No, You Don’t Care: Big Sean And Naya Rivera Call Off Engagement

big sean naya zps39182860 No, You Dont Care: Big Sean And Naya Rivera Call Off Engagement

Tumblr users between the ages of 12-17 have been placed on short term suicide watch. Team Puppy Love power couple Big Sean and Naya Rivera have called off their engagement.

Fun Fact: This is the first time I’ve typed both of their names this year.

“After careful thought and much consideration, Sean has made the difficult decision to call the wedding off,” a rep for the rapper told Us on Wednesday (April 9), confirming rumors of a split. “The recent rumors and accusations reported by so called or fake sources are simply untrue. Sean wishes Naya nothing but the best and it is still his hope that they can continue to work through their issues privately. We will not be commenting again on this matter.”

If you have an overactive imagination like me, you probably pictured their break-up like the following scene from the movie ‘Pootie Tang.’

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Listen: Tamar Braxton Takes Kenya Moore To Task For Being A Faux Sideline Hoe

tamar kenya zpsca1487e7 Listen: Tamar Braxton Takes Kenya Moore To Task For Being A Faux Sideline Hoe

Kenya Moore‘s stunts on ‘The Real Housewives of Atlanta’ to keep Peter Thomas from snatching her peach next season has left a nasty taste in the mouths of many viewers, including Tamar Braxton.

Taking part in the reality round-up segment of The Russ Parr Morning Show, the live action muppet decided to read Kenya Moore-Whore (copyright Phaedra Parks) for her faux side hoe confidence.

“I do think there were several ratchet moments, but the one that sticks out to me the most was Ms. Kenya, I’m not talking about Kenya per se, but just any woman who feels like it’s ok to have somebody’s husband and have a conversation with them one on one,” said Tamar. “And try to be friends with him and not the wife. That right there is slap nation moment, okay?”

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I Want To Hold A Peach During The Opening Credits Too: Marlo Hampton Comes For Nene Leakes’ Toupee

marlo nene I Want To Hold A Peach During The Opening Credits Too: Marlo Hampton Comes For Nene Leakes Toupee

I feel like I’ve made the most out of my day anytime I can apply Lil Flip’s line “Don’t you hate them ol’ lying ass hoes, smiling in your face wearing her best friend clothes?” from “Like A Pimp” while discussing women over the age of 40.

Following Sunday night’s episode of ‘The Real Housewives of Atlanta’, Marlo Hampton took to her personal blog in a post titled ‘Beware of People Throwing Shade While Wearing Bad Toupees’ sharing her reaction to Nene Leakes‘ new attitude towards her friendship with Kenya Moore.

Read the lengthy shade fest below!

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News Break: Ex-Boyfriend Caught On Video Setting New Boyfriend’s Car On Fire (VIDEO)

crazy bitch News Break: Ex Boyfriend Caught On Video Setting New Boyfriends Car On Fire (VIDEO)

Jeffrey Blanc is petty as hell. The 32-year-old is facing charges after police say he was caught on video setting his ex-girlfriend’s new boyfriend’s car on fire in North Miami Beach.

Jeffrey and 28-year-old Kristal Brantly dated for about two years, but in 2012 Kristal decided to cancel her dick subscription when he became controlling and started following her around like a lost puppy. Fuckboy tendencies will put a damper on any relationship.

Jeffrey attempted to rekindle the romance through a series of phone calls and text messages this year, but Kristal adhered to Nino Brown’s G-Code To Dating (“Cancel that bitch! I’ll buy another one.”) and none were answered.

That’s when Jeffrey went into full on stunt queen mode. Instead of using his energy to create a new life in Philadelphia by passing himself off as Black Thought to White hipster crowds, police say he began taking his frustrations out on Kristal’s new boo, Antoine Dolce, by spray painting his home and car back in March and April. A police report indicated he also spray painted Kristal’s car in one instance.

As a result of those crimes, surveillance cameras were installed just in case the bitch wanted to act up again. On June 23, the cameras came in handy, capturing an unknown man (or aggressive stud) dousing two cars in gasoline and setting them on fire.

Hmmm, wonder who.

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Tigress Wants Dreidel And Light Ike To Make Music Together

tyga1 Tigress Wants Dreidel And Light Ike To Make Music Together

Your favorite versatile bottoms are in the press again. It seems like these girls always need to be talked about.

Tyga, who found moderate success with his song “Rack City”, spoke candidly about about the beef between Drake and Chris Brown during his much needed interview cause you know he didn’t sell any records interview on ‘Much Music’s New Music Live.’

Date Night: Tyga And Black Chyna

“I don’t think it’s like a real beef, it’s the media and stuff just blowing it up. But at the end of the day, I’m friends with both of them. It’s like high school, you got competition,” explained Tyga.

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Khia To Diamond: “You Have 32 Diseases And $32 In Your Bank Account”

khia diamond Khia To Diamond: You Have 32 Diseases And $32 In Your Bank Account

If misery loves company Khia and the comatose village feeders on her chest are never left alone. After unsuccessful campaigns at cyber beef with more prominent female rappers (Sole, Shawnna and Ms. Jade have better things to do), Thug Misses finally found an opposite side to wage a war of 140 characters or less with when fellow A-Town rep Diamond took the bait.

And this little piggy went kee kee kee all the way home.

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