Promo Trail: Andre Leon Talley

alt1 Promo Trail: Andre Leon Talley

“Coming from the South I had a confidence that I didn’t know that I had. I must say that,” shared Andre Leon Talley as he promoted the release of Vogue: The Editor’s Eye in Nashville on Thursday (December 6).

“I just went out into the world with the encouragement of my grandmother, who said, ‘Do whatever you want to do.’ My father and mother never did that. They had aspirations, of course, for me to be a basketball player.”

Thank Sweet Baby Jesus wrapped in Givenchy his parents’ hoop dreams were deflated.

In honor of its 120th anniversary, Vogue: The Editor’s Eye celebrates the pivotal role the “Fashion Bible” has played in shaping America’s sense of style. The book also coincides with the new documentary ‘In Vogue: The Editor’s Eye’, which premiered last night on HBO.

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Tyra Banks & Andre Leon Talley Celebrate America’s Next Top Model Premiere

Tyra Pays Tribute To Alexander McQueen

tyra queen Tyra Pays Tribute To Alexander McQueen

Since announcing and actually fulfilling her promise of ending her talk show after five years, Tyra Banks influence on TV and her role in fashion seems to be discussed everywhere, whether its bloggers writing about somewhat overbearing behavior or journalists actually applauding her ascent beyond just the role of “supermodel.” Either way, she doesn’t seem to go away fast enough.

Paying tribute to the late fashion designer Alexander McQueen, Tyra and her cohort in fuckery Andre Leon Talley decided to put on their most gaudy robes and pose together. It’s no Derek Blanks photo shoot but it will do.

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Quick Flicks: Tyra Banks & Andre Leon Talley Ham It Up

more tyra Quick Flicks: Tyra Banks & Andre Leon Talley Ham It Up

Little Known Black History Fact: Perfecting the art of the side swoop is a major bathroom mirror accomplishment that can only rival mastering the Lil’ Kim cholita style make-up application process.

the more you know Quick Flicks: Tyra Banks & Andre Leon Talley Ham It Up

Now that I have successfully dropped some knowledge in your direction check out more flicks of Ty Ty and the boys at last night’s CW Network Reality launch party un-dah the sea.

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Buzz Notes: Andre Leon Talley Wants To Be On Top

alt Buzz Notes: Andre Leon Talley Wants To Be On Top

Ruining the dreams of anorexic models was his calling card.  Andre Leon Talley and his velvet peep toe slippers will replace Miss J. Alexander as the resident geigh of color on 3 upcoming cycles of America’s Next Top Model. Are you ready to breathe again?

Though he’d never watched “Top Model,” he had “no hesitations at all.” Nor did his Vogue boss, Anna Wintour. “Her reaction,” said Talley, “was, ‘Fine, André. Just let me know when you’re going to do it and how it’s going.’” (Reached for comment, Wintour said through her spokesman, “André is always onto new things on television, and I think his latest adventure sounds like a lot of fun and I look forward to watching him on the program.”)

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