Clicks Around The Web: Mama Joyce Attends Kandi Burruss’ Wedding Despite Her Reservations

mama joyce kandi todd zps06117361 Clicks Around The Web: Mama Joyce Attends Kandi Burruss Wedding Despite Her Reservations

It’s reassuring to know that at least one member of Crime Mob is putting their gun on safety for the greater good these days.

Despite her much-buzzed about reservations concerning Todd Tucker‘s true intentions, a rep confirms that Mama Joyce and her sickening bangs were both present for at daughter Kandi Burruss‘ nuptials on Friday (April 4). US Weekly reports that the geriatric goon ”even gave the couple a beautiful toast in front of family and friends at the bash.” 

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Sorry Beloved: Oprah Gives Ex-Stepmom 60 Days To Vacate

lady o zpsafdec58b Sorry Beloved: Oprah Gives Ex Stepmom 60 Days To Vacate

After successful removing neck bones and scalloped potatoes from her daily diet, kicking her former step mother to the curb is slight work for Oprah Winfrey. 

Barbara Winfrey, 66, who is divorced from Lady O’s father, Vernon Winfrey, now has two months to leave the $1.4 million Laurelbrooke home the media mogul purchased for her father and step mother after they married in 2001.

If you have any coupons for a moving company or cousins who own a pick-up truck send them Bab’s way.

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How Dreadful: The Game Under Investigation For Domestic Assault Against Fiancée

the game tiffney zps06c0a9f4 How Dreadful: The Game Under Investigation For Domestic Assault Against Fiancée

the game tiffany zps95543cad How Dreadful: The Game Under Investigation For Domestic Assault Against Fiancée

West Coast seasoned and sautéed stunt queen The Game is reportedly a domestic violence suspect after allegedly having a physical altercation with his on-again-off-again fiancée, Tiffney Cambridge. James Evans would never thug Florida out like that.

Tiffney filed a police report about the confrontation, accusing the Compton bred rapper of repeatedly hitting her in the face, injuring her eye socket, and breaking her nose. The L.A. County Sheriff’s Department allegedly took photos of Tiffney’s face, and are launching a criminal investigation.

The Game, real name Jayceon Taylor, spoke to TMZ shortly after the story broke, denying the accusations.

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Youtube Clip of The Week: The Ying Yang Twins Evoke Epic Interpretive Dance

If it’s one thing Britney Spears has taught us it’s that white people love them some Ying Yang Twins. Somebody’s Senior Girls Scout Leader must have partaken in a little dirty Sprite with her lunch because when she heard her song she couldn’t do anything but bust it open for the nearest pimp.

Say Something Nice About Trick Daddy’s Mugshot

say something nice zps950155d4 Say Something Nice About Trick Daddys Mugshot

Where are all the natural hair nazis when you need them? A member of their own community has completely fallen by the wayside.

Not only was Trick Daddy arrested last night and charged with a litany of felonies, including possession of a loaded gun and cocaine, he is in desperate need of a bentonite clay hair mask. He may be present and accounted for but the same cannot be said for his hair’s moisture and curl pattern.

White people have those faces of meth posters. Black people have Trick Daddy and DMX mugshots. As for the Women of Color with their heart set on being featured on MSNBC’s ‘Locked Up Raw’ series, look no further than Khia.

T-Double-D was charged with two counts of possession of a firearm by a felon, possession of cocaine and driving with a suspended license. Ceelo said “get you a glass, mix the Coke and the Henn” on “Dro In The Wind”, not “get you a Swisher and sprinkle the coke on the weed.”

Something Nice: Trick Daddy looks like a black version of a 70s kung fu movie villain. — @DavidDTSS

Things We Should’ve Lost In The Fire: Keyshia Cole And Iggy Azalea Channel Diana Ross On “I’m Coming Out” Cover

iggy azalea charli xcx fancy clueless 600x337 zpsab3a462d Things We Shouldve Lost In The Fire: Keyshia Cole And Iggy Azalea Channel Diana Ross On Im Coming Out Cover

Okay maybe the song isn’t as bad as the title of this post suggests but you know how petty and overprotective I am with all things involving the legacy of Diana Ross. You know, with her being my mother-in-law and all. That’s right, my eternal flame for LaMichael is still burning.

Anyways, Keyshia Cole and Iggy Azalea pick up where “Mo Money, Mo Problems” left off, letting the beat build around the infectious hook of Dirty Diana’s 1980 hit “I’m Coming Out” on their new tune bearing the same name.

Produced by Irv Gotti, the song appears on the soundtrack of the new romantic comedy ‘The Other Woman’. Bonus fact: Nicki Minaj stars as Cameron Diaz’s assistant in the flick slated for release on April 25.

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