Video: Naomi Campbell Doesn’t See It For Kimye’s Vogue Cover

When you can brush the hairs on the top of your scalp with the same toothbrush as your  its hard to find fucks to give about much else in life — House Mother Kanye and Kim Kardashian included.

When asked her opinion on the celebrity couple snatching the cover of Vogue’s April 2014 issue, Naomi Campbell offered a beautiful “I do not want to comment” before going into how she is a supermodel and that magazine covers should be reserved only for those seated at her lunch table. Touché.

Tweets Is Watching: Gregg Leakes Doesn’t Regret Confronting Peter Thomas

GreggLeakesShopWayRealPersonalEventeijclFF ecSl zpse6969ece Tweets Is Watching: Gregg Leakes Doesnt Regret Confronting Peter Thomas

I had just one question that required answering when Bravo gave a sneak peek look at Gregg Leakes‘ blood pressure starting to rise as he channeled his inner NeNe, leading him to shake the table on Peter Thomas because he didn’t appreciate him coming for his wife at Kenya Moore’s masquerade ball . . .

Thankfully, this week’s ‘Real Housewives of Atlanta’ episode showed the ladies getting there in time to help try to calm the situation before one of those men needed CPR.

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Free Advice For The Future: Don’t Ask Keyshia Cole If She Is Wifey Material

keyshia cole zps3854abdd Free Advice For The Future: Dont Ask Keyshia Cole If She Is Wifey Material

I am a firm believer of not speaking to anyone in the morning until first visiting with my good friends toothpaste, soap, and water. Nothing positive can come from people with eye crust and morning breathe.

Keyshia Cole proved my theory correct when she dialed into The Ryan Cameron Morning Show on from bed on Monday with the stank of MD 20/20 from the night before still fresh on her tongue.

Calling in to promote her new single about slapping bitches like Rick James (real facts, no gimmicks) things got ugly when radio personality Wanda Smith asked Keyshia if she thinks that she is still wifey material following her current marriage issues with estranged husband Daniel “Boobie” Gibson.

In a quote I’m sure she said to Frankie and Neffe numerous times over the years, she responded by saying  “Ya’ll really fucking with my shit right now. I got some other shit going on . . . Now I’m ready to smack a bitch like Rick James”

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Back And Forth: The Definitive Guide To Dressing Like Jackie Christie For Halloween

jackie christie style icon zps03705c11 Back And Forth: The Definitive Guide To Dressing Like Jackie Christie For Halloween

Many of you consider me to be a friend in the head and that works just fine with me. I would never want to subject you to the dangers of being my real life friend.

The following is a real text message conversation that took place between C+D power player (whom you should be following on Twitter, ahem!) Sir Ratchettness and myself last night:

Freshalina: I want to be Jackie Christie for Halloween this year. What should I do?

Sir Ratchettness: First, rub some Nair around your edges and grab the nearest yaki drawstring ponytail. Next, contour yourself one of those Kimora Lee Simmons necks. Then, buy one of those white button downs with the bedazzled crowns on the back from the Nicki Minaj collection for Kmart, a leopard skirt from Forever 21, some high top all white Air Force Ones and some bangles from Claire’s. Finally, soak your hands in vinegar water for six hours. 

Watch a preview clip from tonight’s episode of ‘Basketball Wives LA’ featuring Draya and Sundy acting an ass over hoe allegations after the jump. I love my life.

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Your Daily Tang Multivitamin: Throw That Boy Pussy

“Throw That Boy Pussy” by Fly Young Red is the most played song on Miss Tyler Perry’s iTunes, only second to Lil Kim’s “How Many Licks”. With lyrics like “What’s your real name, not your Jack’d name” this is sure to be a summer banger amongst the zesty persuasion. Add it to your Chew This Ass playlist now!

Twirl On This: NeNe Leakes Is Officially ‘Dancing With The Stars’

nene leakes dancing with the stars zps71b5fa23 Twirl On This: NeNe Leakes Is Officially Dancing With The Stars

“Make the money, don’t let it make you!” If only Ebony would have listened to Diamond before it was too late.

In a perfect world, Ebony would have advanced from offering table dances in strip club parking lots to dancing in a performing arts centre for millions of viewers in hopes of becoming the winner of ‘Dancing With the Stars.’ Or at least it’s the dream ‘The Real Housewives of Atlanta’ star NeNe Leake has delicately pasted on her vision board.

If you were one of the people that got caught up live tweeting about The Jackie and Draya Show ’Basketball Wives LA’ last night and missed NeNe and her partner Tony Dovolani open the season, catch them dancing the Cha Cha to Robin Thicke’s song “Give It 2 U” below.

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