‘Preachers of L.A.’ Star Deitrick Haddon Says 1 Year With Current Wife ‘More Successful’ Than 14 Years With Ex-Wife

pla2 zps922c0680 Preachers of L.A. Star Deitrick Haddon Says 1 Year With Current Wife More Successful Than 14 Years With Ex Wife

Deitrick Haddon hopes that the candid access he and the other men mega-pastors featured on Oxygen’s hit reality series ‘Preachers of L.A.’ provide will continue to show the world what life is like outside of the pulpit.

“I have seen a few episodes already and I think it’s going to be groundbreaking. Last season was more of an introduction. Now people are familiar with the characters and they’re into the stories of our lives and now we’re going to take them deeper. It will be groundbreaking television,” he told CocoaFab exclusively.

“When you see a show like this you see a pastor who may not know what to do in a situation or may handle a situation differently than you thought they would,” he continued. “Now people are realizing that preachers are human too and they have issues and dysfunctional families just like they do. We have more in common with everyone else than they thought. People can handle the fact that their pastors have flaws.”

Prior to the reality show, Deitrick came under fire from sinners and saints after it was revealed that she had quietly divorced his wife of 14 years was expecting a child with his current wife, Domonique.

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Tameka Raymond On Marriage To Usher: ‘We Didn’t Stand A Chance In Hell’

tameka zpsd803df83 Tameka Raymond On Marriage To Usher: We Didnt Stand A Chance In Hell

Usher‘s dramatic cunt meltdown on TRL in defending his then wife Tameka Raymond against the criticism of all the anonymous haters out there will always be a special milestone around these parts, but that’s because we ain’t shit. I’ve taken the liberty to include you in that elite group, thanks.

From her perspective, the singer’s off-script outburst of passion did even more damage to his already staggering relationship with his fan base at the time of the incident.

“We didn’t stand a chance in hell,” Tameka dished while promoting her new reality show ‘Atlanta Exes’ on the The Rickey Smiley Morning Show this week.

She continued: “They were never supportive to begin with. We didn’t have the love. He was trying to defend his relationship with me. It made them more mad at me. People went really, really hard on me.”

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Mimi Faust Opens Up About Lessons Learned From Relationship With Nikko

mimi nikko zpsedfc23a0 Mimi Faust Opens Up About Lessons Learned From Relationship With Nikko

Is there any standing room left inside your heart to forgive a fallen basic?

‘Love & Hip Hop Atlanta’ star Mimi Faust tells Sister 2 Sister magazine that she has learned a valuable lesson or two from her dramatic made-for-television relationship former boyfriend Nikko Smith.

On if she thinks that Nikko pursued  her with intentions to later exploit their relationship: 

“I don’t think he went into it to do that. I don’t think that was his intention from the start. I’ve known Nikko for years. We dated back in the past. So, when I met back up with him in 2012, we started dating again. I just think things happen. I don’t think when I saw him again in L.A., he thought, ‘This is what I’m going to do.’ I don’t believe that at all.”

On if she’ll be open to her friends’ criticisms when she’s ready for her next romance: 

“At the end of the day, people are going to do what they want to do regardless. I know very few people that upon meeting someone, will listen to a friend . . .  People have to go and bump their head. People have to figure it out on their own. It depends on each individual person. If you’re like me, I’m stubborn. I’mma do what I want to do. I don’t care who feels what about it. I have to go through my own experience, figure it out and then keep it moving.”

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Antoine Walker On Evelyn Lozada: ‘She Reaped A Lot Of Benefits Of My Wealth’

evelyn lozada zpsa013a4d2 Antoine Walker On Evelyn Lozada: She Reaped A Lot Of Benefits Of My Wealth

In the documentary ‘Gone In An Instant,’ Antoine Walker exposes how he went from NBA All-Star to a breathing cautionary tale of blowing around $100 million in hopes of preventing other athletes from making the same mistakes.

The retired baller didn’t hold his tongue when speaking about ex-fianceé Evelyn Lozada during a recent stop at the ‘The Russ Parr Morning Show’ to promote the film, slamming the ‘Basketball Wives’ star for skipping out on their relationship when his million-dollar lifestyle came to screeching stop.

“My thing with Evelyn is she reaped a lot of benefits of my wealth. And when it got tight, she chose to go a different direction,” vented Walker. “So that’s the problem that I have with Evelyn. That’s more personal.”

“I dated Evelyn for 10 years. In 1999, I signed my ninth deal in 1999. So she got to reap the full benefits of the whole process,” he said. “She played her part. You think someone will have your back and that’s my whole thing. Evelyn went on with her reality show and we all know all her relationships she’s been in since me.”

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Quick Quotes: Zendaya Coleman Explains Why She Exited Aaliyah Biopic

zendaya1 zps9cea6b8d Quick Quotes: Zendaya Coleman Explains Why She Exited Aaliyah Biopic

Zendaya Coleman (code name: That Girl From The Disney Channel People Born Before 1992 Never Talked About Before Last Month) offered an explanation behind her decision to exit Lifetime’s Aaliyah biopic after it was revealed on Friday that Alexandra Shipp had been tapped to play the late R&B singer.

“Let me just explain something,” Coleman said in the first video posted to her Instagram account. “The reason why I chose not to do the Aaliyah movie had nothing to do with the haters, or people telling me that I couldn’t do it, I wasn’t talented enough or I wasn’t black enough. It had absolutely nothing to do with that. The main reasons were that the production value wasn’t there, there were complications with the music rights, and I just felt like it wasn’t being handled delicately considering the situation.”

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Mathew Knowles’ Alleged Baby Mama Releases Statement

baby mama zps6c1bb53f Mathew Knowles Alleged Baby Mama Releases Statement

Mathew Knowles is the new Daquan.

Instead of taking the words of Webbie to heart when he rapped “I’m up in H-Town, I’m trying to use a rubber tonight,” the patriarch of the Knowles Klan refuses to strap up when creating rockets and waterfalls.

The 63-year-old has been hit with a second paternity suit, this time around by a lingerie-model-turned-real-estate-agent.

Court documents reportedly filed by Taqoya Branscomb at a Houston area court allege that Daddy Matty fathered her daughter who was born four years ago. The 30-year-old mother is allegedly petitioning for a DNA test to determine paternity, as well as child support and attorney fees for her legal team.

Branscomb released the following statement to several media outlets:

“First I’d like to thank my family, my friends, and the public for their love and support. I have taken the necessary legal action against Mathew Knowles. With that being said it’s in my best interest for this to remain a private matter for now. Above all I am a mother and my daughter’s well being is my only priority. It was never my intention for this to become a public matter. The pictures you see are in no way a representation of who I am. They were taken 10 years ago. And I am now a hard working successful single mother. Honestly I just want what is best for my daughter.”

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