Tigress Wants Dreidel And Light Ike To Make Music Together

tyga1 Tigress Wants Dreidel And Light Ike To Make Music Together

Your favorite versatile bottoms are in the press again. It seems like these girls always need to be talked about.

Tyga, who found moderate success with his song “Rack City”, spoke candidly about about the beef between Drake and Chris Brown during his much needed interview cause you know he didn’t sell any records interview on ‘Much Music’s New Music Live.’

Date Night: Tyga And Black Chyna

“I don’t think it’s like a real beef, it’s the media and stuff just blowing it up. But at the end of the day, I’m friends with both of them. It’s like high school, you got competition,” explained Tyga.

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Rewind: House Mother Kanye Gets Booed

107144534 Rewind: House Mother Kanye Gets Booed

Never in all of my years of watching the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade have I ever stared at my television with a vacant expression before mouthing “This hoe might have just tried it” but that all changed on Thursday morning. While I was awestruck for obvious reasons not everyone was having it with House Mother Kanye. And they let the bitch have it.

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Video: Cee-Lo – “F*ck You”

After spending his formative years pursing his childhood crush and being repeatedly rejected, Cee-Lo matures and moves on but not before dropping a few ‘F’ bombs in his heartbreaker’s direction.

Tweets Is Watching: Matt Barnes Reminds The ‘Basketball Wives’ Who He Is

matt2 Tweets Is Watching: Matt Barnes Reminds The Basketball Wives Who He Is

Repeat after me: Ain’t no mess like Twitter mess.

Orlando Magic baller Matt Barnes took to his account earlier this morning to give his take on why his fiance Gloria Govan declined to participate in the Basketball Wives reunion and quicker than you can say “don’t hide that pussy, divide that pussy” had managed to drag Shaunie O’Neal, Jennifer Williams, and Evelyn Lozada through Tiny’s favorite spot to cool off at during the summer.

Well let’s get ratchet, let’s get ratchet. (c) Hurricane Chris

matt1 Tweets Is Watching: Matt Barnes Reminds The Basketball Wives Who He Is

A child has been left behind. Press rewind and watch Suzie Ketcham cool off groupie “Plastic Surgery” after the jump.

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Side-Eye Fever In Action!

PTImbz*4YjM4ZmU4Yjg2ZDM*ZjJiODZkMTZiZDZiZjZkNmM*OSZvZj*w Side Eye Fever In Action!

I will take a good side-eye however I can get but if I had to be a choosy lover I would go with all live action all day.  Last week Jimmy Kimmel featured some quick side-eye fever from a news anchor that made me scrape my knees as I wall slid my way to glory.

Still laughing? Don’t do him, boo. Thanks EsDotLeek for sharing!

Crunk Candids: Shaunie O’Neal Rebounds With New Boyfriend

shaunie oneal new man2 Crunk Candids: Shaunie ONeal Rebounds With New Boyfriend

With the ink on the divorce decree almost dry it’s safe to say that Shaunie O’Neal is on the next one. The soon to be ex-wife of NBA star Shaquille O’Neal was photographed at a airport in Maui, Hawaii earlier this week with a smashworthy approved new man in tow. Shaunie will appear as executive producer and star in the upcoming VH1 reality show ‘Basketball Wives,’ which is set to premiere April 11th at 10 PM.

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