Five Reasons Why Norwood Young Should Replace Barbara Walters On ‘The View’

norwood young Five Reasons Why Norwood Young Should Replace Barbara Walters On The View

With Barbara Walters finally dipping into her social security check money via retirement, there will be a spot opening up on everyone mother’s favorite talk show that can’t be filled by Sherri Shepherd’s shoulders in 2014.


Here are five reasons why the ever so lovely and devine Norwood Young should sit his Armani ass down in Bab’s chair.

1. His incredible fashion sense. Just like people tune into Wendell Williams faithfully for his lace front wig of the day, I would make it a priority to set my DVR. Norwood discussing current events wearing python skin, pinks, polka dots and plaids? I’ll take two servings, please.

2. Regularly scheduled appearances from frenemy Karrine “Superhead” Steffans. Remember when these two were the best of friends? Even if they haven’t made up, the live updates via Superhead’s Twitter account would be enough to boost show ratings and score her another book deal. Sounds like a win-win situation to me.

3. The tea he would drop.  Norwood knows more about people in the industry than TMZ and Wikipedia combined. Listening to his True Hollywood Stories before heading out to work would be enough to push the kids through the day, thus improving their performance on the plantation.

4. Free televised performances of his new music. Star Jones used her platform on the show to snag free shit for her much publicized “dream wedding” to Al Reynolds in 2004. I am ten toes down for Norwood promoting his latest mixtape by singing “Love Come Down 2014″ into commercial break.

5. The sickening hairstyles. If you think Sherri Shepherd’s endless supply of three wigs was enough to to impress the kids, wait until you get into the hair spectacular that is Ms. Young. Curls, fade, box tops, finger waves, and everything else your mind can imagine.

Norwood Young Attends ‘R&B Divas LA’ Premiere Event

Hated On Mostly: Norwood Young Attends The 44th NAACP Image Awards

norwood young Hated On Mostly: Norwood Young Attends The 44th NAACP Image Awards

Donning a beautifully crafted blow-out that would make singer Leela James proud, the incomparable Norwood Young looked ravishing as he stepped out on the red carpet at the 44th NAACP Image Awards. Cold chills are often associated with this type of fever.

YouTube Clip of the Week

There is only one man with enough vocal vigor to bests Baraka Flocka Flame for Clip of the Week honors and his name is Norwood Young. Now would be a good time to pay homage by pressing play.

Spotted: Norwood Young & Neicy Nash At Logo’s NewNowNext Awards

norwood niecy Spotted: Norwood Young & Neicy Nash At Logos NewNowNext Awards

Never mind Neicy Nash’s bloated hairline.

If I were to ever have the opportunity to touch the hem of Norwood Young’s garment in person consider this entire site as good as deleted. My life’s mission as a vessell for fuckery and shade would be fulfilled. Until that day comes I will continue to document his every move on the red carpet. All bloggers have their favorites, and don’t let them tell you anything else.

A plethora of absentee eyebrows and painted faces at Logo’s NewNowNext Awards after the jump!

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Finding Norwood

norwood biker Finding Norwood

Like a love struck puppy I have been searching high and low for new pictures of Norwood Young but have been coming up shorter than Terrance Howard’s peen in the shower scene in Get Rich or Die Tryin’. Let my journey be a lesson to all. If you remain steadfast in your quest for fuckery you will eventually hit the jack pot.

And that I did. Norwood Young convinced Margeaux to snatch up an extra leather onesie from the set of Dru Hill’s video for his red carpet appearance at opening night of The Color Purple. I want him to wear the same outfit when I deliver his babies.

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Fever Pitch: Norwood Young

ny Fever Pitch: Norwood Young

Norwood Young has been moon walking on red carpets rocking this sequined tribute to Michael Jackson since his untimely death earlier this year. By now the lining of his jacket must smell like a lethal combination of unfiltered liquid zest [not the soap] and White Diamonds but that’s not stopping him from fishing for compliments and comparisons to the late King of Pop. There is no question that the sweet aroma from his dingleberries is pungent enough to fill a parking garage but when man created Febreeze he did so for this purpose.

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