Curtis Teaches The Kids The Powerful Pussy Stance

curtis smizing Curtis Teaches The Kids The Powerful Pussy Stance


Hope you have some Germ-X and a face mask on hand because you are about to be exposed to all types of fucking influenza. The world premiere of Bejesus x Lady GaGa’s “Video Phone” video may have been delayed until a later date but that doesn’t mean we all have to go to bed tonight without experiencing some type of fever. Sweet Minty Jesus may not come when you want him but he’ll be there right on time.

Curtis continued to make unworthy butch queens around the globe jealous today at the New York City launch for his powerful punani perfume. Finally, a new scent to spray on my tanqueray areas after taking a hoe bath in the bathroom sink. I have had stock in Amber Romance and Love Spell since I was a sophomore in high school, so this is a welcome change.

But I digress.

Bitch could call home cattle with his eyes if he needed to. iLive! When I smize, you smize, we smize, together.

Rewind: More Tender Moments With Al Reynolds

Al Reynolds left it all on the dance floor on Sunday. Here are a few quick clips of The Diamond Princess touching the subjects of fame, sexuality, and more on his “Life After” TV One special.

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Quick Quotes: Dwight Eubanks

dwight home Quick Quotes: Dwight Eubanks

Dwight Eubanks allowed the Atlanta Journal Constitution Home Finder inside his palatial pad for an intimate tour. Barbie’s dream house ain’t got shit on the presidential pussy headquarters. I dare you to disagree.

Killing You Hoes In Couture

“I don’t have any ‘Dwrongs’ in my wardrobe! My girlfriend Britanica Stewart says I’m a slave to fashion and that’s true,” admits Eubanks. “If it’s beautiful [and] feels good I have to have it. My mother was the first of 14, she [took] care of her siblings, she pressed their blue jeans [and] shirts. When she had kids she [stressed] that she was not pressing no more blue jeans! We were not allowed to wear blue jeans. Even when I’m cutting the grass I’m pulled together, I’m a southern gentleman.”

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The Vagina Monologues: Al Reynolds Is Still A Little Tender

As the title of this post suggests, our favorite bronzed goddess Al Reynolds’s relationship is still fall off the bone [shade sold separately] tender with his former meal ticket Star Jones. But the brothers going to work it out. Check out Al get sick and filthy about gay rumors and his failed marriage on TV One ‘s “Life After” this Sunday at 10 PM sharp. Have your Kleenex and Tampax on deck.

[Video + lip smack fever via Straight From The A]

Dwight Eubanks And Norwood Young: Two of America’s Most Wanted

gimme dat Dwight Eubanks And Norwood Young: Two of Americas Most Wanted

I don’t have it in me to dedicate any additional energy into Debra Lee’s House of Mirrors [copyright Kid Fury] so I’m on to the next one.

While Atlanta area rappers and socialites were busy snatching coins from their mother’s “offering change” pickle jar to have enough extra cash to make it around town on Saturday, there was a whirlwind of zest in Beverly Hills at the 19th Annual Divas Simply Singing! AIDS Benefit Concert¬† [sponsored by Pancake 31] out in Beverly Hills.

While NASA made headlines last week for licking shots at the moon but the occurrence of Dwight Eubanks and Norwood Young’s pussy being presented on the same platter is far more important.

Giving you something you can feel.

Dwight Eubanks Wants To Show You His Toolbox

dwight Dwight Eubanks Wants To Show You His Toolbox

Pearl girl, she’s a pearl girl!

Every time a creole does an act of kindness a cast member of The Real Housewives of Atlanta adds fashion designer to their resume. Check Google! Sister 2 Sister reports that Dwight Eubanks will unveil his new men’s collection of unique lounge wear, undergarments and a collection of smoking jackets tonight at M2 Ultra Lounge in Atlanta. The seams will be pressed, the shrimp will be cool and crisp, and there will be plenty of ripe melons around to molest!