Throwback Thursday: What’s Your Favorite ‘A Different World’ Moment?

a different world zps2c20c72f Throwback Thursday: Whats Your Favorite A Different World Moment?

Quit playing games with my heart! Debbie Allen teased Facebook fans on yesterday when she posted a snapshot of herself and Oprah along with the caption “Where was I today? With Ms. Oprah Winfrey and the cast of A Different World.”

Cree Summer, who portrayed Winifred “Freddie” Brooks on the hit Black college 90′s series, posted the above picture to her Twitter featuring a few familiar faces from Hillman College with Lady O saying, “What a magic day.”

Check out more candids from the reunion via Cree after the jump!

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Here’s R. Kelly Looking Like That Facebook Friend Request You Refuse To Accept

r kelly zpsaa3a2375 Heres R. Kelly Looking Like That Facebook Friend Request You Refuse To Accept

R. Kelly hit the Atlanta premiere of ‘Think Like A Man Too’ looking and most likely smelling like your uncle who keeps a bottle of green rubbing alcohol and a wash cloth at arm’s reach while working the grill during family cookouts.

The Pied Pisser made headlines this week after his youngest child come out as transgender. Jaya, who was biologically born a female, revealed that he now identifies as a male and goes by the name Jay.

But while he says that mom Andrea Kelly (who appears on the VH1 reality series ‘Hollywood Exes’) is being extremely supportive of his decision, the 14-year-old didn’t mention if his dad has reached out to show him any encouragement.

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Jermaine Dupri Doesn’t Appreciate You Blaming Him For Mariah Carey’s Recent Shortcomings

162655014 zps1afd5750 Jermaine Dupri Doesnt Appreciate You Blaming Him For Mariah Careys Recent Shortcomings

Times were much easier when Jermaine Dupri was hitting The Chickenhead in the “Right Thurr” remix video but the past is the past. In today’s world, fans of longtime friend and collaborator Mariah Carey want his head.

In an open letter posted on his Global 14 website, he acknowledges complaints from the Elusive Champagne Guzzler’s lambs. (He was announced as her manager last October.)

“Okay enough is enough!! I can’t continue to let you think, what you see or don’t see is a result of me not knowing what I’m doing,” he wrote. “This is bigger than me and in the music business things don’t go as fast as you would always like them to.”

“If you know my history, you know I want to go down as one of the greatest produces of all times,” he continued. “I want to be mentioned with the greats like Berry Gordy and Clive Davis when people talk about putting out artist.”

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Simping At Its Finest: Robin Thicke Announces New Album ‘Paula’

robin paula zps9193e58d Simping At Its Finest: Robin Thicke Announces New Album Paula

The writings on the wall about Robin Thicke and Paula Patton‘s separation have been bold, italicized, and printed in caps for all to see but judging from all accounts it appears that Thicke is going to stay down on his knees until he runs completely out of ink.

The R&B crooner is naming his new album ‘Paula’ as a tribute to his estranged wife.

Lead by the single “Get Her Back”, the album is produced and written by Thicke in it’s entirety. No word if tracks “Eating Ain’t Cheating” and “But Baby, We Was On Break” made the cut.


The former high school sweethearts announced earlier this year that they were calling it quits on their nine year marriage. After tying the knot in 2005, they had a son, Julian Feugo.

While Patton admitted to Vanity Fair that she would always have a “deep love” for Thicke, she hasn’t yet to respond publicly to his new ballad or his repeated “please baby please” attempts to woo her at his recent concerts.

The “Give It 2 U” singer will perform some of his new material during the BET Awards on June 29. His last album, ‘Blurred Lines’, debuted at No. 1 in 2013.

Wang Wednesday: Chad Johnson Puts His Print On Blast

chad johnson zpsacb047c5 Wang Wednesday: Chad Johnson Puts His Print On Blast

News of Kordell Stewart being back on the market has made it’s way around town — and all the potential ballers want a piece. Don’t worry fellas, there’s more than enough to feed the needy!

After losing out on numerous NFL contracts and a VH1 spin-off show, Chad Johnson decided to put his man meat on full blast today on Instagram in hopes of getting that special type of attention he so desperately craves.

Don’t feel bad about right clicking and saving, Kordell. We all have our faults in life.

Oh, Okay: Rocko Pays Homage To Maya Angelou With ‘Poet’ Mixtape

maya angelou zpsf0afa8d4 Oh, Okay: Rocko Pays Homage To Maya Angelou With Poet Mixtape

rocko zps98386c87 Oh, Okay: Rocko Pays Homage To Maya Angelou With Poet Mixtape

While I am sure that the late Maya Angelou could appreciate Rocko‘s contributions to adult contemporary literature with such golden musings as “yeah that pussy good, girl I ain’t gon’ lie / But if you are looking for a dude, girl I ain’t yo guy” — yeah, no. 

Monica’s first baby daddy’s recently released mixtape ‘Poet’ pays tribute to your favorite Calendar Sisters  from ‘Poetic Justice.’

“It wasn’t a situation where I was trying to capitalize on her death, it was more a tribute to her and paying homage to everything she brought as far as her poetry,” explained Rocko to All Hip Hop.

He adds that the timing of the mixtape’s release coincided with the death of the legendary novelist, poet and activist because his business partner suggested the idea.

“This year, its a situation that if it’s an idea, we are going to move on every idea that come, because ideas they come and if you wait too long, you might miss it, The thrill might be gone.”