussion on the rooftop of a luxury hotel.

The Fine Ass Girls clothing designer* recently revealed on the Big Boy’s Neighborhood radio show that her boo Orlando Scandrick, cornerback for the Dallas Cowboys, has had enough of seeing her vagina dragged within an inch of its life weekly.

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‘Basketball Wives’ Star Eric Williams M.I.A. After Being Ordered To Pay $24K In Back Child Support

eric williams  Basketball Wives Star Eric Williams M.I.A. After Being Ordered To Pay $24K In Back Child Support
A professional athlete with baby mama drama, you say? No way. ‘Basketball Wives’ star Eric Williams and the fetus attached to his forehead owe more than $24K in unpaid child support. But here’s the kicker: the mother of his13-year-old son claims that no one can locate the former NBA player.

We contacted to the woman’s lawyer who tells us, “Efforts to locate [Williams] have been exhausting.” It seems the woman’s legal team is preparing to turn up the heat if she doesn’t get paid — and could move to get Eric locked up if he doesn’t pay up.  It’s not the first time Williams has had child support issues — last year a judge issued an arrest warrant for the guy after he blew off a hearing in which he was supposed to submit a DNA test to establish paternity for a different child. | TMZ

Well damn. The last time Williams landed on my radar was when the official trailer for his movie ‘The Caribbean Heist’ was released last year. If you wish to waste 44 seconds from your precious life, enjoy.

Shaunie O’Neal On Tasha Marbury’s Helmet Joke About Evelyn Lozada And More

shaunie 1 Shaunie ONeal On Tasha Marburys Helmet Joke About Evelyn Lozada And More

‘Basketball Wives’ queen bee Shaunie O’Neal chatted it up about allowing viewers to finally see the true her, bumping heads with Tami Roman, Evelyn Lozada’s domestic abuse incident with Chad Johnson and more with Hello Beautiful.

Hello Beautiful: Last season you caught a lot of flack for the drama that happened, and this time around you said you were going to reveal the “real” you. What does that mean?

Shaunie O’ Neal: I just feel like, at this point, I probably just didn’t speak up enough. Previous seasons, I kind of sat back and was like whatever, ya know, I’m here and I’m doing my job. Evelyn and Tami have a such a strong personality that it’s very easy to sit back and just let them go and not really have much to say. I think everyone has something to say [about the show] regardless. If it’s too dramatic, they have something to say. If it’s not dramatic enough, they have something to say and I realize that.

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Sneak Peek: ‘Basketball Wives’ Season 5 Episode 5

basketball wives season 511 Sneak Peek: Basketball Wives Season 5 Episode 5

After focusing on the dismantle of Evelyn Lozada and Chad Johnson’s marriage, ‘Basketball Wives’ is finally getting back to what it’s known for — borderline basic middle-aged women talking behind each other’s backs and the subsequent cat fights.

In the sneak peek of tonight’s episode, Tasha Marbury catches up with the former Mrs. Johnson to discuss Tami Roman jumping into her feelings over Shaunie O’Neal saying that their introductory meeting could go “really right or really wrong.”

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