Throwback: The Time Vivica A. Fox Got Low With The Ying Yang Twins At The 2004 MTV Music Awards

Back when she still texting 50 Cent “My Neck My Back” lyrics, Vivica A. Fox fulfilled her drunk ass auntie duties by making that ass roll like some 24′s at the 2004 MTV Music Awards during a set which included performances from the Ying Yang Twins, Lil Jon, Petey Pablo, Lil Jon, Fat Joe and Remy Ma. 

How Dreadful: Naomi Campbell’s Edges Still Won’t Let Her Be Great

nay no edges How Dreadful: Naomi Campbells Edges Still Wont Let Her Be Great

For a little over a decade my complete life’s mission has been a simple one — instilling the fear of balding edges in as many women and zestlemen before it’s too late. Just look at Naomi Campbell‘s current situation.

Onlookers caught a glimpse of her disobedient edges when the wind blew her hair back at the ‘Rush’ film premiere in London on Monday. Mother Nature always has a way of reminding us who has the upper hand.

For real though, has Lil Wayne made this a punchline yet?

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Actor Who Played Brandy’s Little Brother On ‘Moesha’ Arrested After Kicking Girlfriend In The Stomach

marcus paulk Actor Who Played Brandys Little Brother On Moesha Arrested After Kicking Girlfriend In The Stomach

Marcus T. Paulk, best known for his role as the annoying ass little brother on the sitcom ‘Moesha’, turned himself in to authorities on Thursday after violently kicking his girlfriend in the stomach, reports TMZ.

The alleged victim, identified as Paulk’s girlfriend singer Andi Roxx, said the two got into a verbal argument at Beverly Hills nightclub Confidential when she wasn’t “paying him enough attention.” Sigh. When the couple returned home, Roxx says the fight turned physical and Paulk punched her in the chin.

Myles, go to your room. Read more details about the incident below.

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The Say Something Nice Challenge: Lil Kim

kim0 The Say Something Nice Challenge: Lil Kim

I can’t, I wouldn’t if it were an option, and I suggest you don’t attempt it your damn self. And I say that with love.

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Kept It Too Trill

BOOSIE Kept It Too Trill

Time on my hands, since you going away to jail boy, I ain’t got no plans, no no no no . . .

Mouth crust specialist Lil’ Boosie was sentenced to four years in prison yesterday for probation violations, stemming from the rapper’s failure to follow the conditions of his probation following multiple gun and drug charges. I guess its time to pack another case of insulin for the trip. reports:

Boosie was convicted on drug and gun charges in September in connection with an October 2008 arrest when police found a bag of marijuana, a blunt and a gun in a vehicle he was driving. The pot charge along could have landed him in prison for 20 years, with a mandatory minimum of five years for the gun charge. After the plea, Moore ordered Boosie to be electronically monitored and to clear all concert dates with the court while awaiting sentencing, according to Louisiana newspaper The Advocate. But when the judge found out that the rapper had violated his terms, Moore ordered him to spend four years in prison, meaning he will likely do at least two full years, his lawyer said.

The Coogi King released an official statement [now is not the time to laugh] today regarding his extended sentence.

“I made some very foolish choices, but I was doing the best I could to provide for my family before I went away to jail. Clearly I exercised terrible judgment and I hope to get the opportunity to prove that I can make great decisions for my family and the community in the future.”