I Am My Brother’s Keeper: Lil Wayne Sends Warning To Justin Bieber’s Manager Over Lil Twist

justin bieber lil twist zpsdad54efc I Am My Brothers Keeper: Lil Wayne Sends Warning To Justin Biebers Manager Over Lil Twist

Now that the temperatures are warming up, a handful of your favorite pint size rappers are feeling the frustrations of being denied entry to their favorite amusement park ride due to height restrictions. Where is all that pent up anger going you say? To whoever wants it, that’s who!

Lil Wayne wants it to be known that when it comes to Young Money he is not going to let you chambermaids run his palace. Word to Momma Dee.

According to Weezy’s rant, Justin Bieber‘s manager Scooter Braun has been telling the press that Lil Twist is a bad influence on his client and is to blame for the singer’s ill behavior. Yeah, okay sis.

“I heard that they got a bitch ass nigga named Scooter that be runnin’ with my little brother Justin Bieber. That’s my little brother, Justin Bieber,” the rapper says in the clip uploaded to YouTube on Monday (May 26).

“Niggaa this my motherfuckin’ brother, anything you got to say, when you see me say it to my motherfuckin’ face. .And if you do happen to say it to my motherfuckin’ face, I ain’t gonna make you eat them words nigga, I’ma put them bitches on your tombstone.”

Watch it below! 

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Cassie Covers Talks Inspiration From Diddy, If She’s Ready For Kids, And More With ‘VIBE Vixen’

vibe vixen magazine Cassie Covers Talks Inspiration From Diddy, If Shes Ready For Kids, And More With VIBE Vixen

Returning back to her modeling roots, Cassie covers the latest issue of VIBE Vixen magazine. Repeat after me: yes, I care. Here’s what your favorite concubine and mine had to share with the magazine:

VIBE Vixen: Has Diddy inspired you to run your own empire? Was there an important business lesson you learned from him?

Absolutely. Just being around him is a completely inspiring experience. Starting my own empire would be great. I’m trying to figure that out. I’m still working with Cassie Enterprises right now but I think that would be something I would love to do.

Being a model for more than half your life, describe the moment you realized your looks are a means to getting what you want, whether it was attention from a certain guy or landing the dream job.

It’s so funny for you to even say “attention from a guy” because I had my funny-looking stage. I think everyone had it as a kid. I remember every star, every birthday wish blowing out a candle, I would always wish boys would like me because I used to get made fun of a little bit.

Girl On The Go: Cassie Hits The Streets In New York City

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Yes, You Care: Here’s Jay-Z And Justin Bieber In A SUV Together, Wow.

jay z justin bieber Yes, You Care: Heres Jay Z And Justin Bieber In A SUV Together, Wow. For today’s edition of odd animal couples we step outside of the iron gates at the Brooklyn Zoo and into Florida’s natural habitat. Shutterbugs caught up with Jay-Z as he hit the Miami streets with Justin Bieber last night.

CLICKS AROUND THE WEB: Justin Bieber, Jay Z And Kevin Hart All Hang Out Together Like It’s No Big Deal

The Biebs wasn’t the only celebrity to kick it with Hov and company behind the scene at his ‘Legends of The Summer’ tour stop in The 305. Rihanna, LeBron James, Kevin Hart, Jermaine Dupri and others kept their Instagram accounts fresh with moments from the evening.

Check out flicks of Rihanna moving cool while dressed as the futon cover of my dreams in the gallery below.

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Street Style: Rihanna Steps Out In Items From Her New River Island Collection

rihanna new york1 Street Style: Rihanna Steps Out In Items From Her New River Island Collection

What’s a day without pictures of Cynthia Doll walking and breathing at the same time?

On Wednesday, Rihanna donned gear from her fall collection for River Island fashion while heading to an appointment in New York City. She paired the camouflage crop top with a pair of dark denim boyfriend jeans and Steve Madden camo stilettos.

The melodic goat crier completed the look with a gold Chanel quilted hat and chunky necklaces and bracelets.

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Spotted: Chris Brown And Nicki Minaj Team Up For ‘Love More’ Video

c5 Spotted: Chris Brown And Nicki Minaj Team Up For Love More Video

Trivia time: What happens when you dab Pancake 31 on the part of a second generation lace front wig to make it look more “realistic” and fail miserably at the task? Discover the answer to that question and more on this upcoming season of RuPaul’s Drag U.

For now, please enjoy more candid shots of Nicki Minaj and Chris Brown on the music video set of some song I’ve never heard. Look at me, defying the odds placed against me by society and shit without being verbally chastised by Bill Cosby.

c2 Spotted: Chris Brown And Nicki Minaj Team Up For Love More Video

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Dennis Haysbert And Kerry Washington: ‘The Details’ Premiere

kerry dennis Dennis Haysbert And Kerry Washington: The Details Premiere

That isn’t the creepy church member who your parents strongly advised you against opening the door for if they were unavailable as a child, its Dennis Haysbert.

Mr. Muthaflockin’ Allstate was the sharpest chimney cleaner on the red carpet at the premiere event for ‘The Details’ at the ArcLight Cinemas in Hollywood on Monday. Haysbert portrays Lincoln in the flick.

According to the film’s synopsis, the comedic production is a “wild chain reaction of domestic tension, infidelity and murder” with an intriguing plot that includes a family of raccoons tearing shit up nightly in Jeff (Tobey Maguire) and Nealy’s (Elizabeth Banks) backyard, seeking worms that came with the sod. Oh, okay.

Actress Kerry Washington (Rebecca) tipped the scene in a squared-off halter neckline Rodizio dress by Greek designer Mary Katrantzou which featured a lovely and delicate bird and floral print. She accessorized her look with gold hoop earrings, black clutch bag and matching black pumps.

Bing Presents ‘The Details’ Official Cast Dinner and After-Party