Mathew Knowles’ Alleged Baby Mama Releases Statement

baby mama zps6c1bb53f Mathew Knowles Alleged Baby Mama Releases Statement

Mathew Knowles is the new Daquan.

Instead of taking the words of Webbie to heart when he rapped “I’m up in H-Town, I’m trying to use a rubber tonight,” the patriarch of the Knowles Klan refuses to strap up when creating rockets and waterfalls.

The 63-year-old has been hit with a second paternity suit, this time around by a lingerie-model-turned-real-estate-agent.

Court documents reportedly filed by Taqoya Branscomb at a Houston area court allege that Daddy Matty fathered her daughter who was born four years ago. The 30-year-old mother is allegedly petitioning for a DNA test to determine paternity, as well as child support and attorney fees for her legal team.

Branscomb released the following statement to several media outlets:

“First I’d like to thank my family, my friends, and the public for their love and support. I have taken the necessary legal action against Mathew Knowles. With that being said it’s in my best interest for this to remain a private matter for now. Above all I am a mother and my daughter’s well being is my only priority. It was never my intention for this to become a public matter. The pictures you see are in no way a representation of who I am. They were taken 10 years ago. And I am now a hard working successful single mother. Honestly I just want what is best for my daughter.”

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Stray Shots: Tyler Perry Wins Trademark Battle For ‘What Would Jesus Do’

tyler perry zps247936aa Stray Shots: Tyler Perry Wins Trademark Battle For What Would Jesus Do

- Let us pray: What Would Jesus Do is now property of Tyler Perry. Now, raise your hand if you mentally stretched out his last name like Hurricane Chris expressing his fondness Halle Berry.

The United State Patent and Trademark Office sided with the media mogul in the trademark battle for the popular phrase last week, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

He won the battle over ‘I Want to Work for Diddy’ flop (listen, we all fall short of the glory of God) Kimberly “Poprah” Kearney, who registered the trademark in 2008, several months before Perry did. Perry registered the phrase in the category of “entertainment services,” with the idea of producing “live concerts, a TV program and motion pictures” in relation to the trademark.

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Faces From The Milk Carton: Nivea Talks About Retiring From The Music Industry And More

nivea zps2ebda660 Faces From The Milk Carton: Nivea Talks About Retiring From The Music Industry And More

Everybody has a Flop From Christmas Past that they would like to see given another shot at fame. Baby mama to the stars Nivea happens to be one of ours.

Madame Noire caught up with the future ‘R&B Divas’ cast member (wishful thinking folks)  for a detailed interview fit for an episode of ‘Unsung’ about her life.

During the chat, Nivea sheds light on her decision to leave the music industry after her record label at the time, Jive records, labeled her as unfuckable and put their efforts behind developing then rising star Ciara.

Here’s to hoping Nivea is called on to do a performance with Mystikal of “Danger (Been So Long) at the BET Hip Hop Awards this year. Watch the interview after the jump!

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Thotful Decisions: Draya Michele Reveals Why She’s Removing Her Breast Implants

draya michele zpsfe9a0a0e Thotful Decisions: Draya Michele Reveals Why Shes Removing Her Breast Implants

‘Basketball Wives LA’ power player Draya Michele is doing her best at making sure her thot tendencies of yesteryear are left in your local recycle bin.

Taking to her Twitter page, Draya revealed that she believes having a flat ass and the chest of a 11-year-old boy whose name isn’t Terrio helps you to not only fit better into dresses made out of imported du-rag material but look classy.

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Lovers Rock: Diddy & Cassie And Timbaland & Monique Hit Up Derek Jeter’s 40th Birthday Party

lovers rock zps8ead9f0b Lovers Rock: Diddy & Cassie And Timbaland & Monique Hit Up Derek Jeters 40th Birthday Party

Well isn’t this special. After treating himself to a sausage fest earlier in the week, Diddy stepped out hand-in-hand with concubine / employee Cassie for New York Yankees icon Derek Jeter’s 40th Birthday Bash last night.

Also spotted on the scene: Timbaland and wife Monique Mosley. The two seem to have reconciled after Monique filed for divorce back in 2013. Their outing comes as no surprise if you keep up with the hit making producer on social media.

During his ‘E! True Hollywood Story’ episode, Timbaland confused that he was initially attracted to Monique because he believed she resembled longtime collaborator / friend Aaliyah, whom he secretly was in love with at one point.

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Chambermaid News: ‘Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta’ Extra Erica Pinkett Attacked, Claims Bambi Put Hit Out On Her Life

erica pinkett zps9c783e76 Chambermaid News: Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta Extra Erica Pinkett Attacked, Claims Bambi Put Hit Out On Her Life

There is a ruckus in the palace and the chambermaids are running amuck.

‘Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta’ extra Erica Pinkett has filed a police report after being brutally attacked inside some Atlanta hole-in-the-wall club earlier this month, saying castmate Bambi Johnson put a hit out on her life.

All this drama allegedly over what, you ask? The affections of Lil Scrappy.

The Pinkett claims she was coming out of a bathroom in Taboo Club when a woman came up from behind her, hit her in the face and then threw her to the ground and slashed her arm with a razor blade. It was reported the gash spewed blood so badly, that it looked like a horror movie.

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